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MUD BOGGING on BeamNG DRIVE – PC Offroad Gameplay Video (1080p)

MUD BOGGING on BeamNG DRIVE – PC Offroad Gameplay Video (1080p)

Hello everybody this is Bradley, and we’re
playing this game called DRIVE. The creators of it are called BeamNG. So basically this
is a new community made track called Allegany and this is my first time on it. This is right
were the spawn is and we’re going to explore it. But first we’ll see a quick overview of
the island using the free camera just to see what we’re dealing with here. Looks like a
lot of off-roading where going to do today. Alright let’s get started. I’m actually going
to turn around and go the opposite way. I really haven’t practiced off-roading much
in this game, but I did practice drifting a little bit, so I may or may not have a drifting
video out by the time this video is out. I’m not really sure which video I’m going to put
first. This is definitely a nice track for off-roading. You wouldn’t see me drifting
here, it’s way to bumpy. I don’t know if I wanted to go this way. It’s definitely nice
about games like this where the community can come in and just start making their own
tracks. It really adds a lot to the game because at the current stage of this game there really
aren’t many cars or tracks. There are already a lot of people who are working on both of
those things as we speak. I guess we’re going to go do some true off-roading now. No more
road. In the picture it did look like there was some water in certain places so I could
do a little bit of mud bogging. But I think that is a little too deep for much bogging.
Let’s go around it. I’m just trying to debate which way to go. We can probably go around
the side here. See the cool thing about this game is the crash physics are awesome, but
that’s not really the… Oh wait maybe I can go through there. Let’s go through there,
let’s see what happens. But what I was saying was it does get boring if your just crashing
24/7 so it’s nice to see that this game offers things like off-roading, drifting, and that
stuff because it just makes it that much better because the crash physics are great. You try
not to crash because if you do crash you realize just how realistic it is. All right, that
took long than expected. So I’m not sure how deep this is I guess I’ll find out. I might
end up having to respawn or something. Okay it might have been a little deeper than I
thought. But I think… uh oh. This definitely isn’t that realistic because I probably would
have damaged my engine by now. Alright let’s try this again. Almost there, not really sure
where I’m going to go after we get out of here. That wasn’t a bad first… uh oh. This
car doesn’t want to seem to climb up this hill. I’m not sure if I damaged it or not.

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  1. Hey Bradley! If you can sendme the map per skyper or something i'm gonna give you an abo 😀 I somehow can't watch the thread.. 😀 nice video

  2. hahaha… this has one of the same developers as Rigs of Rods Thomas Fisher also known as tdev on the RoR forums and BeamNG forums

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