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Mustang Mud Flaps – Front & Rear (05-09 GT) Review

Mustang Mud Flaps – Front & Rear (05-09 GT) Review

Hey everyone Justin with
here taking a look at these stylish low profile mud flaps for your 05-09 Mustang GT. Now I
know what you’re thinking, I drive a Mustang, not a big rig, right? I get it, but believe
me, these are not your one size fits all truck stop variety, this is a quality part. These
splash guards are a great way to keep dirt, debris, and rubber off your ride and protect
your paint from any possible chips. The best part, you can hardly tell they’re there.
The flaps themselves are constructed from a durable ABS plastic and as you can see,
are perfectly cut to match your Mustang’s wheel wells. Installation is a breeze and
should take you no more than 20 minutes using standard hand tools. I noticed that some of
you on the site have mentioned how well these perform when it comes to keeping your car
clean, especially when you’re running a wider rear wheel and tire combination, kind
of like we have on our 06 GT here. We’ve got the 19” TSW’s with the big beefy 275
on there. As you can see, the quarter panels are clean as can be. So if you’re looking
for an easy, and budget minded way to protect your paint while making a very small impact
on styling, you’ll definitely want to check out a set of these mud flaps for your 05-09

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