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MMORPG News – Blue Protocol Coming, Kakao Buys XLGames, New World Update, Blade & Soul Update 2020

Since I’m currently taking a week long vacation,
I haven’t really had time to upload anything. I got a few hours and there has been some
pretty interesting MMORPG news over the last couple of days and so here we are, this is
the cool things you might have missed in the last week or so. Stick around until the end of the video for
a really cool look at a big situation that is developing recently between XLgames, Kakao
games, Gamigo and Pearl Abyss. Blue Protocol
In case you’ve been living under the mmorpg rock, Blue Protocol is an anime themed mmorpg
coming out of Japan, developed and published by Bandai Namco. The recent splurge of news has been brought
on by the fact they have recently made big plays towards the west. They haven’t quite come out and flat out said
yes, blue protocol is coming to the west…But they might as well have. Last year when this game was announced, they
were quoted saying they had no current plans to release the game in the west. People obviously didn’t like this and I imagine
blew up their social media over it. Since then, in 2020, the news has been hugely
positive. They released the NDA on the closed alpha
footage from mid way in 2019, they put out job listings for positions that are integral
to localising the game in the west, they unrestricted the next beta sign ups to allow for global
entries…All things a company would have no reason to do if they were still not planning
a western release. I think the minute they said the next beta
wouldn’t have a region lock it was pretty much confirmed they had changed their tune. The beta signup is live now, as of the 12th
of february, I’m not sure what date it closes so you better get on and go sign up, I’ll
post the link in the video description. The beta is said to be picking 50k people,
which definitely isn’t a lot considering how many are signing up and the beta should be
active for a few days some time in March. With this also came some new trailers, two
live streams, one being a Q&A with the devs and the other happening today with devs playing
the game and showcasing some stuff, all in Japanese of course. Blue Protocol being a Japanese MMORPG and
not a Korean one, it’s promising for multiple reasons. The crossovers, Japanese devs love doing crossover
events in their games. The monetisation, Japan’s monetisation in
their mmorpgs to date is typically much, more fairer and in line with western ideals when
it comes to cash shops than Korea. Korean games you could pretty much guess what
level of p2w the game will be or how anti-consumer right off the bad, Japanese mmorpgs typically
just from my experience are not even remotely close to being as bad. This of course is pure speculation but I believe
based on everything we know to date this should be fairly accurate. Either way, go sign up for the beta, make
sure when you sign up you select your bandai namco account in Japan and not where you live. No idea why they kept that restriction in
place when they’ve been quoted saying the game won’t have a region block but yeah. Albion Online
Quick little filler story, Albion Online, the mobile, tablet and pc sandbox mmorpg with
a major focus on pvp has just released some cool info. Since the Queen update release they haave
grown over 40% in player numbers and is actually retaining them. I covered the Queen update prior to launch
and post launch so check those out if you want a deep look at the game or the changes
to the game. They’ve said for the first time since the
free to play launch they have over 350 thousand active monthly users. This is actually massive good news, especially
for an indie niche, hardcore pvp mmorpg. They’ve managed to go from a relatively obscure
and dying game a few years ago to the point they seem to be growing and flourishing. Add onto this they are also taking active
feedback from the playerbase now more than ever, putting out a poll about the alliance
mechanic and vowing to change it since they , as well as most the playerbase just flat
out doesn’t like it right now…It’s all good signs for Sandbox Interactive and Albion online. Blade And Soul
We have been hearing about Blade And Soul Unreal Engine 4 update for a good long while
now and it actually seems to be getting close. They announced a new class coming too, which
isn’t really big news for me since I haven’t played the game in multiple years and only
very briefly when I did. So for those unaware, Blade and soul was developed
in unreal engine 3, by all accounts a pretty shoddy engine for mmorpgs. They’ve since been spending a whole bunch
of time porting the game over to UE4, which gives a whole bunch of cool changes, most
noticeably in the graphics department. A lot of games seem to be going this route
of updating the engine rather than making a new game and honestly despite the fact blade
and soul has a super bad reputation for pay to win, I think a fresh coat of paint and
a new server launch without those issues could definitely bring the game into 2020 strong. And that is to say they have confirmed new
server launches, called the Frontier World Server. They haven’t really given a ton of details
on this besides saying it will have quote ” different systems”, new combat apparently
as well as different growth rates aka leveling and gearing speeds. So many mmorpgs recently and games in general
are reforging, unchaining, legacying their games and seeing mad success with it, hopefully
they release this UE4 update with no p2w on a fresh start server with these new systems,
new graphics and the game becomes something it never quite managed to be to date. We’ll have to keep an eye on it, either way
the game definitely looks much improved but I don’t think any amount of shiny new graphics
will make the masses play the game if it is still a p2w infested hive of scum and villainy. We’ll keep up to date with it and check it
out though as always. New World
In case you missed the most recent New World news, Amazon Game Studios dropped a new dev
blog with some more info on what to expect from the anticipated New World Launch in the
next couple months. This blog was titled Making Your Mark on Aeternum,
settlements and governance. I did release a video going over the whole
blog and breaking down how I feel about the changes so if you’re looking for a deep dive
on everything check that out at the link on screen. The cliff notes is basically the game has
3 factions, you join a faction and guilds are belonging to the faaction that the guild
leader is associated with. These guilds can own settlements by claiming
or sieging a fort from the previous owners, only so long as the owners are a guild from
a different faction. The owner of the fort is irrelevant to the
inhabitants of the settlement and any player whether they are from a warring guild, a warring
factions or whatever the case can own a house and benefit from all the perks of that settlement. The settlements are upgraded and leveled up
based on public crowdfunding tasks with quests and resources required to get the upgrades. The controlling guild sets the tasks that
they wish to be completed next, set the tax rates of the citizens of the settlement and
also the buffs available to citizens. To be classed as a citizen and get the buffs,
all you need is a house in the settlement, which anyone can have regardless of their
allegiances in the game. It essentially creates this weird scenario
where you are living in the same town as people who in most other ways would be an enemy and
any enemy even if they are at war with you caan come to your settlement and use your
upgraded buildings, farm the land or mob spawns around your settlement and are completely
safe to do so. Personally I think this system is a very weird
way to do things and at this stage we are just waiting to see what happens. I think within the overall community so far
I’ve seen mostly negative or netural reactions to this system.We’ll of course have to monitor
this and see how it plays but in my opinion it isn’t looking all too great for now. Kakao purchases xlgames
This has got to be one of the more interesting pieces of news we’ve had for a while and yet
also one of the most vague. Kakao Games purchases majority stake of XLGAMES. Kakao Games if you’re unaware are a subsidiary
of Kakao, which is an absolute mammoth of a company which does a little bit of everything. Kakao Games you’ll most likely be most familiar
with due to the fact they publish Black Desert Online in EU and NA. XLGAMES is the developement team that you’ll
most likely be familiar with due to their game archeage but most recently also a new
game called Moonlight Sculptor which I do believe is a mobile game that is based on
aa very populara korean light novel series. Now the news here is just of course Kakao
Games purchases majority holding of XLGAMES. What the actual interesting thing is, of course…What
does this mean? No one really knows but I’ll give you a little
bit of insight into how I see this move. I’ve been saying for a few years now that
pearl abyss, who develop black desert online are going to decline renewal of their publishing
contract with Kakao in EU and NA. It seems like a pretty reasonable assumption. If you follow the history and have any kind
of understanding on the publisher developer releationship it does look very likely. Basically Pearl Abyss used third party publishers
for black desert online back when they were a small company with almost no reach and aa
product that they wanted to ship around the world. Ever since PA got huge, started turning over
billions in revenue, they have gone region to region, revoking contracts for their publishing
rights and publishing the game themselves in new regions. Of the regions they operate in they revoked
Russia to self publish, laaunched Taiwan and Mena regions self published and currently
they haave GameOn in Japan, Red Fox Games in south america and Kakao in EU and NA. It’s pretty reasonable to assume they will
start to self publish in these regions when they can, due to their vision which can be
quoted as I remember it, to turn BDO into a global version and have everyone playing
on the same patch eventually. Currently they have the issue where they have
to have multiple versions being worked on at once. Now you’re probably scratching your head thinking
what does this have to do with kakao games and XLgames? Well if you’re about to lose a big contract
for publishing a game, you’re of course going to try to fill that void. Which I believe is why they have purchased
a majority stake in XLGAMES. This could mean one of three things in my
opinion, either they are gearing up to push Archeage further in the west perhaps with
more money and development, funding for a new mmorpg perhaaps Archeage 2 , or the third
being push this new mobile game to a western launch. Now if you follow this whole situation so
far, you’re probably asking yourself, well what about Gamigo right? Gamigo is a third party publisher that only
publishes in EU and NA for Archeage…Which coincidently is the same two regions Kakao
has the most experience with publishing mmorpgs. So this kind of makes Gamigo surplus to requirements,
I mean why keep a third party publisher around taking a cut of your profit if you have the
ability to publish in those regions yourself right? No one can say for certain how all these things
play out but I think the next few months are going to be interesting to see what happens,
especially in the case of the gamigo situation. This is mostly speculation but I think if
you look into it a lot of this has very solid basis in reality. Thanks for watching,
Shoutout to the membership squad for the continued financial support. Marathon5150, Mad, Chillie Hue, Mr Rev, Miss
Yun, Ramms, Duo T, Cryy, Dreamforger,Magoo, Joe, Marius, Oliver Lizzie and our newest
member Mr Optimism. Thank you guys, I promise I’ll get the end
screen up when I have more time. See you on the next one, PEACE!

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