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Good morning! Lucio: Good morning! I’m looking for information. Lucio: What is it Mr. Jannone? Come with me. I wonder how much does it cost? Lucio: It’s not for sale! It’s not for sale…
Lucio: No! Do you know who I am? *laughter* Hello everyone and welcome, finally, in this new video. As you can see I’m @eddyjanno and he’s Lucio Polini Ivan: I’m Ivan Giussani As you can see we are in Polini’s company and I think you’ve already read the title of this video, today we’ll start the third episode of my magic HM 50 tuning process. In the last video – which by the way if you didn’t see it you can click on the “i” in the right corner above the screen – If you remember we started…
Lucio: Ivan and I started! Come on! That’s not true! I unscrewed 5 screws by my self! We started working on the main things with the engine block, we cleaned it up, changed the crankshaft… Lucio: The clutch
Ivan: Bearings… By the way, you don’t have to make me notice I don’t remember what we did. In today’s video, we’ll move forward by mounting the cylinder kit, the ignition – that’s where we left you there in the last video – the reed valve pack and the carburetor. Lucio: Crazy stuff going on… We still have to go get the parts that we’ll mount today, besides the ignition – which I showed in the last episode – Lucio: We’re going to the shopping ward.
Guys, I mean… Look where we are! There’s everything here! What do we need? Lucio: 13310009
Oh, there’s a code for that? Lucio: Of course! Meaning we have to seek…
133… 1331009! I don’t know if you got it. There’s a code to find stuff, here. You can take the product.
Lucio: So, what do we have here? Cylinder, piston, and head. Then seals and other stuff like that. Carburetor… I already have a 21mm, so we can try a 24mm. Guys, I already found the carburetor, but I’ll wait for him to go seek for it because he’s going the wrong direction. Lucio! What if I told you that carburetors by 24mm are here? Ok, we got the parts and finally, we can work on it! Ivan: Inside here we have the piston pin with 2 Seegers, the 70cc cylinder, the head, the piston – diameter 50mm – How cute is it! Really cute. I actually hope it remains this way in the next months. Ivan: Then we have the bushing which will be inserted inside the exhaust… Then we have the seals.
Ivan: Forgive my ignorance, but I never understood it, leave a comment explaining what’s this because Polini provides a kit with this little tube, which is used to close this. Curiosity!
Ivan: Ivan: Last time someone made us notice that the countershaft was not in phase. You were right! I’ve never worked on an engine with a countershaft because I’ve always mounted already balanced crankshafts. So, the countershaft was never mounted on it and Polini proceeded to mount the clutch block that we mounted before putting the countershaft in phase. To do so, they just had to make these match up here.
With those 3 spheres there. First things first, we oil the base seal. Next, we insert the piston with cages, rolls, and Seegers… they have to be oiled, too. After mounting the piston we’ll insert the cylinder, the seals, mount the head… Ivan: Then we put this little tube here and of course you already left a comment to explain what’s its use. The magic little tube. Very mysterious.
Ivan: Exactly! It got out on the other end!
*laughter* Just after this epic fail we have to mount… what was it?
Ivan: The “cylindration”!
The cylindration… Ivan: Ok.
Can I put it?
Lucio: Wait! Wait, stop! Guys, we are too dumb. Ivan came to help us.
Lucio: Go on, go on.
Damn! Ivan: The piston must be inserted with the arrow towards the exhaust, of course. Lucio: Bravo, Jannone!
Thanks! Is it normal that there’s space here?
Ivan: Yes, yes, yes!
Ok! By the way, I still think that an engine is a lot complicated, whoever created it was a genius and is a genius whoever works on it because… Ivan: Thank you! Thank you! I’m the best! I’m the best! I will always be! I mean it’s not something that everyone can do. Even if you try to make some experience… Ivan: If you’re subscribed to Ivan Giussani on YouTube it is, actually. *laughter* Ivan: Now, we simply have to put this inside here.
Now, it’s time to close everything. I’ll put the washers to fill this space. The screws. I mean nuts!
Ivan: And we use the dynamometer to…
And we use the dynamometer… Ivan: … to get the right force!
Ivan: Tightening torque, bro. But Newton has something to do with it.
Ivan: Newton-meters torque.
Newton-meter… Ivan: Now – let’s show it –
When it does this… it means that you don’t have to tighten it anymore. Ok! Lucio: You were of vital importance!
I could hire myself in the company, as an official mechanics. Now, it’s time for a lunch break and this time you don’t have to tell me I didn’t understand anything. Then we’ll finish the work. Ivan: We’re back in the company! I didn’t turn on the mic… Did you turn it on? He did, bro!
Ivan: What happened, bro? I’ve heard a loud noise, bro. OHHH! You wanted to scare me… I get it. Now, we can continue with the job. It’s time to mount the ignition. Pay attention guys, this video is about to become an ASMR video. *laughter* Polini’s ignition. Time to mount it. I’ll try to help even if they already told me that’s a complicated thing to do. Ivan: There’s a problem, guys!
No one of you knows how to mount the ignition? Ivan: No, bro. The problem is that there are three…
Lucio: Look at the one that’s already mounted. Guys, I want to reveal you something not so professional. Here there’s a Vent which has a 100 – it’s a Polini test, it’s not official yet, otherwise I would have it mounted on mine, too – and very easily every time there’s something we don’t know how to do, we go check out here. For example, the ignition – they say it’s complicated and as you know I don’t know much of this stuff – we’re checking out from here. This should be our “god” but… Since we’re in trouble, I’ll restart filming when we’ll make some progress. Ivan: We asked for help at Lucio’s dad who explained to us that the second site of the key, the number 2 is for the AM6 engine. So, now, I placed the rotor and when I turn the rotor, once it arrives at the top dead center it reverses its sense. We noticed that at the beginning the explanation was about an engine that rotated in an anticlockwise sense. We needed the opposite, meaning that we followed the instruction and when we had to make the stator and the rotor match, we weren’t able to do it. But now we made it! Everything matches.
Now it’s time to unbox the carburetor we took before. Ivan: Before mounting the carburetor we have to place the reed valve and the manifold. Edo, you can do it!
It takes some strength Ivan: Do you want to see I can open it with just one hand?
It’s so hard. And this is the manifold.
Ivan: Diameter 21mm. Considering that we gave a job to Lucio – to take the collector – but he took the one for the carburetor by 21mm – meanwhile, they’re having fun with the electric scooter – we have to go back to the stock to take the right one. You should see Ivan, he’s there like… like this! Found it! We can go. Help! Help! Let’s place the reed valve, the manifold. Now, the carburetor. And for more enjoyable customization of my HM 50, thanks to SOAT 3D – you can find it on Instagram – that provided me with these wonderful products, 3D printed, customizable for every moto. There’s a keychain – you can find it on – customized tampons that will be mounted soon, customized fluid recover, as you can see it is new, wonderful, you can customize it as you wish, by choosing a different color for the plaque, I don’t know maybe something like Italy’s flag colors. Anything! Then the masterpiece that we’ll go place right now, the ignition side carter cover. Ivan: It is possible to remove the central part to see the rotor moving. Let’s go mount it. Do you want to do it? You think you can, bro? I’ll do it! Light blue Polini’s color. And if we remove this part of the carter cover, we’ll be able to see the working ignition on the inside. I hope…
Let’s hope! OMG
It’s perfect! So, guys. I think that for this third episode of the HM 50 tuning you’ve seen enough. In the fourth episode, we’ll be doing many things and maybe we’ll be able to finish. I’ll see you guys in the next video Hit the like button Subscribe if you didn’t already Follow me on Instagram at @eddyjanno See you in the next video and… Adiòs!

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