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MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic: The Gathering Cards

MTG – The New Player’s Guide To Drafting Magic: The Gathering Cards

The new players guide to drafting Magic the Gathering [draft] is quite possibly the most popular way to play Magic the gathering If you want to go down to your local store and play Friday [night] [magic] It is highly likely that the format will be draft So what is draft draft is where players select and choose cards to build the deck from? Meaning that you the player Open a booster pack and pick one card then pass the rest of the pack to your neighbor your other neighbor does the same? Passing you the rest of their pack ultimately you and a group [of] eight players open and draft from three booster packs each the end goal being the Construction of a 40 card deck since draft is so extremely popular and also very lucrative the current process of designing magic the gathering sets tends to create cards with draft as the priority of Form and function [if] you are drafting at Friday night [magic] at your local game store Then you are very likely drafting from the most recent set take a moment to familiarize yourself with the cards Yes, there [are] a lot of them and no, I’m not [suggesting] you memorize them but it is a good [idea] to take a moment to at least read over the set list [a] Great way to do. This is simply to go to the visual spoiler provided by Wizards of the coast here You can scroll through the entire set or just look at a color the time read what each card does Look at everything from the artwork to the casting cost and ensure [that] you are not going into your draft blind For more advanced strategy a great source is the limited resources podcast Considered by most to be the number one source of insight into not only the strengths weaknesses [and] overall effectiveness of a card But also the go-to place for in-depth discussion and straw for draft now I’m going to discuss the basics of how to identify which cards to pick and why in just a moment? But first let’s cover the actual drafting process Process a Pod is a group of players Drafting together this is ideally eight people but of course depending on Circumstance a Pod can be six or ten or even seven players in your pod of eight players each player Has three booster packs of Magic the Gathering? Each player opens the first pack looks at each card within the pack then chooses one card to keep Each player then passes the rest of the cards to their left [while] the player to your right hands you their remaining? 14 you then repeat this process Selecting of those 14 cards you have been handed one to keep and Then passing the 13 remaining cards to your left while the player to your right hands you their 13 cards You repeat this process until every card has [been] Selected and there are no more cards left to pass at this point each person in the Pod opens the second pack Selects a card and passes the remaining cards to the right once that pack is gone players Then open the final pack select a card and pass to the left again at the end of the draft you will have 45 Cards in front of you you must then construct a deck of at least 40 cards including basic [lambs] Please note packs contain land tokens and sometimes foil cards players Do not pass the land or token cards But do pass any foil cards now that you know you choose the cards you want to build a deck with the next logical question You should be asking is how do I know which cards to pick? That’s a complicated question billy one that you may spend years upon years of study and practice To achieve the answer for but let’s go over the very Basics much like in sealed the basic process of selecting which cards to draft is no as bread or bombs Removal evasion aggro and dirt this is of course the most basic way to approach a draft Please note if you are currently screaming bread You should use quadrant. [theory] when you draft at your computer screen Then you do not need to be watching this video [go] listen to a [5] hour long episode of limited resources instead Brainiac Let’s start with the most important card to look for in your pack bombs Bombs are your biggest threats [if] your opponent cannot get rid of them. They will go off and we knew the game How do you know if a card is a bomb ask the following questions is this card a big creature? Preferably one that is hard [to] block any big creature with evasion or perhaps abilities that makes it hard to remove is a bomb Angel of Sanctions is a good example Of a bomb it is a big flying creature that removes one of your opponent’s creatures and has embalm ask Yourself does this card have an effect or ability that provides you with significant card advantage Card advantage is typically defined as a player having access to more cards than another player usually by drawing more cards through in-game effects however you can achieve Card advantage through causing your opponents to discard cards and to a lesser extent simply by mass removing cards from the Battlefield [so] when we ask does this card have an effect or ability to provide card advantage? We are asking does it draw you cards make your opponent Discard cards or perhaps make your opponent lose a huge chunk of life does this card provide game breaking? effects such as that of most Planeswalkers usually cards such as planeswalkers or cards with the complexity and advantage that planeswalkers offer are Clear bombs bombs are your first and most important priority They are what wins games and what the rest of your deck is built around to support some examples of bombs [our]? curator of mysteries Archfiend of if near regal coracle Glory Bringer and [honored] Hydra removal removal includes counter spells Destroy or exile effects in other words removal removes a threat your opponents will [have] bombs Expect them wait for them be prepared to remove them with removal remember that removal can be so much more than simply Destroy Target creature Bounce effects are cards that read return Target creature to its owner’s hand [our] form of removal as well returning a creature to your opponent’s hand can allow you to put pressure on them and Offers advantage in that they must now spend mana to recast that creature combat spells and tricks can be used as removal as well Pumping your creature so that it can now block and kill an attacker is a form of removal as is flashing in a creature strategically for surprise blocking kill sometimes creatures have the ability to kill or bounce other creatures these are usually [high] [priority] cards now all colors get removal but in different ways white will typically get pacifism effects Or will be able to damage an attacker or blocker while blue gets counters or effects like? dehydration that will apply negatives to power and/or toughness red gets direct damage of course Black is the color with actual creature kill green will get side effects like prey upon. These are all ultimately Forms of removal although they do differ from one another some examples of removal would be compulsory rest Essence Scatter Final reward [electrify] and cartouche of strengths evasion evasion means attackers being able to attack and also preventing opponents from blocking examples of evasion or flying Menace trample ETc being able to attack without the possibility of your opponent’s blocking is particularly Strong some examples of evasion are winged [Shepherd] even initiate blighted bat [pack] maker Initiate and lord of the accursed Agro creatures that are neither bombs nor have evasion But are selected to fill holes in your mana curve our agro picks Sometimes these are cards with weaker abilities that don’t win you the game? But help you win the game save for dirt [a] grow is the least important card to draft But that is not to say it is not important [a] grow or sometimes referred to as ability cards are often just blindly grabbed perhaps needing to only meet the Criteria of [being] in your colors however a grow should be taken with mana curve and mind What is mana curve you want to be able to cast a creature every turn if possible therefore? You want to have creatures of varying mana costs if you were to line your creatures up by their converted Mana cost How many one drops which you have two drops three drops? Drafting aggro means drafting to fill holes in your mana curve Specifically at the lower levels if you have no two or three drop Creatures or only one then looking for a two or three drop aggro creature is important Especially if the cards you are selecting from have no bombs removal or evasion Ideally you want to fill in your mana curve to look something like this 13 to 17 creature cards Ideally distributed between 1 to 2 and 3 to 4 mana again. I want to stress This is just a template keeping both your mana curve and creature count in mind when drafting is a vital part of a successful draft examples of aggro our labyrinth [Guardian] baleful Emmet Battlefield scavenger Watchers of the [Dead] on crop crasher and Finally we have dirt as the name implies Dirt is your worst cards your duds the cards you would never ever Play dirt tends to be all that is left in the remaining five or so cards, but of course this too varies But even dirt or duds are not as mindless a part of draft as people think because if possible you should be selecting them with your sideboard in mind just as in other formats you do have a Sideboard and limited your sideboard is all the cards you have drafted, but did not use in your deck sometimes dirt and duds can be situational cards that you might sideboard in between games Classic example of this is a card that destroys an artifact or enchantment this would rarely if ever be in your main board But when grabbing dirt it might be a good [idea] especially if you expect to go up against monent who may have artifacts to destroy some examples of dirt are embalmers tools date to the afterlife as Foretold Dispossessed shadow of the grave and haze of Pollen once again. I really want to stress This [is] but an introductory video. This is the absolute Fundamentals of draft the beginning of your journey this video is not laying down any absolute rules, but rather a [beginner’s] template from which and through which you can hopefully Navigate to a better limited Play experience And in that way, I hope very much that this video has [been] of some [help] to you if you are attending an upcoming Pre-release you won’t be drafting the new set, but rather you’ll be building a sealed Constructed deck be sure to check out our video on how to build a sealed Constructed deck as well as whether or not attending pre-release is worth it and if you did find this video helpful You can help me out by remembering to like share subscribe, or just by leaving a comment And this program was made possible Thanks to a sponsorship from card Kingdom as [well] as the patreon support of viewers such as you So thank you

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  2. 3:50 Left to seek out Quadrant Theory knowledge from Limited Resources podcast as I don't need to be watching this video. ~ Billy "The Brainiac"

  3. I love your videos Professor! I was introduced to you by trying to learn Pokemon TCG. I have recently bought my first Ixalan training box and now creating friends at my local Game Shop. Thanks for making these videos and being so personable.

  4. i have a question. do you know of any company or business sending care packages for troops that are deployed over seas that play mtg, Pokémon, d&d and games of that nature?

  5. As foretold is really good, and I would consider it the sixth catagory of just really good or useful, such as planewalkers. Just because it isn’t a BREAD card doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly over powered.

  6. Hey man… thanks for the vid… going to play my first draft tourney in fifteen minutes.. wish me luck

  7. Only recently started getting into mtg but wouldn't everyone just take the R-M-Planeswalker cards out of every pack they open first? Or is that the goal anyway?
    (sorry for noob)

  8. I don‘t know what I missed but I think Haze of Pollen is a great card… If your opponent attacks you and you can‘t block this card saves you!

  9. Thank you for this advice! I ended up 3rd on my first dominaria draft! Where the rares get picked by the end of the game as price.
    I ended up taking Teferi, Hero of Dominaria (I'm on third place) because Karn (for 1st place), Lawbringer (second place) are all the expensive rares in this draft. Thanks TCC for giving us new players very good advice, keep doing what you're good at!

  10. Yeah I prefer creatures with flying,haste,and first strike while for sorcery I prefer destroy, exile effect while artifacts makes my creatures hard to beat

  11. "you must then construct a deck of 40 cards including basic lands" "basic lands are not passed" so how the hell are you meant to get basic lands in your deck if they arent passed?!

  12. Excellente video ! Il devrait y avoir plus de video dans le genre pour les débutants à magic !

  13. Not trying to be a negative nacy but I think as foretold doesn't belong in the dirt category. I believe I belongs in the bomb category. It allows you to cast a spell with converted Mana cost equal to the number of time counters on it. Once per turn. And that's each players turn. Escpially helpful in playing emperor. And if playing a blue control deck or even a blue red control burn.

  14. Helpful. I gave away all of my cards 10, years ago, after playing since 1993-1994. I had only ever played casually with friends, so I'm trying to learn about different game formats before starting to play again.

  15. Going to a website to read all the cards in a set rather than discovering them when you open the pack seems to me like the wrong way to live one's life.

  16. step 1 google all the card prices
    step 2 pick the most expensive one if tied take higher rarity
    step 3 repeat from step 1 until no more cards are left to google
    step 4 figure out how in the name of all thats holy you get your draft to work so you can at least take a trophy win with you
    step 5 sell cards you picked to be able to afford next fridays buyin and repeat until no longer invited
    step 6 search for a new gamestore

  17. Hey prof, I really like your videos, and as I had an atypical day where I had nothing to do at work, I just uploaded brazilian portuguese subtitles to this video. I'll try to do so for other ones as well, for I wish more of my brazilian friends could watch your videos.

  18. 3:43 – Red text – What does he mean players should not pass land and token cards? So when you open a booster pack all lands and tokens stay with you, you choose a card, and then pass what’s left on to the next player?

  19. My first draft was horrible I didn't like it, I didn't know I was going to give my cards( my money) to a random person.
    Never doing drafts

    I don't mind if its a friend next to me though.

    I would not mind

  20. Always been horrible with draft… so I just tried this method on mtg arena and went 5-3. In all honesty, that’s actually the best I’ve ever gone in a limited format. So just wanted to say thanks prof!

  21. come check us out. Were just starting and would love to sell some cards

  22. what a Fracking headache MTG is, I didn't get into in the 90s an now I am trying to learn some fundamentals, bought some beginner books an now checking out youtube videos… this guy I appreciate his videos, but man.. this game is so broad and complex that I don't want to even buy a cheap pack of cards just to look at em. ya got theories out the ying yang to build a deck, ya gotta figure out wtf to do about pre releases, then ya got in some cases restrictions and bans on certain cards, not to mention the money and the pay to win aspect of it. No one is walking into any game or going into a tournament expecting to win and spending under 100 bucks on a deck. I almost burned down my local comic book shop when i learned that a decent deck to start out at a low end should cost around 50 bucks an can get up to 300 bucks. friggin nanners. An that is not even addressing after just trying to get a toe into the game, of having to worry about how to spot cheaters n wtf to do with them other than crack em in the jaw.

  23. I wouldn't exactly say destroy artifacts or enchantments is completely useless, I get the point though.

  24. I'm going to my first booster drafter tonight for War of the Spark. I haven't played a game of MTG in ages. Should I bother going or learn the rules first and then go?

  25. Sorry i have a question. How can i have 45 cards to build a deck. In every booster are only 13 cards that can be used. So i get "only" 39 cards or did i failed with my maths skills.

  26. I've played standard and edh for about a year now, never drafted in my time of playing magic, but I'm headed to a Modern Horizons draft this weekend, and this video has probably improved my chances of winning a game or two immensely

  27. Why was murder not in removal I do not know when the card was released but im pretty sure that simple cards like murder are released very early. Pls correct me if im wrong, Thanks!

  28. Tolarian Community College: Draft is a very popular format, just ask your local game store.
    GameKnight in Columbia, TN: u w0t m8? We do standard and modern!
    Me: casually chooses GameKnight

  29. My store has a policy of allowing players to buy NUT packs, like a really good mythic and a really good foil together. Especially during the Modern Horizons draft. That way players don't feel cheated when good cards are stripped away just out of reach. Of course that's only for packs made in heaven and if it's just a good card you opened and just that one, ya either draft it or let it go like normal. From the little I've done it helps make the drafts feel less salty and toxic as a player laments the loss of chase cards like I've seen at other stores.

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