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Nicky Hayden Hypermotard 🔝 WHEELIE Ducati Hypermotard Stunt Rider Motorcycle Bike Riding

Nicky Hayden Hypermotard 🔝 WHEELIE Ducati Hypermotard Stunt Rider Motorcycle Bike Riding

Hyper performance with extreme versatility
The new generation Hypermotard family, takes the innovation and excitement of the original concept and enhances it even further. The thrilling 2013 Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP now combine Ducati’s latest technologies with outstanding Italian design and engineering.
Writing the latest chapter in the Hypermotard story, the new models deliver an exciting and fun-filled experience, whether riding on the daily commute or ripping-up the track asphalt, and enable practical, everyday motorcycling in absolute Ducati style.
Brand new from the ground up, both models introduce the new 110hp Ducati 821cc Testastretta 11° engine in a new Trellis frame equipped with top-of-the range chassis components. The Hypermotard and Hypermotard SP use sharp and sleek styling to maintain that essential dirtbike look while enabling agile performance with excellent ergonomics. The Ducati Safety Pack, consisting of latest generation, three-level ABS and eight-level Ducati Traction Control, fully integrate with three Ride-by-Wire engine mappings to provide Ducati’s highly versatile Riding Modes at the touch of a button.
High ground-clearance, a thin waistline and a commanding riding position gives the rider an instant supermotard feeling, while providing the added luxury of absolute street bike comfort and component quality. The new range takes the Hypermotard concept into the future with refined design and user-friendly technologies intended to enhance its enjoyment to a wider range of riders.

Reader Comments

  1. test drove one coming from a gixxer 750 owner and i have to say the torque is ridiculous and fun on the duc. don't take much to be bring front wheel up

  2. He's riding it more like a super sports bike, leaning into the corners! Maybe the track isn't tight enough for man handling it like a propper supermotard. Maybe the bike isn't a propper supermotard suited for tight tracks.

  3. This video has been really helpful for me. I've been trying to understand how to get the rear tire out for tight turns.

    I've learned a lot from this video… Now I just need a decade of practice before I master it…

  4. if someone really like your videos people will vote and subscribe to your channel …. but if you keep putting this crap on the screen to vote on your channel it will only let angry people causing them to see other videos and not your !!!!

  5. Whoever this guy is he obviously has a lot of talent but terrible technique. With some coaching I'm sure he'd be competitive in high supermoto classes, and even with his strange riding, body all over the place, weight towards rear of bike stuff I think he'd actually be competitive in the amateur races. Somebody should give him some advice and backing

  6. Saw him win at Laguna Seca. Fastest lap time ever was his first lap, in which he came off the ground going over turn one. Had to slow down after that. I want lessons from him on THIS bike!

  7. This made me choose the bike I will buy after the one I am buying now ( can't afford to buy a Hyper today… sadly ) , but I would like to get some comparisson to other bikes in this track, is that possible?

  8. I like the twin exhaust that come out the middle rather than the side with Ducati,it just looks so much better as well as sound,from a synthetic look,anyone know if their good for touring.

  9. My 939 SP rips !!!! Wheelie all over the place, You will need 4 rear tires to every 1 front tire since it is never on the ground!!!

  10. Did he do a power slide during a wheelie? Duuude! That's some hooligan riding right there. I love it! 🤙🤙

  11. I can watch Nicky whenever I want. THANKS YouTube. Ride On NICKY.🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍🏍

  12. Un ragazzo spettacolare lo vediamo in forma è pensare che non c è più con una disgrazia in bicicletta……quanto dispiace la vita è imprevedibile…… Ciao Nicky..Hayden

  13. O vídeo é muito top !!! Mas a parte onde aparece mão dele controlando a embreagem, é muito irada !

  14. …utterly amazing ride footage but I might suggest initial 30% of footage with writing filling the screen would better serve down in the description instead where your viewers are NOT forced to look at it, missing the excellent initial ride footage… word to the wise… In any case, thanks so much for we could see! I also did not know that Nicky had passed – sorry to hear that…

  15. Imagine if he was able to try the new 950 SP, hopefully he is riding in heaven,,, ; I am still upset over his accident

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