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what does that vary buddy welcome back
to the channel today i’m joined by aaron esser let’s go over 2 million subscribers
one of the best months almost sorry almost three almost three when the best
nerf youtubers out there and Aaron and I were at a nerf event yesterday which was
pretty crazy more from that later but I wanted to have an errand on the channel
to do a little nerf trickshot challenge but you’re going down Wow okay but show
them what nerf gave us yesterday you got the new and nerf for tonight at cigar
blaster pretty cool so they gave us several different of the new fortnight
blasters so we’re gonna be used all fortnight blasters some you guys have
wanted more nerf video some of you wanted me to do fortnight videos which I
don’t really understand for this channel but now you get both today’s videos can
have four rounds with one for each different blaster that we have and it’s
going to involve knocking down these cups the first round will have a bigger
bigger target and then the target will get smaller so by the fourth run you
just have to hit the one cup and there are six spaces on the court and you are
going to be rolling the dice to determine your attempts and your space
number so it doesn’t make sense you’ll understand it in just a second here we
go before we get into the challenge today doing a big giveaway we’ve got the
rival north hypnose and the brand new fortnight SPL these are two separate
giveaways to someone that likes and comments on this video you must be a
subscriber so maybe you found this video could you subscribe to aaron and he
stared it for me or something like that and this is a first video I’m seeing on
my channel make sure you subscribe and drop a comment so you could win one of
these two blasters Aaron you’re the guest so you get to go first
so first up is the llama round so go ahead and grab the fierce llama blaster
Don loot llama and then we have to dice the first one will be your space number
the green one so go ahead and roll that let’s see and then the red one will roll
a six and you roll a one man yeah this game it’s a little bit about skill a
little bit of skill but a little bit of luck of the rolling of the dice so let’s
see where you’re shooting from Oh base number five I hope they gonna win this
round okay and then how many good let’s see how
many attempts you get oh well okay three attempts three attempts from space
number five which is right here okay attempt number one with the the llama
blaster no way let’s go wow that’s all the nerf experience it’s a good luck
Josh good luck unless you roll one he’s a nerf expert I don’t know if I stand a
chance leave a comment right now who do you thinks gonna win Josh or Aaron
that’s one point oh all you gotta do is hit game my turn
with the llama from the space number four okay a little closer and how many
attempts okay three at ten so the same amount of attempts for the next you’ll
read you only needed one an extra three feet yeah all right there to there so
there let’s go I’d like to think I can make this happen
llama don’t fail me now are you supposed to use the ears it’s like the sights is
that I think so I think so you don’t you don’t have 500 nerf guns like the mic
myself okay okay Josh that was those pretty bad dude Oh
target a little load okay so that’s a zero the extra three feet man and
roundwood and i don’t deliver okay round two okay the tower has been made smaller
so now it is just let’s see one two three four six cups aren’t they yeah so
six cups now a little bit smaller all right and we’re but the blasters
basically the same okay right as long as I don’t roll a six I feel pretty
confident I’ll do it again so Aaron I don’t know that much about fortnight but
I think that bazooka is supposed to be little bit bigger than this right
I think nerf messed up the sizing I don’t know if they like put it in a
shrink-ray or something it’s supposed to be this big I think yeah this big but
and besides the dart being different color I don’t think this is like that
much more accurate than a llama I did this it makes all the difference in the
world really it’s just the color and the look to changes everything
okay all right roll those dice do double oh okay so that’s your space is your
attempts I did a last time together damn let’s see let’s see I’m gonna go down
here for dramatic effect oh that that was really close that was really close
it was like right here but that’s a that’s a zero for you now it’s my chance
to redeem myself space no I’m just gonna drop it space number four again stability is gonna help out ooh nice try
nice try all right Josh see those trickshot moves
dude those so close and Josh do it get up the closer here we go here we go here
we go you guys are probably thinking hey it’s Wednesday where’s the world record
well the event we were at yesterday was a world record event for the most people
playing nerf here’s a look at Jared’s epic nerf Beth okay down to just just three cups what
do we got here what is the what is this help tell me about this glass in there
fortnight SP looks like a sign stands for silence silence pistol because nerf
won’t call it a pistol sure so three darts on the top breech system you pop
three darts in there and I’ll get to go Wow okay roll those dice okay let’s see
three and one I’m hoping I’m close maybe spaced one like Aaron oh really okay and
then it’s gonna be what’s gonna be free Oh No it holds into my world okay three
from space five all right let’s do it here we go Jim Josh Pitta shots Oh hit
the width of the floor and then bounced up and hit the continent no does that
count no that’s got a knock it alright you got
a knock it over alright and the dart is on the ground zero to one for Aaron okay
just one cup seems easy enough if you’re a regular kind of it and we got the yeah
easy if you’re on space number one but we do have the big guy now it’s probably
way more accurate fourth and final round the scar-l for night let’s do this oh
just wow right at the ground come on Oh a five yeah okay and how many attempts
at least one ahead of you here we go come on come on come on come on good luck all right number five one shot
skaara I love this thing wah-wah-wah wasn’t even close three feet
away well you better hope that I somehow
screw this up because if I miss you wind a lot riding on this right now
I’m gonna go to four one one face come on space number three I can live the
three as long as I get I’m feeling any others one day I think so see this is
where the luck of the draw look at the role comes into play so if I
make this we’re will we’re tied and we’ll need to think of some sort of
tiebreaker six attempts I would like to think I can make this happen what’s that mean Aaron and I are gonna
think of a tiebreaker we’ll be right back
a few moments later okay guys here’s what we came up with there are 14 cups
and then there’s one tower so 15 targets and then there are 15 total shots if you
add up all of our shots to here three there and 10 there we’re both going to
stand at the free-throw line then pretty close and see who can knock down the
most arm oh this oh my god oh oh did you see that
I did did it like going between I don’t hit in between the two cups Wow summer there’s the tower okay here we go we got
four points you have four points all right yep oh okay all right here we go ten
more stops nice oh it’s all of them does that one count
I hit that one but which one I hit this one this one this one it didn’t fall
over though I think I think it needs to tip I think it needs a tip over come on
that one counts you tip that one over so what you get I got the four in the
middle and the other six so 10 points 10 points all right points about of I think
19 or 20 so okay ready oh my god I don’t know I just start with a llama all right while that went hi my 3d way dude
well it was going low before darts need to make up in mind okay mm nice try dude
okay you’re in the same boat yeah it’s fine
I’m not worried about easily worried about it okay this one is it good to go
oh it is okay shot wasting no no it’s shot what is going on oh come on you
gotta hit one Josh come on let me see one – yeah there’s five there’s there’s
five darts on the ground nice nice track dang it
okay so uh dude you’re in trouble because I got possible for me to win I
got 10 points denied oh yeah you can’t you guys hit the four in the middle and
at least six more dude that’s uh I’m taking a knee all right here we go
I got the wide shot go for it I did did you didn’t give me the extra one I
knocked it over you did not get oh my god you did knock it over didn’t ya g99
shots left guys this is intense you got it I don’t
want you to win but I want to see the second shot
no that was our dating after without man what is that let’s see no no you got I
don’t know how many blessings got five or six knock down you got at least five
shots left no one wasted two wasted I think it’s
all over boys and girls that’s it one two three four five six seven eight
nine great one point away good work and nice go beat the world’s best juggler
let’s go thanks for watching everyone make sure you check out Aaron channel if
you haven’t yet super awesome some the highest quality nerf content on YouTube
go check them out subscribe if you haven’t yet I’ve got videos every Monday
runs every Saturday make sure you like and subscribe so you could win those
blasters that I mentioned the beginning the video they’re good right yeah that
sounds pistol is pretty sweet silence pissed on rival Hypno’s two pretty good
blasters yo on him he’s the expert on I got 500 nerf blaster so oh my gosh
they’re pretty good they’re pretty good luck I do Instagram shouts every single
video we just hold up an imaginary screen shot for me just like just like
perfect and Aaron into Instagram followers so go check out his Instagram
as well and that’s all we’ll see you guys next time

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  1. Hope you guys enjoyed this video with Aaron Esser ( )! Make sure you check out his channel! Be sure to like/comment/subscribe to me for your chance to win one of the blasters! I filmed a full vlog from the day of Jared’s Epic Nerf Battle and posted it to Cassie’s channel: Congrats to Gorilla Blue who won juggling balls from the last video!

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