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Mitch Jones – Rank 1 Player [DELETED VOD: Aug 28, 2018]

Mitch Jones – Rank 1 Player [DELETED VOD: Aug 28, 2018]

quote_me_when_arcane_dead : PogBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : DAVID ONLINE POGGERSJoseFromtheA : Pog1spy : mitch please don’t be okrobinflodstrom01 : Pogrcfoerealofficail : Hirobinflodstrom01 : Mitch Pogpoet8o : hi ๐Ÿ™‚Trurrum96 : mitch Pogmichaelwillmck : Hellomoisturefap : FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdown FBtouchdownKingOat : hey dadJoseFromtheA : Mitch ๐Ÿ™‚Lanor12 : LUL1spy : mitch bring back miraRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : PogChampFrowneeeyh : RajjPatel is crying BibleThumpretz01 : Pogrobinflodstrom01 : We love youer_h : ๐Ÿ˜€andrizzyxo : @mitchjones I love you buddy dewRiseestablishedcabbage : hey1spy : TURN OFFfroggev01 : PoggersNightPaws1 : 🏄🏿nightshadow1313 : Pog Pog Pogbarzy04 : hi mitchPhishov : pogTrurrum96 : PepeHandsquote_me_when_arcane_dead : Pograiinbow6 : yo mitch love u manestablishedcabbage : WHY aRE YOU SADTrxv_ : arcane dreamrobinflodstrom01 :Montana69 : SAD ABOUT SOME FKN CUNT YOU ALREADY KNOW ABOUTTunnelSnakes_RuIe : stream might put you in a good mood mitchWowDyraxz : @MitchJones>3RACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULFoxmatrix30 : I THINK I KNOW WHY UR SADxihu : FeelsBadManSkooooma : RECKFULSestun87 : TwitchUnityjat120196 : You’re just sad about Byron. You got this dudemichaelwillmck : I watched you in wotlk pogKaejer1 : firstKaejer1 : my dude ๐Ÿ˜›geckobtw : @MitchJones reckful?nightshadow1313 :Phishov : FAH GET AOBUT ITToxicTaco11 : greekBrow greekBrow greekBrowestablishedcabbage : Did you hear about the shooting at the Madden 19 tournamentNoobjerry : FeelsOldManestablishedcabbage : that sucks man feelsbadOnehitta323 : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbFritztheDog : POG MITCH IS LIVEYez_ : Mitch Pogelicious Jonesrobinflodstrom01 :raiinbow6 : greek called u a idiotTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbrobinflodstrom01 : We love youFindus1996 : dont think about it, things will get better if u dont chase the problems.nightshadow1313 : you have usToxicTaco11 : Play with Mitch ๐Ÿ™‚geckobtw : yeTheRealZigz : KAPPAcomebackkkid : @mitchjones did servers reset?Montana69 : its 2 people that dontJUSTlFlED : cant blame them thoughYaarrPriest : play with pikajimmieakessonismyking : u syandrizzyxo : @mitchjones dude it’ll be cool. You can tear all these WoW streams down.Montana69 : It’s 2 people in the WoW section the rest likes you0000000000000000000000kfc : @MitchJones FeelsWeirdManStudran : @MitchJones Keep your head up mateMantisss : Mitch plz don’t become a school shooter once ur streaming career is upbuzzd24 : LALALALALAGusse : Yoo!ToxicTaco11 : Let some light in.. it’ll make your mood betterBigRaymond : why hello thererobinflodstrom01 : buzzd24 stfuNightbot : Join our Discord! : FrankerZ OhMyDog KomodoHype ThankEgglolzarrro : Only two people don’t like you, don’t focus on those two people.Montana69 : He will never forgive you who cares what that cunt thinks ResidentSleeperbuzzd24 : LALALALALALA 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈griffingodx : pls stop the drama dud, cant u just play wow?TunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchWowguro22 : good morning mitch !! @mitchjonesChristred_ : we are all here for you brosaftedd : whats the drama boutShockValueMemes : why u sad homiequb_qub : @MitchJones play with docjat120196 : Its literally just Byron and Soda and that’s itJoseFromtheA : New friendsBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : call celeste ๐Ÿ™‚Montana69 : its 2 streamers the rest likes youDrtns_ : fix what, what happenedNightPaws1 : I know that feelsMantisss : leave ur dark room and go meet pplTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowYez_ : let’s see some arenas babyBlodstokkinn88 : hellololzarrro : You’re streaming right now dude. Just play some and chill.MrKiwiee : 24 hours stream!Tunrtwo : BARRY LOVES YOU MITCHFoxmatrix30 : BibleThump BibleThump BibleThump BibleThumpjat120196 : You don’t need to fix it. Let it go. Byron and Soda don’t matterNightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : POGMattCookOregon : nice shot mitch pogg3ersShockValueMemes : friends come and go, homie you’ll be fineNikostr8 : get moethod sponsorlondonsmiths : #brokenrecordjonesToxicTaco11 : greekDitch greekDitch greekDitch greekDitchBlodstokkinn88 : what happened?JUSTlFlED : @mitchjones thing is you can’t prove that you have changedissaboyearl : rip reckfuldecoyoctopus_ : ????????obscurittx : sup homie mitchWowr1cko : J OMEGALUL Bbuzzd24 : J OMEGALUL Breciles : PepeHandsJUSTlFlED : ???????syumii : then dont be an assholeRacer_Xlive : you pushed soda awaythrallicc :limemiss7 : ????????????????????????/Frowneeeyh : besides soda and reckful i think eveyrone is cool with you, dont worry manMantisss : Went from irl streams on Venice beach to playing wow in a dark room alone.buzzd24 : LALALALALALA 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈robinflodstrom01 : Mitch1spy : yeah but you are alone, you get born alone and you die aloneBlodstokkinn88 : @MitchJones who cares what people say lmaojalalrumi : mizkifC ❓JUSTlFlED : @mitchjones you dont change in a monthN4t_Pagle : its fineGreekgodx : Stfu u can play with meTrurrum96 : PepeHandsMontana69 : 2 people Mitch FailFishlolzarrro : Play with Chuck, Snutz, Ven, Pika, etc.Blodstokkinn88 : just do youbuzzd24 : LALALALALALA 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALALALALA 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈BannedByReynadOn7Accounts : ggx gang OpieOPTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbToxicTaco11 : Stfu u can play with meMattCookOregon : ggxtveiten69 : @Greekgodx omg its gweek POGGERSgeckobtw : @GreekgodxToxicTaco11 : greekBrowdebris33 : hey greekPecanpie142 : @mitchjones stop talking about this, lets see some big dick arcane plays Pogscitz0w13 : Stop the drugs bro @MitchJonesdpk3 : @Greekgodx TriHard 7ShockValueMemes : BibleThump fuck me, now Im sadTendonor : Hey mitchqub_qub : @GreekgodxFrinkerZ : @fcgd Ditch has been live for 6 minutes.andrizzyxo : Soda and reckful are boringthe_skelet0n : @MitchJones are you sad over what reckful said, i just tuned in?Trurrum96 : THE LAW Poguunzie :quote_me_if_reckful_choke : @Greekgodx PogYoPeet : @Greekgodx yopeetBlack 7Montana69 : 2 People everyone hates me BrokeBackqub_qub : @MitchJones PLAY WITH GREEK’Mantisss : I think you stream to be liked, instead of streaming for yourselfMattCookOregon : @MitchJones go live in hawaii for a couple months!N4t_Pagle : why your streams are great right nowleinad47 : FeelsNeatManjalalrumi : ?????????nisseyoo : Sadjones is back?buzzd24 : ???????????Eighter : nothing lasts forever, especially friendshipsJUSTlFlED : @MitchJones ????? you had that but you threw it awaydonaldtrumpusaa : MITCHRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULsyumii : talking about respect but tried to go with the fortnite hype forsenOMEGArobinflodstrom01 : Call Greek ๐Ÿ™‚buzzd24 : FailFishjat120196 : You have so many friends FailFishFishyWaifuu : jcgCryToxicTaco11 : greekPHiFoo11 : wait what happen?iNocturne : my sub is gone ๐Ÿ™uhum : @MitchJones reckful made you feel lonely just now ?BlueDreem : Sup Mitchie!! ๐Ÿ™‚tveiten69 : !discJUSTlFlED : nolegend_1080p : Need Viewers @legend_1080pthe_skelet0n : @Greekgodx help him PepeHandswhynotswegdaat : Lonely Jones FeelsBadManMantisss : @dansgame_trihard for real thoMontana69 : No there is 2 streamers Mitchchineseratmeat : novpazi : is he still with mira ?BannedByReynadOn7Accounts : mitch call teemu, he wants to make amends ๐Ÿ™너무부럽따 : hey mitchMrKiwiee : Yes I feel so aloneareena10 : get back with mira ๐Ÿ™‚Irffo : fucking fix it thenjalalrumi : alone btwfroggev01 : @vpazi noceosir : KappaHDrobinflodstrom01 :Mantisss : yeaStraughtlife : You have to find the right people brotherFrowneeeyh : besides soda and reckful i think ppl like u, stop worrying broloefk : yikerooskiMontana69 : @areena10 stfuTurtleMonkey1410 : FeelsBadMan 🔫whynotswegdaat : Just Twerk it off bro FUNgineerbuzzd24 : y do u keep doing this to yourself FailFishdeliversz : these people OMGEALULandrizzyxo : Nah it’s not sensitive just worry about you. Fuck everyone elseMcL_White : @MitchJones imo u have to stay away from the soda / reckful crewxLegendofLesliex : SAMESwordscream : man you royally fucked up in the past….you can’t ignore thatwhynotswegdaat : Nick was happy and fine with it tho.. @mitchjonesjat120196 : Everyone likes you except Byron and Soda FailFishantiqlao : ENTILTED JONES nmpCringe nmpCringe nmpCringeEighter : theres too much to talk about to waste my time typing in chat but i feel youzakflow : chill with ChuckMantisss : gotta focus on the positive dude. Focus on the negative too muchnisseyoo : You have friends stop complainingMontana69 : There is 2 streamers Mitch fuck themGreekgodx : Stop trying to be friends with people who hate unightshadow1313 : @MitchJones keep doing what you with time it will be betteRagingCactuar : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowGreekgodx : I’m friends with u m8sKyLiNe1478 : you always stream when i sleepTunrtwo : That why WoW viewers are the best! @MitchJonesventor_ : skyline not even subbed LULsyrristen : Hey Mitch. How are you feeling today? ๐Ÿ˜€Irffo : you fucked too many timesAtrice : FeelsGoodMan he have us ๐Ÿ™‚Felereca : sup mitchmiche__ : @Greekgodx ๐Ÿ™‚ 7akyeezus : @Greekgodx PogFoxmatrix30 : GREEKgigaunrealbroken : @Greekgodx yikes dudeTiberius91 : @GreekgodxEquinoxX_1 : Cdew, Snutz, Xaryu, all fuck with uTunnelSnakes_RuIe : skyline mitchFbInfinight : @Greekgodx NAPGODX PogChampGatorGator : GGXDyraxz : mitchWowfondledongle : @MitchJones everyone dropping Mitch from their friends LOLTurtleMonkey1410 : @Greekgodx OMEGALULnuksaw123 : bbx with the truthFrinkerZ : licks hextro1 FrankerZbuzzd24 : @greekgodx D:decoyoctopus_ : greekJeez forget about itelectro55555 : @sKyLiNe1478 smart man lolbulkington : call out drama stream FeelsGoodManxciro1001x : CALL RECKFUL Pogxihu : monkaSMrKiwiee : ON THE SPOTWorstUS : Kappatrivium159 : D:DarianC96 : @Greekgodx get in a call with mitchceosir : OpieOPToxicTaco11 : LUL skylineFishyWaifuu : Paranoia PoGandrizzyxo : I’ll be your new skylinebromose__ : its in your head m8sKyLiNe1478 : Greekgodx fight me at ufcx3buzzd24 : WAT???????hextro1 : @FrinkerZ rip FrankerZzoldren : NapGodXgeckobtw : Skyline honestly stop trying to weasel out you drug addict weaselBovid575 : drama nathanYikeswhynotswegdaat : Grow gator skin and rise up Mitch TriHard TriHard TriHardtrivium159 : are we emo today ?pudmanx : !uptimedecoyoctopus_ : greekJeez Greekgodx sends his regardsdonaldtrumpusaa : @Greekgodx,buzzd24 : youve literally had nothing but support past week wtf r u on aboutBllRDY : DONT BRING UP RECKFUL PLEASE, DONT START DRAMAcaleh_ : !uptimeMontana69 : Stop trying to be friends with people who hate uGreekgodx : oi Mitch u want friends that hate u I like u talk to me moreBllRDY : WE LOVE YOUNightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : yayokaranpadda12 : yo did you see soda’s shit does 110k damage if he gets crit @MitchJonesbuzzd24 : STUPID FUCKING MISTAKES MANling90 : PepeHandshorkzie : DON’T SAY A WORD MOREnemofs : yikesInfinight : killed princess BibleThumpBllRDY : STOP TALKING ABOUT ITtherealbigdaddy1 : RlyThoEighter : WoW lasts forever, so at the very least, you have a chance ๐Ÿ™‚Phoenix1333 : @MitchJones at least you know now and its time to change for the better ๐Ÿ™‚lolzarrro : Play 2s with @greekgodxdaydreamerxq : stupid fucking mistakesSchnoupy : JUST STOP TALKING ABOUT IT LOL 4HeadTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowjohanM : @MitchJones We love youlooloo92 : greek is literally reaching out for you right nowBllRDY :Sungren : is this about reckfulBllRDY :MisterBLeedd : xqcArm1 gjakeH xqcArm2Felereca : relax mitchhorkzie : @MitchJones go to greecePokerCostume : well you did nothing wrong compared to hitlerakyeezus : @Greekgodx you’re a good guy dudeCaboosed : @MitchJones you should remod atrice ๐Ÿ™‚sandrive : @MitchJones times heals all wounds but….karanpadda12 : yo did you see soda’s shit does 110k damage if he gets crit @MitchJonesthegrassman : PITY ISN’T GONNA DO ANYTHING FUCKING CHANGE YOUR SITUATION420sVVagboy : RANK 1 PLAYER Pogdpx98 :KapitalDkolon : atleast ur not fattheyesper : no because u have no other ways to make cashsouthslavv : Remember when u didn’t care about money LUL LULomnibones : Reckful will hate you always, just move on ๐Ÿ™‚trivium159 : D:RACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULSLIPP3RS : LULpixaaaaa : YO , YESTERDAY ON RAJJPATER WAS GOOD , MAN , QUEST KANDY ! LULdecoyoctopus_ : greekYikesFoxmatrix30 : GREEEK IS TALKING TO YOU MITCHmizkifdottv : fuck reckfulEighter : dont take it personally, he does it for his streamMrGameSet : What did Byron saymizkifdottv : fuck reckful SwiftRageMicheee : @Caboosed fuck me daddySchnoupy : omg stop chewing past thingsmizkifdottv : fuck reckful SwiftRage 😡Nallewins : Heeyjat120196 : It’s literally 2 fucking peopleFishyWaifuu : ditchfuljustchillmahhhdewd : Soda is rude AF he is an asshole straight up2puggincrazy : Soda is very toxic the last weekmortredf : suck fodazlaam : feelsbadmanTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbV4rlo : suckin dick Pogvisionarytraining : ๐Ÿ™Cheater_Jones : but you do have friends on twitchRubenSandwich : What a two-face friend DansGameJoseFromtheA : Reckful is mental dudeIration : just move on man, they haveCallos123 : reckful said you were a good playerHarremannenrud1 : you made it like thatspilledbooz : then move on??ToxicTaco11 : Nice hoodie bro 🔥👌💯xciro1001x : HEEEEE YA TTrumpGatorGator : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbbuzzd24 : TBF u caused this it didnt just happen out of nowhereStrandz : he explained why tho and it’s you own fault u fucket it up too many timesreacher75 : Recful Waiting Room ๐Ÿ™‚bulkington : KappaTheRealJohnnySins1 : OUTCAST PepeHands OUTCAST PepeHandsEquinoxX_1 : Just 2 pplleinad47 : well u brought urself in that situation FeelsOkayManmountain_river_ : Sup yallJUSTlFlED : @mitchjones you dug your own grave mateIration : then dont be part of the community, do your own thingeiidor : dont delete it! money is importantshuriksan : @MitchJones hey mitch great stream dont cry ๐Ÿ™‚dramafree1234 : please stop just focus on wow PogCekon : do it thenxciro1001x : Whats cooler than being cool? TriHardCekon : do itCekon : pussysponge218 : YOU’Z A BITCHzlaam : I mean if you just give them more time they will probably forgive youCekon : nobody caresIrffo : stop being snakeyjalalrumi : do it thentheyesper : ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME MEEighter : yepDopoh : When is Byron coming online btw guys?Pumped : @MitchJones remember when u didnt care about money LULDiamond__Dick : who gives a fuck about soda and reckfulGrock : emo jones is back FeelsWeirdMankaranpadda12 : yo did you see soda’s shit does 110k damage if he gets crit @MitchJonessaftedd : RECKFUL IS RUDEquote_me_if_reckful_choke : @Greekgodx LULvault500 : WHY CARE ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINKqub_qub : GREEKTRUEsulfrz : what happend?thegrassman : HAHAHARacer_Xlive : @Greekgodx LULjat120196 : Mitch you’re being extremely unreasonableantiqlao : @Greekgodx fat fuck nmpCringe nmpCringePotatoPeasant : i hate reality too PepeHandsWonderfulDeath : @Greekgodx FeelsWeirdManspilledbooz : why even talk about them, they dont talk about you lolStudran : LULsumakarma : @MitchJones u got snutz cdew and more just go horde and play with emCallos123 : you get their respect when you put up some arcane dream pog ass numberslondonsmiths : Mitch the same person LULloleveryname : Fuck them both dude don’t let them get you downdpx98 : Just move on , who cares what they say.xciro1001x : Jebaitedbulkington : @jat120196 you a new friend? OMEGALULtoxic_ow : no one cares for numbers its all this damn drama you drag around loltheyesper : @Greekgodx greek is there any mcdonalds in greeceIdabshatter : arcane dream livesRubenSandwich : You reap waht you sow, i guess 🤔🤔PotatoPeasant : @notRoflcopter dont do it PepeHandsGreekgodx : Stop crying I’m ur friend m8sevenskillz : @MitchJones Just go ham in pvp, and climb higher then them Pogbuzzd24 : m8Etsku : KKona @Saha_9 he ate itFillaFillaDingDong : easily LULprophecy10 : Fat gosxwhynotswegdaat : Rise up Mitch TriHardAtrice : no i wouldnt tbhMontana69 : There is 2 people Mitchthe_skelet0n : id be the exact samebuzzd24 : i would not give a fuckqub_qub : GREEKTRUE GIFT ME BROTHERSEtsku : LISTEN TO MY FAKE CRY PepeHandsToxicTaco11 : greekB3 greekB4drascothermal : Someone said something mean?reacher75 : KappaICEtrck : @Greekgodx thanks for 4.20 hearts in chatChristred_ : call greek mitchHSestun87 : Can you talk more about how to be a better player in WOW?GreenGausto : lmao its ur own faultsevenskillz : @MitchJones It sucks but you should look at them as competition now PogFlexatron : stop dwelling in self misery ๐Ÿ™‚Micheee : Mira did this ๐Ÿ™‚nikopss : I wouldn’t be in your position tho xdjalalrumi : yes more than 2 people hate me and i manage to functionRubenSandwich : Fck it dude TriHardMontana69 : 2 streamers that hates you ofc they wont play with youameliorate19 : lolPhishov : greekL greekShhhKrayze19 : sup micthpixaaaaa : when ur stream is shit u dich , when ur stream is good u dich LOLtrivium159 : to quote a internet celebrity “FUCK IT D00D HEHEHE”PotatoPeasant : ๐Ÿ™‚ positive vibes only ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ positive vibes only ๐Ÿ™‚rankonebtw : PogChampFrinkerZ : @arseovertit Ditch has been live for 13 minutes.reacher75 : ill jump KAPIration : how do you not manToxicTaco11 : ๐Ÿ™‚nemofs : Kappbuzzd24 : @thadoubled LULHorler : i do LULsevenskillz : Do IT PogBllRDY : @MitchJones TURN THE LIGHTS ON, BETTER VIBEtheyesper : uza bitch7482941847284991991288495 : LULWDenTza : Cuz you arestrykz : FeelsWeirdManvisionarytraining : self-fulfilling prophecy m8Studran : @MitchJones Continue you what you were doing dudeBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : ???BllRDY : @MitchJones TURN THE LIGHTS ON, BETTER VIBE TURN THE LIGHTS ON, BETTER VIBEdanko3510 :Mantisss : is this cuz of Mira or cuz he’s focusing on the past againSubcultures : people change, and others need to forgive in order to heal themselves.DenTza : Its cus you arepazta9 : mitch soda and reckful online at the same time Pogoreomilkshake69 : @Cekon autistic piece of shitwhynotswegdaat : Go to the Dark side Mitch 😡😡😡ExSpurtMEMES : LIGHTS ON Poganele_from_syria : @MitchJones did u see the op Feral Glitch with Glovesdonaldtrumpusaa : mitchW reckA sodaWtveiten69 : Jesusidiotboyx : emo jonesTri_Guy : LMAOstrykz : D:Iration : chilllooloo92 : LULWTurtleMonkey1410 : D:haiquli : wtfnightshadow1313 : omgChristred_ : FUCK YOU JAMESbulkington : monkaShchop : christdonaldtrumpusaa : D:jizzrag : LULIZIRaffles : D:milkboy6 : D:the_skelet0n : EDGY 13 YEAR OLD DONOmondaris : D: Fuck that guyNallewins : Cool kidHorler : shit donos D:robinflodstrom01 : WE CAREfilefound : I WOULD CARE!ScaMahz : cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruh cmonBruhBubbyFlo : damn wtfCallos123 : I’d carexJir : DONT DO IT DAD BibleThumpstrykz : EDGY DONO LULWtaolinos : we careanele_from_syria : damn that Donos WTFdeliversz :buzzd24 : monkaSgigaunrealbroken : nah that’s not banter dudePumped : thats fucked upEighter : actual fucking retard ๐Ÿ™‚Zyju : dayem, he coldf1st1ng_is_300_bucks : @MitchJones end your lifeTom_TJ :Swagalot12345 : I would miss you bro been here with you the last 4 yearsbchuddy : Ban that idiotnemofs : ban everyone PogRubenSandwich : We care ? 🤔🤔ToxicTaco11 : I care mitchGuth98 :Groovyjg :Trurrum96 : PepeHandsNoobjerry : what happened ? FeelsBadManelfappo62 : Some people man…JUSTlFlED : Can the mods ban that idiot?xciro1001x : DEFAULT DANCE ON EM SourPlsScarlettShroud : yo wtf you insane kids, stop fucking with mitch he’s already mentally fkediNocturne : umTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchFb mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbwhynotswegdaat : Dont get jebaited by 1 guy FailFish @mitchjonesTom_TJ :buzzd24 : monkaSf1st1ng_is_300_bucks : @MitchJones we are not alone people that want you dead existHenriks_ :Urbanizedbones :MrGameSet :decoyoctopus_ :nohmercy1 :danko3510 : mitch pls dont we love youEvexsan : @f1st1ng_is_300_bucks nice new account betaFoxmatrix30 : i bannnned himmountain_river_ : Silence..nikopss :MrTwitchy93 : SHOW GNOMEJUSTlFlED : @Skyline1478trihard_on_welfare_ :nisseyoo :in_2017_in_2017 : BibleThumpdrascothermal : BibleThumpSavozi :sevenskillz :McL_White : @MitchJones play gater skin on stream Pogrobbins87 : nickmercsSlooloo92 : you’ve been gnomed 4HeadJrTeK24 :Tom_TJ :Nunme : TwitchUnity TwitchUnity TwitchUnityluckyowl99 :meblue1 : ?? whats upRubenSandwich : Call yourself BibleThumpPonzosUniverse : OMEGALULxciro1001x : MUSIC SYNC PogToxicTaco11 :cal3212 :EquinoxX_1 : RISE UP MITCHKapodi2 :nohmercy1 :Thedruidtyler : @CmX87 EU has 0 entertaining wow streamers the best is prob ziqo its mehwhynotswegdaat : PogChamp the lawdramafree1234 : monkaSSSlungust : PepeHandsHasse81 : BibleThumpJoseFromtheA :XANAXDETOX : STUPID FKING MISTAKES PepeHandsSavozi :Swagalot12345 : Ignore the kids manPatienceMySon7 : lurnSsandrive : @MitchJones its okey mitchbonjanboy : THE MOTHERFUCKING LAWTurtleMonkey1410 :dannepaa :Tykelin : Poor guy :/Theodoshus217 :valkitrocity : @MitchJones Yo, you da man.decoyoctopus_ : greekW greekL .nTn_qt :sevenskillz :PatienceMySon7 : rawbdaGdrascothermal : Dont cry BibleThumpqlyphoth :killingblowog : just keep playing and doing youremote_control : PepeHandsSanhalm : UNBAN BARRY BOISE_poch : Open the curtains ๐Ÿ™‚Trxv_ :filefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5?Tiberius91 : fuck that guy man it’s just one idiotDeuxEsprits : Turn off cam and enjoy the game @MitchJonesmeblue1 : WHATS UP>?????????????????BriinN_hot :Gusse :Shrenko : what happend?limemiss7 : greekCreepMaltapwnz : did he break up with mira again?fkbxi :quote_me_when_arcane_dead : stop crying dont worry about what others thinkAtrice : mitch if you want to talk i can be available in discordWetDookie : @MitchJonesloefk : @Greekgodx I’m thinking it RIGHT NOW TriHardTheodoshus217 : @thepiter333 dog diedC00kieDent :nohmercy1 :kalivo : you need professional help mitchYez_ : modHeart modHeart modHeart modHeart modHeart modHeart modHeartsarcasticman23 : rgsFeels rgsFeels rgsFeels rgsFeelsRewtbear : drop your ballsKingOat :MrTwitchy93 : YOUR DOG DIED? SO SORRYprophecy10 : @mitchjones do you smoke weed bro?cal3212 :Strider : PepeHandsBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : this is why we need celeste PepeHandsxciro1001x : Back to the cycle PepeHandsScaMahz :Geenjay : @Montana69 Thats the worst 1 man spam advice ever DansGamenTn_qt : you sound so hurt! you cannot give that guy attention!xplo_it : @MitchJones why dont u start streaming in the afternoon?oreomilkshake69 : @MitchJones dont worry man we love youTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowSundaeDriver : whys he in the complete darkNeroBtw : Yes ๐Ÿ™‚420sVVagboy : nojwussow989 : I just got here what’s going on emoneyKonafilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJonesnohmercy1 : its ok ๐Ÿ™‚nightshadow1313 : MITCH FeelsOkayManPheloz : get the fuck out bro and fix yourselfSwoma612 :Callos123 : please strumRagingCactuar : Were here for u dude if u wanna hop off the real ones will understand.reprisal93 :Onehitta323 : mitch were all here for you . if we weren’t then we wouldn’t be hereWsty : D:Henriks_ : its okaylegend_1080p : Need Viewers @Legend_1080pqub_qub : @Striderkukkyy : if you quit now you kill the momentumer_h : i like watching youGusse : Do what feels rightobscurittx : its oke bromeblue1 : ??? what happenedChreint : ANY greekNam ANY NAMMERS? ❗ ANY greekNam ANY NAMMERS? ❗leinad47 : NaM 7gigaunrealbroken : yah stick to the grind mateRubenSandwich : CALL CELESTE, SHE ALWAYS SUPPORT BibleThumpakyeezus : greekNam ❗strykz : TRUESmadi : @Strider i like uakyeezus : PepeHandsfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJoneskashoun : @Strider ANELE 7Shrenko : yesgigaunrealbroken : yesnohmercy1 : yesMcL_White : yesEquinoxX_1 : Just stream without cam if u wantSoloReigns : AMAZINGLundkan : yesVilestrixX : Streams have been great man!!WhoChanges : yesTelagor : yeDiamond__Dick : yesKarlonis : yesqlyphoth : yesjalalrumi : Pog $50pinsleepy : 50 juicesjwussow989 : Yes PogChampMrTwitchy93 : You’re pretty smart Mitch ๐Ÿ˜€TheFriendlyPeon : LULTunrtwo : @MitchJones Hell yeah! Don’t stop, its something to look forward to every day!dramafree1234 : Jebaitedbennjetta : $50 drys those tears real fastCallos123 : poggerssandrive : LOLissaboyearl : yessNunme :Frowneeeyh : what a hypocrite, fuck that guyscuffedsca : James tou fukkerWanngus : JAMES OMEGALULGeenjay : Jebaited Thanks for the $50Naetze : ๐Ÿ™Flexatron : that’s the definition of edgygenocidal_killa_ : fuckstrykz : monkaSfkbxi : @james12345 fk urselfreciles : PepeHandsWorstUS : 4Head ADVICE SUBSdisimhi : whoever donated that is a fucking idiotveggiecheese : Please dont kill yourself bro pogwhynotswegdaat : Truenisseyoo : monkaTOSSmok3ey : Lmao low on money LULMiceyRylus : FERAL 175k POGshowg64 : i’m low on money, let’s give it to the rich guy LULTunnelSnakes_RuIe : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowSmok3ey : Low on money but I’ll donate LULgigaunrealbroken : trueNoWellz206 : The supporttrustafarian : oofnemofs : 4HeadDyraxz : mitchWowChreint : JUST WALK AWAY FROM IT 4HEadBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : just walk away from the screen TriHard 😂TheRealZigz : Ughnemofs : just walk away 4HeadTulula : That life advicedonaldtrumpusaa : 4HeadSmok3ey : 4Headbulkington : move mic out of mouthJoseFromtheA : Arcane Dream PogChampfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundMrTwitchy93 : WE ALL FEEL THAT WAYreprisal93 : @MitchJones positive thoughts my dudeFlexatron : so what? move onleinad47 : PepeHandsPheloz : quit fucking dwelling and fix it now! @MitchJonesAtrice : Stupid fucking mistakes man FeelsBadManTunrtwo : Focus on the present, not the past @MitchJonesNoDubs : OMEGALULxihu : get a disguise and be 💿Justmore12345 : forsenCD ?Nightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : ๐Ÿ™‚drascothermal : A ๐Ÿ™‚MOISTBRAND : nahFlexatron : it was all fake PepeHandsqasdew21 :ameliorate19 : ๐Ÿ™‚leinad47 : POOR MITCHIE PepeHandsZimonElfang : !uptimeJoseFromtheA : ๐Ÿ™‚nohmercy1 :nemofs : galiao PepeHandsE_poch : @MitchJones You should get some natural light in the room mateplatowasright : WOW NOBODY CARES , PLAY THE GAMESyxsap :Raffzyy : what has changed since yesterday? 🤔OKK1_ : welcome to the internet bruhgenocidal_killa_ : people will use it against youTwindad : Are these actual 3s or scrimsMaxiPudding : Pog KILL THIS KIDSEighter : lol i love you mitchdrascothermal : Depression?Nunme : ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚filefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundthe_skelet0n : @Raffzyy reckful said something about him on his streamTrurrum96 : PepeHandsGi_fTeD : Imagine thinking youre rank one forsenOMEGA @MitchJonesslade1834 :Darkrock_pty : KappaSungren : Everybody wants u to play Fortnite @MitchJonesEighter : they wont, not most of themIrffo : you fucked upxihu : @genocidal_killa_ you keep it to yourself FeelsWeirdManNightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : mitch, you’re great brother, chill & playdrascothermal : Soda and reckful?peppelepeu909 : is he upset about what reckful said?SnowVisions : yessevenskillz : NopeVilestrixX : nah, def notHugabear : POGGERS @MitchJonestaylorgpromotions : yesfilefound : Not ANYMOREthe_skelet0n : @Raffzyy 30 mins agoveggiecheese : No man we love youMontana69 : They aint your friends anymoreFlexatron : why would you care what we think of you? ๐Ÿ™‚TheFriendlyPeon : yesDiamond__Dick : you have loads of streamer friends, why focus on reckful and sodaPumped : cant tell tbhsouthslavv : who cares about them LULEquinoxX_1 : Byron is paranoidSaux : YeaRedBeardBD : LETS GO PogChampfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundMontana69 : They aint friends anymore fuck themkaykayowned : YO PLS STOP GET HYPEdrascothermal : Gweek love you BibleThumpIcioncrude : You used to be, people don’t forget that you stabbed them in the back ๐Ÿ™‚GrandpappyToke : @MitchJones lets kick it and play some wow when u back in MDpinsleepy : They are a litlle too stubborn and harshreacher75 : KappaxJir : PogChampAtrice : you dont need to prove yourselfHighWarlordWarlock : Why quit your job bro what are you gonna do flip burgerskraaaj : BOOHOO OMEGALULSmok3ey : FailFishjakobthethird : you didnt want to be friends with soda thoughxihu : streamers=/=true friendsRedBeardBD : LETS GO PogChamp forgetabout itRaffzyy : @the_skelet0n, can you dm the clip if you happen to have it?reprisal93 : @MitchJones just do you and prove them wrong, they will come aroundstarturtle : @MitchJones ? you mean BitchJonesFlexatron : high school drama tier PepeHandsklunkeklapper : Stop all this drama shit dudeCheater_Jones : what a toxic way to think about these thingskaykayowned : STOPPPPP! LETS GO GET HYPEdrascothermal : Thats probably true FeelsBadManazullana : @NightPaws1 preachtankintampz : what @tommo_____ said, be patient u ratcnmd : 你好 MitchJones,Tuch : @PonzosUniverse LUL timingOfficialUknoww : GET RL FRIENDSdramafree1234 : monkaMEGATeidju : Fuck me everytime I come in the channel it’s negative vibes mantommo_____ : THEN PROVE THEM WRONG IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN OVER NIGHTdiamonddouglas15 : it is what it is though bud. old demons but here we aretrivium159 : hehehe wachumean doodcrazer08 : @RiflabaconGGX GGX BTWfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundnemofs : ditching doesnt fix anything @MitchJonesnuksaw123 : FUCK THEM IF THEY CANNOT FORGIVEMaxiPudding : Play saberpulse arcanite and own kids in arena Pogprophecy10 : I wouldn’t want to play with reckful can’t stand himSmok3ey : Dude it was like a couple months agoazullana : @ボグダン OMEGALULenudu73 : LolRaffzyy : @the_skelet0n, oh okTri_Guy : LOLFrowneeeyh : reckful is manic and not worht the time for realDubzug : What did Rektful say??!?!?!?!?!?!?!Two_Ounces : fuck em dude for the content homie heheIcioncrude : I killed people for years. Why do people still call me a killer? FeelsBadManRedBeardBD : bro reckful cant even get his computer running fuck em @MitchJonestaylorgpromotions : why do you care so much about what reckful thinks loldanko3510 : @mitch try to talk to him off streamMicheee : @Tommo_____ hi ๐Ÿ™‚OfficialUknoww : ICE DOESNT HAVE ANY FRIENDS EITHER LULazullana : HYPERBRUHcnmd : 你好mjfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Do I need to donate 5? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundDansGame_TriHard : SHIT FANBASE forsenOMEGAToxicTaco11 : greekLDarkrock_pty : dude fuck off about reckful ur so fucking into him lolZurree : Thanks for the 4.20 mitchYIKESloefk : advice f words FeelsWeirdManhanson64 : truDarthrando : Is this kid like 17?qasdew21 :justchillmahhhdewd : ๐Ÿ™‚Lucas7777 : ๐Ÿ™‚Frowneeeyh : hearts in chatHydraPaladin : lol reckful is gay , good onenightshadow1313 : THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW PogChristopher_III : @MitchJones Why dont you play with CDEW or Snutzfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Did I go through? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundnemofs : thanks for the 4:20 ๐Ÿ™‚draggonx : that is retarted way of thinkingpabloflexcobarr : you are okay dude go horde so you can play with dewTrigWhoChanges : makes no sense OMEAGLULResolution33 : because no one wants to dudedestroyedxz : zorCry zorCryFillaFillaDingDong : avoding streamers LULNightbot : Join our Discord! : YESstarturtle : @Darthrando yee dude, nothing but whining lolxihu : Pogeriaxy : @MitchJones desitny is in LA, irl stream with himEquinoxX_1 : oh boyJoseFromtheA : Esfand is a cool dudeChristred_ : call greek Pogthe_skelet0n : greek left i thinkDarkrock_pty : wat streams LULjustchillmahhhdewd : gachiBASSgigaunrealbroken : OMEGALULD0nKappa : how is miraDansGame_TriHard : GREEK SLEEPING forsenSleeperninjaknight222 : shots again….Shikafrecko : thats every stream 4HeadGoodguyDan : Quit crying please …Sarken420 : Andy FeelsOkayManvisionarytraining : call reckful ๐Ÿ™Eighter : yeah u ignored him long enough OMEGALULreacher75 : LULwhynotswegdaat : LULwastransparent : why do you care what people say. do whats good for you and your channelxJir : TRUExJir : LULRealCK3 : TRUE LULForrest_dahmer : RIP PEPOwhynotswegdaat : Was that a roast OMEGALULNutsy : LALALALALALALnemofs : KappaNutsy : ALALALALALALALALAALALALFlexatron : reckful that is7482941847284991991288495 : dont cry 4HeadEquinoxX_1 : EgofulScottrick_ : True420sVVagboy : cockful is trash just let it go m8xJir : he is 100% still butthurt about that, its in his natureDiabalanka : @MitchJones Wearnt you gonna spit bars with Doc today???whynotswegdaat : He wanted that russian Thotcanjutsu : CALL RECKFULhannyap : FeelsBadManhonestcitizen : LALALALALALLALALALALALLALANightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : @MitchJones just lveld up my hitpoints to 32aftern0on : Cxhappyguyjack : @MitchJones Stop talking about other streamers and focus on yourselfiNocturne : man the toxic people came in here so fastbiggyBeatLoL : @MitchJones bro its okay mcretHeart nmpLvirusx17 : Call mirafpstj : what did reckful say about mitch can somene send me clipBilpa : it’s ok mitchFbxseaturtlex : D:Adaija : ay cuz it’s a driveby 💥🔫TriHardMontana69 : Its not the viewers its 2 streamerswtbcutegirlfriend : dwane? Pogpixaaaaa : CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONESreprisal93 : it keps interuppting him LULHorler : UStrivium159 : ours ?RealCK3 : fuck emRunzudown : Ours???”?DansGame_TriHard : TriHard forsenGunIVIr_IVIaestro : !uptimebennjetta : … you have your own respect?kaykaytv : Hey mitch, how you think 1v1 against soda will go? @mitchjonespixaaaaa : CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONESfilefound : I just donated 4.20. Did I go through? @MitchJones Name was: FileNotFoundsandrive : you think of it wrongclaytenbigsby : ニガ ニガ VoHiYowastransparent : YIKES mentalitysandrive : you wont get them backEighter : noPatienceMySon7 : yeah i know what you mean dawg.Eighter : you make no senseCSLeito : noDansGame_TriHard : forsenDabgigaunrealbroken : you need the tyler1 mentality thenNsKush :pixaaaaa : CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONESOfficialUknoww : lol so u wouldnt mind being brokeKapitalDkolon : Do you miss fortnite? @MitchJonessandrive : they dont like you becuase of IRL shit that happendNullxPhantom : @MitchJones i dont think reckful would change his mind if you had 30k views.Lfgarcatraz : then fucking get a real job, get socials and play wow for a hobby fmlMontana69 : Mitch there is 2 people that dont like you how hard is it just get new friendsIrffo : i want to be donald trumpTonsOfun96 : Grow up….themarkingss : I don’t think you understandswagathan_123 :NeoEmc2 : loltommo_____ : THAT WILL TAKE TIMEChrismayntz12 : Streamer is persons? WutFacebuzzd24 : monkaSEnfoldxo : REFORMED JONES PogSNIPEDBYRANGER : what is this streamflevvby : Lol complaining yet againvohiyo__vohiyo : LuLNeoEmc2 : JUST BE YOURSELF MITCHnuksaw123 : MAN DOC PULLED THROUH D OMEGALUL C MEMES YOU CAN FUCK HATERS ASWELLNotoriousOne991 : @MitchJones earn it.BigRaymond : @MitchJones bigrayCaffe bigrayCaffe I love your stream bigrayCaffe bigrayCaffeEnfoldxo : Pog REFORMED JONES Pogswagathan_123 :Shracklol : respect is earned not given brotherazullana : @Mantisss yepPeoplewhinetoomuch : KappaReconlol : @flevvby Nothing better to do in life but troll in twitch OmegalulEquinoxX_1 : Self respect comes firstInspectuhDeck : You are such a dramatic pussyloefk : you still care FeelsLULManthemarkingss : Kappacomplexfpss : @MitchJones you need to give it time, time heals all wounds, trust meflevvby : LOLPoE_HelloKitty : BibleThumpclaytenbigsby : oyou’re not a bad person manLegs____ : Doc was supposed to come on today @MitchJonesStorMplays : @MitchJones What have you done to earn it back?biggyBeatLoL : @MitchJones he said he doesnt hate u ๐Ÿ˜ฎboundbreaker : Who got away with it?Chrismayntz12 : Whisper me if you want nudes. Im a girl irl. Sharing nudes of myselfbuzzd24 : FatalityPhiberoptik88 : @InspectuhDeck JebaitedGEORGELIQUOR : hey mitch whats up! soda discovered a 130k crit for feralflevvby : Do you have any chill?sevenskillz : just ignore it 4HeadJoseFromtheA : You will find new friends during this expansion dude.Tunrtwo : @MitchJones at least you aren’t baldingkaykaytv : Hey mitch, how you think 1v1 against soda will go? @mitchjonesSuqz : the soda thing FeelsBadManDiabalanka : @MitchJones Wearnt you gonna spit bars with Doc today???nisseyoo : @Chrismayntz12 yikeslukematos1 : @MitchJones STOP TALKING NO SENCE THINGS LIKE A KID…Legs____ : Doc was supposed to come on today @MitchJones forsenThinkFrowneeeyh :pixaaaaa : CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONES CALL DOC @MITCHJONESSpicy_Daddy : @MitchJones RECKFUL TALKING SHIT FeelsBadManToxicTaco11 :Zurree : Didnt you leak the kitty greek thing 2 months agojat120196 : Is this the cycle people talk about?crazer08 : i feel like ive seen this beforeLegs____ : CALL DOC PogAxxleMusic : honestly soda is the biggest pussy i knowNikostr8 : @Chrismayntz12 JebaitedScaMahz : @MitchJones you open for questions regarding arcane mage?Slikey94 : just tbag everyoneDansGame_TriHard : STFU FOR ONCE AND FOCUS ON THE GAME forsenSleeperTunrtwo : @MitchJones you’re the only one worth watching in the WoW section!Chrismayntz12 : MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODS BabyRagedrascothermal : True FeelsBadManhashiza : FeelsBadManthemarkingss : I wonder why Kappdpk3 : BabyRageNotoriousOne991 : nick seemed pretty happy @MitchJonesD0nKappa : cdew didnt lolswagathan_123 : RUCK FECKFUL SwiftRageNeoEmc2 : MITCH I LOVE YOU, YOU’RE MY BOIpuggyo : nick was thankful four you though @MitchJonesLegs____ : CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC PogKurt0ne : cheer100 check your mail after stream dudeMyKeys : @MitchJones you arent alone you have wow ๐Ÿ˜›DansGame_TriHard : SODA forsenSleeperloefk : get some real life friends then? FeelsLULMantankintampz : go away -swodaswagathan_123 :kein23 :Clynia :D0nKappa : @MitchJones what about cdew manmissyelliottsmith : Mitch Jones had to grow a Gator Skin just to adaptSanhalm : wtf is up with the music?veggiecheese :kaykayowned : STOP!diamonddouglas15 : You gotta earn it back bud.drascothermal : I do though FeelsBadMansevenskillz : @MitchJones nmp didnt actually seemed happy about the hostGEORGELIQUOR : @MitchJones are you crashing?0oo0ooo0o0o0 : KappIration : then earn itDiamond__Dick : it’s only reckful and soda, who gives a fucklukematos1 : @MitchJones are you a kid or a man?draggonx : why do you care so much about them just move on and sotp talkin bout themmissyelliottsmith : asmonTar Mitch Jones had to grow a Gator Skin just to adaptkennethbtw : Damn this chat is Toxicflevvby : Maybe you should get a real jobxihu : @Vesh chill monkaSBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : LULtankintampz : asmonWHAT i respect you asmonWHATpinsleepy : @Vesh fuck off dude, leave if you dont want to listenDiabalanka : @mitch just shit on them in sone arenas and they will respect you ๐Ÿ˜€whynotswegdaat : Just yoink Reckful and soda rank1 title for revengeNightbot : Join our Discord! : @Diamond__Dick mitch obviouslyfpstj : @MitchJones love you mitch hate seeing you down broFrowneeeyh : he is just retarded, hope karma hits himthemycrafters : Soda beat your 100k critLegs____ : everyone has said it at one pointLegs____ : sadlyXANAXDETOX : kid is retarded LULsevenskillz : @MitchJones listen to Diabalankagdawg16 : but viewers=respect tho riteBingo1 : Pog LIVEfakehit11 : its just retards wanting attentionthemarkingss : I clicked on your stream for the first time in a while and it’s still thisBingo1 : Wait why you’re sad today? @MitchJonesLegs____ : CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC Pog CALL DOC PogBingo1 : Wait why you’re sad today? @MitchJonesBingo1 : Wait why you’re sad today? @MitchJonessevenskillz : @MitchJones Its fine we are glad you are streamingTwo_Ounces : if he actually killed himself that kid could be charged lol fucking idiottommo_____ : Because he is mentally sick move on FailFishlukematos1 : @MitchJones who cares about if you re sad? lolblockshana : people trying to start shit in reckfuls chat … yikesSungren : @Bingo1 check lsfGEORGELIQUOR : dude it sounds like youre crashing after a long big manic highdafuq313 : @MitchJones Is it because of what reckful said earlier?tankintampz : keep that shit off streamPickledCheetos : @bingo1 mitch and soda said some shit about himLucas7777 : CALL DOC Pogcrazer08 : fuck reckful and sodaxihu : I’m an emo boy, emo for lyfeEviIDogger : ๐Ÿ™‚PickledCheetos : @Bingo1 i mean reckful and soda not mitchmountain_river_ : Is he still in LA?Avongoddess : Going on and on about it does not help at allflevvby : Dont stream thencliffz : Here comes the advice ClapDrowzyJ : they’ll want to play with when you’re top of the ladder board ๐Ÿ™‚Eighter : nmpWeirdk1ng_k0ng : 75k Pogreciles : @Bingo1 he asked reckful to play and reckful said bad things PepeHandsExSpurtMEMES : it doesnt matter whyLucas7777 : CALL DOC greekCool Clapremote_control : 75k Pogdramafree1234 : advice fægs never learn FailFishPhishov : CALL DOC Poggigaunrealbroken : because it’s the internetnisseyoo : Dr.Phil donos LULReconlol : Because they are 12.sandrive : becuase they dont careBullmachine92 : because EVERYONE ONLY CARES ABOUT THEMSELVESitrickshotJFK : It isnt that deeptaolinos : ret got DELETEDr0xize : Fragile jones ๐Ÿ™‚swagathan_123 : NOflevvby : Mira?sevenskillz : @MitchJones Because its a temporary fix for their mental problems :/Druic : JOB OMEGALULthemarkingss : KappaSarken420 : Not shit talking Mitch, but you couldn’t have a real job dudeRevsinX : J OMEGALUL BFudgemunk : not a drama streamer anymore 4HeadBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : 🦍Reconlol : @MitchJones Would you talk to me in Discord in a private channel to discuss it?Nightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : Just hit up Mira’s sisterLudn1 : @MitchJones is this a sad streamlukematos1 : @MitchJones DRAMA QUEEN LOOOLLegs____ : @MitchJones Listen to some happy music and you will cheer up ๐Ÿ™‚treedun : how to be a human being ABCRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULMitigated : What is the minimum donate amount for text to speech?spoydr : nah you wouldnt ๐Ÿ™‚crazer08 : oy veybuzzd24 : TRAIN?zakflow : LULthemycrafters : Just play wow and forget everyone elseazullana : @Mitigated 4.2lukaripnwx :Liqweedy : sad strum ?Lucas7777 : cmonBruhlukaripnwx :Geenjay : B)Montana69 : You canttankintampz : asmonLong1wastransparent : YOU CANT YOU FOOLlukaripnwx :Schlafiyo : hey Mitch Pogzander213 : Too late for thattommo_____ : Reckful is immature their whole group isoxitofin : gachiBASSphatkittenslayer : @TheAngryStonerHotted89 : sup mitchiedatnoobLOL : beta Jonesgdawg16 : u were on rajjpatel PogNeoEmc2 : MITCH WHO IS HATING ON YOU?Saad98_ : !rankMontana69 : You cant it will never happendHiggs22 : lolNugzLive : BibleThumpImGhostyHD : holy shit this cycle never ends OMEGALULLegs____ : HOTTEDgertas7 : pretty muchSaad98_ : !commandsLegs____ : PogGIFT_ME_SUB_PLEASE : Hotted PogTrurrum96 : yesTuch : WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUNDtankintampz : asmon3 asmon4Diabalanka : @MitchJones Wearnt you gonna spit bars with Doc today???Legs____ : @MitchJones HOTTED IN YOUR CHAT PogNeoEmc2 : HOTTEN HATING ON MITCH?gertas7 : @Hotted89Frowneeeyh : ranting about them on stream will not mend anything, let this go for now manxihu : FeelsBadManRealCK3 : YOU CAN’T FORCE SOMEONE TO BE YOUR FRIEND AGAINHotted89 : dude mitchgdawg16 : hotted? PogNugzLive : KappaDabluntlord : turned on mitch stream….. talking about sad stuff….. CYA IM OUTtankintampz : asmonLong2Hotted89 : stop talking about the twitch dynamicLegs____ : @MitchJones HOTTED IN YOUR CHAT Pog @MitchJones HOTTED IN YOUR CHAT Pogmushiblobb : @Hotted89 PogNugzLive : Back at it againMcSave : weedFeelsBad weedCrythemarkingss : Kappadragoo0 : reckDDOS reckDDOS reckDDOS reckDDOSLucas7777 : gachiBASSantondarke : @diamond__dick you are sucka advice f word. LuLvantawow : OMEGALULGeenjay : Pog HOTTEDFlexatron : Hotted knows ๐Ÿ™‚TunnelSnakes_RuIe : hotted Poggertas7 : Hotted89: stop talking about the twitch dynamicaranzaboi : @Hotted89 help him PepeHands cycle continuesCaptainTenshou : @Hotted89 lmao content homie who caresflevvby : Lol whats wrong with you?Evilyogurt : ruining stream again . He was doing so welltankintampz : asmonE1 asmonE2mushiblobb : wtf mitch..mala_kujica : what did reckful say?Diabalanka : @MitchJones Wearnt you gonna spit bars with Doc today???mkss322 : hotted can u see ur own cockDRickGame : lol getting bullied on twitchsurcea : YeahBoys Hiflevvby : go to collegeSNIPEDBYRANGER : sneak disses? OMEGALUL Ain’t nobody sneak dissin you boiKhray : so you wanna be a cool kid ?peppelepeu909 : yes you areSarken420 : Thanks for the 4.20 broFlexatron : yeah that’s what he saidmissyelliottsmith : Mitch Jones had to grow a Gator Skin just to adaptr0xize : Fragile jones ๐Ÿ™‚flevvby : ”popular” “cool”NoWellz206 : Reckful has a valid point ….mkss322 : @mala_kujica cao malaGreenGausto : holy shit 2018 and this is still his content lolGeenjay : FeelsGoodMan LALALALALALAiwoozzy : lalalalalalalalalrealkekman : @missyelliottsmith see exflevvby : RESPECT MEmushiblobb : ResidentSleepertankintampz : press one of uHiggs22 : Not truedatnoobLOL : can you talk about this with your psychologist instead of us @MitchJonesmushiblobb : ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeper ResidentSleeperRealCK3 : that’s their problem who caresvgenereux : Who said thatdanteflax : gift me a sub plebs now! ๐Ÿ™‚ameliorate19 : Are you going to have doc on stream today? @MitchJonesXL1M : But what if you actually are sometimes being a scumbag?DoodleNutz : You need a therapist MitchDIYAK0 : @MitchJones were is Doc TriHard we need some fire CurseLitMantisss : Making peace with ppl is one sided, it doesn’t need to be two sided LUL wutswagathan_123 :swifts___ : you are tho LULdauntello : sure KappaChinqt : you said that two weeks ago LULMaxiPudding : you fucking said that last timenemofs : LuLPhishov : SwiftRage CALL DOCflevvby : @doodlenutz preachYouBeTrollin : mitchWowcrazer08 : FeelsGoodManLucas7777 : FeelsBadManNightbot : Join our Discord! : @mala_kujica kujo siri nogepixaaaaa : CALL DOGDIYAK0 : @MitchJones were is Doc TriHard we need some bars CurseLitpixaaaaa : CALL DOGGGGGGGGGGGGGGSprongle : What an absolutely toxic twitch chat this is… you’re all awful people.Theewilliam : Yo BIATCH JONESDustSland : Mitch on Rajj Patelnnelons : DOCSNIPEDBYRANGER : Lookin assloefk : @tankintampz FeelsWeirdManswagathan_123 : NORealCK3 : yestankintampz : asmonLong1Bingo1 : Cause you caretankintampz : asmonLong2themarkingss : You have a high school mentalityxkruulx : 5k+ views happy, 2k views depressed,Nutkingjr : bro ur a fucking rank 1 why you gotta care about what a bunch of n00bs sayqlimax36 : PepeHandsSome1Else : tessarcasticman23 : yesmissyelliottsmith : Notice how mitch only reads the negative comments?complexfpss : @MitchJones cus ur overly sensitive, need to toughen up broHOBOBUBBA : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowImClouded : @MitchJones CALL DOCLucas7777 : One man spam FeelsWeirdManBrenin : Because your selfesteem is pretty low.ネコ猫 : S T O PLegs____ : @MitchJones CALL DOCnnelons : wheres the DOCcrazer08 : @MitchJones take steroidsRevsinX : Cause ur a good personmushiblobb : lets do some arenas PogHiggs22 : LULRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULGeenjay : 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALALALASlickDaddy420 :Montana69 : Because your selfesteem is pretty lowmissyelliottsmith : ?????????????buzzd24 : 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALALALADIYAK0 : LALALALAL FeelsGoodMan LALALALLALAL FeelsGoodMan LALALALA FeelsGoodManNightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : ARENA PogBigMelF : because you realize that its your fault dude thats whyBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : Lea wants to duo PogChampZurree : quit 4 years to prove your point u wontImClouded : MITCH STOP THIS ISNT THE STREAM WE CAME FOR @MitchJonesbogsbunny : miwa waitng rooom HYPERSGeenjay : 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALALALALAsandrive : prove will do nothing to dumb peopleloefk : KappaNoWellz206 : T O X I Cthemarkingss : Kappaveggiecheese : YOU DONT HAVE TO PROVE YOURSELF WE LOVE YOUbuzzd24 : LALALALALA 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈DIYAK0 : @MitchJones were is Doc TriHard we need some bars CurseLitCx_Tri_Hard7 : mitch are u have mental breaking?masterofbum : JUST PLAY BEESH ITS ALL GOODRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : @swagathan_123 cmonBruhgdawg16 : become the law PogLucas7777 : Just ignore and be happy 4HeadLegs____ : @RACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY cmonBruhlNyxi : ballanced PogExSpurtMEMES : then stop FailFish just fucking play and stop catering to the autismRealCK3 : PogChampKurt0ne : @MitchJones What server do you play on?mushiblobb : FeelsGoodManameliorate19 : mitchWow mitchWow mitchWowNugzLive : LULBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : TriHardDustSland : cx TriHard 7gertas7 : LOLloefk : just get a real job FeelsLULManAlwaysDownToChill : CxTriHard7 Pogpixaaaaa : CALLK DOGpixaaaaa : CALL DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCbeearodeewye : Cx TriHard 7RACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : @Cx_Tri_Hard7 TriHard Clapbuzzd24 : TriHard 7 xCWruxxd : why are u Always sad when i enter ur stream?tankintampz : TriHardXANAXDETOX : THEY ARE NOT UR FRIENDS FFSbenj00min : they arent your friends thats what you fail to understandLucas7777 : PepeHandsali2465 : TriHardNightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : How about let your nuts drop and stop acting like a bitch?tilogical : can you link me the latest lucid morphmissyelliottsmith : You can make things better than they used to be too @MitchJonesMaydaypaygay : heyyeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones it is never too late to reach out to old friends. ๐Ÿ™‚TheReason_tv : PogChampgdawg16 : hotted PogDIYAK0 : Just make new firends LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4Handryanwells94 : @MitchJones you need to move on from reckful, he dont carecx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : TriHard 7NoWellz206 : YOU MISS @Miraameliorate19 : Are you going to have doc on stream today? @MitchJonesMrKiwiee : KomodoHype OhMyDogDIYAK0 : Just make new firends LOOOOOOOOOOOOL 4HeadBigMelF : @Hotted89 true thatmortredf : CALL MIRAforalldspamz : DUEL FOR GOLD??? I’m just avg rogueDubzug : GIVE HIM THE “IM GONNA OFF MYSELF” HOTLINE ASAPcx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : FeelsWeirdManbozzer : mitch nymnWeirdChristopher_III : @MitchJones Why dont you play with CDEW or Snutzbenj00min : they arent old friends they arent friends at allNoWellz206 : CALL MIRA NOWFlexatron : ignored hotted tho OMEGALULcx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : FeelsOkayManeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones love you mannikolisko : ill be your friend ๐Ÿ™‚jalalrumi : mizkifC ❓NeoEmc2 : what happened to your girl bro?foralldspamz : @MitchJones You bang Legendary?Maydaypaygay : spam hearts boysthemarkingss : Luljerrybottom :buzzd24 : LALALALALAhusky_hound04 : what did you do to lose all the streamer friends?Geenjay : 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALALALALALALALALALALALALACx_Tri_Hard7 : FeelsBadMancx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : FeelsOkayManameliorate19 : Are you going to have doc on stream today? @MitchJonesnemofs : mira said you need no friend ๐Ÿ™‚eiidor : call mira PogAbrissbirne89 :Drakamon : 👉 FeelsGoodMan 👈 LALALAdragoo0 : DansGameNeoEmc2 : IF PEOPLE DON’T WANT TO PLAY WITH YOU, FUCK EMVeryStableGenius : Dude just rap with Docjwussow989 : What about Mizkif @mitchjones emoneyANELEMaydaypaygay :mushiblobb : FUCKdwanemodswontunban : @MitchJones ice wanted to help you, but you pussied outZurree : You are making me wanna blow my brains outthemarkingss : mizkifCasthmaTTT : hotted the viewbotter giving advice lmaoswagathan_123 : hotted btwnehju : what happened?swagathan_123 : FUCK RECKFULomfganimal : “I won’t be doing this much” after years of doing this LULnemofs : ๐Ÿ™Sweettots : TALK TO LEA!pittsnoggle1 : Back to COMPLAINING streams. Guess ill tune in TOMMOROWbuzzd24 : LULLegs____ : LULKappa__OW : PepeHands WERE HERE MITCHYImClouded : LULcrazer08 : LULbuzzmemullat0 : CoolStoryBobolifati : RELAX BTW LULMaydaypaygay :Maydaypaygay :Wsty : PepeHandsforalldspamz : @MitchJones BANG LEGENDARYgolondra : BibleThumpLudn1 : Roflj3zuschytrus : BibleThumpyosmal : PepeHandsLucas7777 : DITCHFUL LEFT GREEK AND ANDY IN GREECE BY THEMESELVES OMEGALULomfganimal : “I won’t be doing this much” after years of doing this BrokeBackMaydaypaygay :Maydaypaygay :DustSland : PepeHands PepeHandstreedun : LULcx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : BARRY PepeHandsbuzzd24 : play some enya PepeHandsolifati : LULMaydaypaygay : SPAM HEARTSdolinarrr : @themarkingss LULMaydaypaygay :Higgs22 : OMEGALULFlexatron : lullaby for little david ๐Ÿ™‚Guth98 :cx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : FeelsWeirdManxihu : how about some drum and bass ๐Ÿ™‚looloo92 : avoiding hotteds message LULWheltvild : DONT BE SADRealCK3 : PogChamp THE LAWkri7py :cadias :bogsbunny : EMO JONES HYPERSMaydaypaygay :idiotboyx : my god you are so softBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : ๐Ÿ™‚ToxicTaco11 : greekLMaydaypaygay :Kipped :Kappa__OW : HYPERSthemarkingss : Jebaitedatzi10 :TheRealLewisHalls : mitch u are the best streamer on twitch your will rise againolifati : PREACHKingOat :smackbauz : TRUEgrorgon : KappaPridecrazer08 : ๐Ÿ™‚ studdonaldtrumpusaa : @mitchjones,EquinoxX_1 :hadooogin : PepeHandsxihu :danny_nachos : ,Supernova078 : PepeHands BARRYJaenisch : want have gay sex? I will do it if it makes you feel better tyler1PrideTuch : Team Knife LULBingo1 : LULDustSland : He’s crying over friends i don’t have any for 2 yearsSnowdayne : LULPaulojoaoxz :genocidal_killa_ : The last episode PepeHandsmmyax : !songhawaioo : PepeHands Jones Mitch PepeHandsjalalrumi : haha knifepackdotcom btwnstyle7 : what kind of addons is mitch using?bogsbunny : call miwa shes cryign HYPERStankintampz : i just want a dick in my mouth KappaPridezerojay : call mebuzzd24 : play enya PepeHands play enya PepeHandsswagathan_123 :Banjokazooie1 : !followedolifati : same old baiting donations patterns LULmushiblobb : barry FeelsBadManswagathan_123 :Kappa__OW : JOE PepeHandstaolinos : barry FeelsGoodManjkilla_666 :themarkingss : JebaitedNeoEmc2 : MITCH YOU’RE ONLY HUMAN BROmortredf : ๐Ÿ™‚TomR2 :M4LKU7H : What the fuck is going onKipped :Lucas7777 : PogCx_Tri_Hard7 : Pogburstsxo : POG IN THE CHAT SwiftRageGeenjay : Pog GAMEPLAY TIMERealCK3 : no. you’re cool ๐Ÿ™‚Maydaypaygay : noIamcody4life : ZULULAutistCx : Go offlineDustSland : noohadooogin : no PepeHandsmushiblobb : yeFoxmatrix30 : NOO DONTTunnelSnakes_RuIe : staygolondra : NOOOOOOOOOOOOqub_qub : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOyoitskrayzie : mitch is an emotional lesbiandiamonddouglas15 : noooooslade1834 : NOOnightshadow1313 : do youqub_qub : NOOOOOOOOOOOOOlolzarrro : Play with snutzxxx_t_e_n_t_a_c_i_o_n : some people need uRunzudown : NOykOG : Nojkilla_666 : stay onlinesevenskillz : We are cool if u sit around and play the game. you dont have to talk ๐Ÿ™‚DustSland : cmonBruhRunzudown : FIGHT IT MITCHRealCK3 : be back in a while after you clear your mindswagathan_123 : PepeHandsRevsinX : Talk to us if u want to manQuentorable :Lucas7777 : NO NOT TODAY MITCH PepeHandsqub_qub : STAY DUDEheySmokie : we will talk to uRunzudown : ]RISE THE FUCK UP SONantondarke : NO!lolzarrro : Play with Snutz!Zurree : @MitchJones Can i come over i will bring weed and pizzaeriaxy : @MitchJones desitny is in LA, irl stream with himspoydr : come back when happyMOISTBRAND : stay on bruh we wanna watch youYespew_ : Noo! We want you , Stay here for the love and peacemaykayolo : be happy boi, you are the bestsevenskillz : Face cam off and mic off if you want, we like gameplay ๐Ÿ™‚hue88 : What’s the name of the song ?smackbauz : @MitchJones dude its fine to let things out, sometimes u gotta let it all outAbrissbirne89 : you are still the arcane dreamtaolinos : go outside and enjoy the day offline @MitchJones .Reconlol : Ban that dudeEquinoxX_1 : RISE UP RATnemofs : LULTheInfamous305 : greekThink greekThink greekThink greekThinkJoseFromtheA : Go chill with someone for a day mitch ๐Ÿ™‚Grock : he read the deleted message ResidentSleeperMantisss : go out and skateReconlol : @MitchJones He just wants a reaction, nothing more.HighWarlordWarlock : LOLReconlol : he doesnt even mean itOurFlagIsMined : keeep streamingBasswater : LMAOolifati : never :-Eighter : u want my honest truth? probably notEimejl : @MitchJones STOP RESPONDING TO THATNightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : get a random partner and use voice chat if he’s good. focus on the gameBriinN_hot : @MitchJones DON’T RESPOND TO ITDubzug : THEN DO IT PUSSSSSEEsodit911 : RAP WITH DOC Pogaddlurch : @MitchJones you need some better mods. Fuck these randoms in chat…atzi10 : yea so dont do itstormethehedgehog : He’s trying to trigger you on purpose ignore itscuffedsca : Ignore the trolls dont feed themDireweremoon : turn off cam and mic. a nd play wowswagathan_123 : @MitchJones you focus on the negative people and not the positive peopleolifati : LULbuzzd24 : theyre trying to get reactions just ignorebabiloof : song name?Dubzug : TURN OFF YOUR STREAM LIL PUSdecoyoctopus_ : D:Bella_Thorne_Feet_Pics : LULcougarhunterx : OOOOforalldspamz : LOLmasterofbum : lolsupersonicx : trueBrenin : What a waste of 4.20 lolsandrive : lolgertas7 : donates money to donate something rude what a fucking loserBasswater : LMFAO wtfkeepsixer : tat was raw jesus christAutistCx : LuLUnsleeping_ : Kramm0 : GreekTrueiNocturne : people who donates to hate are sadFlip4Games : wtfPoE_HelloKitty : @MitchJones Free 4 dollars, fuck ’em. You win in the end lolDo0bie : nice interfaceqasdew21 : TOXIC TROLLS LULgertas7 : waste your money to say something retarded LOLNeoEmc2 : WHY DONATE ONLY TO BE AN ASSHOLE?asder2073 : @MitchJones hotted980 wanna talk broHarray : damn bro i hate when chat is like this4xD_ : MAKE A PUBIC APOLOGY ON TWITTERNeoEmc2 : PEOPLE SUCKveggiecheese : Stay bro pleaseeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones talk to hottedmountain_river_ : Neckbeard donosodit911 : RAP WITH DOC PogGIFT_ME_SUB_PLEASE : @MitchJones Talk to HOttedFoxmatrix30 : DONT READ NEGATIVITYbuzzd24 : ignoring hotted PepeHandszerojay : call asmongoldmmyax : [CuttieAryastark : !uptimeAustinHedges : !followedHotted89 : im not down for contentEquinoxX_1 : See go offline makes ppl like that feel betterTunnelSnakes_RuIe : chill with hotted PogDustSland : monkaSSSHotted89 : on dramaKappa__OW : FeelsGoodMan GIVING HIM MONEY TO SAY S HIT WHEN CHAT IS FREE FeelsGoodManAustinHedges : !followage真の夜95 : @MitchJones get greek on disconrdbogsbunny : reckful PepeHandstheonlyKAELTHO : someone tell me what happenedoreomilkshake69 : @MitchJones DUDE I LOVE YOUthapappas : This is so patheticolifati : How i survived the Internet by Mitch David JonesAustinHedges : POGfonss1 : jesus these edgy losers needs to get a lifexihu : @taolinos It’s their only interactions LULantondarke : we all good boiiSdanny_nachos : hotted real Gtrivium159 : KappaFoxmatrix30 : Mitch is #1 wow player dammitAustinHedges : almost 6 yearsMziaH : someone get this kid a kleenex or something pleasenotaPleb_ : the boy is no good triMiniscuffedsca : Dont let the drama get to youGeenjay : KappaKappa__OW : BYRON PepeHandsburstsxo : your allowedcolep313 : 2s with Hotted?!zerojay : sadboyscx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : PepeHandsfelere : @MitchJones grow up princessYouBeTrollin : You be sad. You do you man.Bens2k : FeelsWeirdManDustSland : FeelsBadMan monkaS PepeHandsbogsbunny : mommy reckful wont be my fwend PepeHandsshishio_ : it’s because of your reputationLucas7777 : If it wasn’t for the donations, u wouldn’t be this sad FeelsBadManbuzzd24 : MONKAshadowowbiceps : THE LAW Pogr0tlol : @MitchJones sup duuudeqlimax36 : PepeHandsHotted89 : You are not an outcast wtfDbzsauce : Woot wootSpeedyman08 : Because when you talk about people you bash themMantisss : you focus on other people too much bro. Wish someone would tell him thatgertas7 : nice meme dudeshadowowbiceps : THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW PogMziaH : A jews made you upset.. RIPHotted89 : people love youbuzzd24 : ARCANE DREAM PofFoxmatrix30 : just keep playing mitch TearGlove TearGlove TearGlovebuzzd24 : pogArchausDEKAY :ToxicTaco11 : greekLMension : dont cry about it on stream then…themarkingss : Now you want to be friends Kappaipushfatkids_ : shouldn’t have went into reckfuls channel LULnotaPleb_ : graphL mizkifCJUSTlFlED : @Hotted89 he’s mainly talking about nick, chance and reckfulcx_on_pewdiepie_bridge : PepeHands PepeHands PepeHandsAbrissbirne89 : @MitchJones gotta let it heal with timeatzi10 :Nutsy : YOU ARE DELUSIONAL!buzzd24 : S OMEGALUL D ADbzsauce : Well I did sub sogdawg16 : D:bogsbunny : PepeHandsbiggyBeatLoL : what?Brenin : @Hotted89 Hotted, he fought with everyone, that’s why he feels like that.bogsbunny : call miwa shes ur fwend HYPERSTrollkarLn123 : Mitch …. You reap what you sow. Move onshadowowbiceps : THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW PogHemske : I mean… It’s true?Hotted89 : Thats going to be his reactionzerojay : wowNightbot : Join our Discord! : mitch jones is the innocent once again LULryanwells94 : @MitchJones fk em doodthemarkingss : greekTRUEjacobjones123 : PogChampsandrive : @MitchJones was it true what reckful saideazyecoli2 : @MitchJones time to chill with Maldviajozuab : im sure Byron would be down to fix thingszerojay : lmaoCx_Tri_Hard7 : reckful PepeHandsLaypack : @Hotted89 ?? hes cool with byron byrons not cool with himBrenin : @Hotted89 go in discord with himTrollkarLn123 : DId he fuck lea PogHotted89 : well im here, just let me know on twitteratzi10 : play arena with hotted PogChampXarathos1 : @Hotted89 go do 2’s with himHotted89 : @Laypack thats what i meantBingo1 : @McconnellRettommo_____ : It will take timeLegs____ : SO MANY TIMES OUT monkaSKapitalDkolon : MAKE NEW FRIENDS YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE FRIENDS WITH RECKFUL OR SODAtaolinos : PROT PALLY OMEGALULjmfxd : hes holyOh_Aspect : prot LULgdawg16 : LULWpoet8o : McconnellRet PogChamptaolinos : PROT PALLY OMEGALUL PROT PALLY OMEGALUL PROT PALLY OMEGALUL çLegs____ : SO MANY TIME OUTs monkaSasder2073 : @Uncle_Nils so truealexowatch : LULAustinHedges : !followagegdawg16 : skyline PogNightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : McconnellRet not advice f word Pografaelito : MCONNELL Pogforalldspamz : @MitchJones You know SODA MAD U HANGED WITH LEAHRobster1919 : 22k Andy PogChampGeenjay : PepeHands pallyswagmeisterw : anyone who plays tanks in pvp are clearly braindead queersAlanx38 : MCCONELL! PogDolanTheRolan : @MitchJones Hello ๐Ÿ™‚Delagiator : Mccool ๐Ÿ™‚Kappa__OW : @McconnellRet PogCazcoh : @mcconnellret mcretHeart nmpL esfandHmortredf : mcretHeartgdawg16 : @McconnellRet Pogeazyecoli2 : @McconnellRet love you manramm0 : MC OMEGALUL Clukejones : @Hotted89 why did you stop asking me for designs FeelsBadManMaydaypaygay : mc coolhadooogin : @McconnellRet HeyGuysTheEmori : MCCOOL PogFoxmatrix30 : mitchH mitchH mitchHNagaCS : @McconnellRet Go in a call with mitch, try cheer him up maybe.sevenskillz : @McconnellRet ๐Ÿ™‚JUSTlFlED : @MitchJones Call MCConnellburstsxo : Its okdontbecold : /hugDbzsauce : Wow McConnell gets all the attention teeheelelwhuut : @McconnellRet he dont even know who u r lelcatoislol : WOW STREAM Pogmissyelliottsmith : DUO WITH MITCH @McconnellRetdunya : @McconnellRet nymnCry ASMR HORRORGeenjay : earn it then ๐Ÿ™‚Hotted89 : @lukejones because you dodged hard sometimes ๐Ÿ˜›treedun : actually illusion not realchimp_slap : 🔨 moon2N smile now chatNon__ : FeelsBadManHiggs22 : Stop talking about itRobster1919 : LULAmbitious_Frog : If you werent doing it for attention you wouldnt stream it ๐Ÿ™‚themarkingss : Didn’t notice McCool greekWeirdbogsbunny : PepeHandsDarkrock_pty : hi ๐Ÿ™‚gdawg16 : ๐Ÿ™‚ monkaSEquinoxX_1 :herecura99 : nmpThump nmpThump nmpThump nmpThump nmpThump nmpThump nmpThump nmpThumpNightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : just because youre sad doesnt mean you deserve empathychimp_slap : ๐Ÿ™‚lukejones : @Hotted89 Young dumb and sleep deprived i am sorry ๐Ÿ™TomR2 : All your viewers give empathytrivium159 : what attention thing homie? ๐Ÿ™‚Hotted89 : w2hat the fuckHotted89 : im hereTheEmori : reynad=tolly2hot : did you go surfing with lea?dontbecold : We miss the Law manTomR2 : you only care about other streamers empathyBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : im here for you mitchie ๐Ÿ™‚Hotted89 : jus turn off the stream and lets talk if you need someone to talketandaman34225 : get a therapist @mitchjonesGeenjay : Yeah now we suck ๐Ÿ™‚Deusmorte : how is there no one to talk toRockinRonald : mitchWowJUSTlFlED : @Hotted89 can you call himchimp_slap : MrDestructoid Claphandymanstan : stop reading the negative only commentsRobster1919 : @Hotted89 You dont create enough drama nor viewers manNelsonTheBelson : talk with hottedPotatoPeasant : ๐Ÿ™plexo9 : once again everyone elses fault nothing to do with you ๐Ÿ™‚grannychichi : WHATPoorNo : dont look for empathy on the internetGift_Me_Sub_Plz : here goesBingo1 : TALK TO HOTTED SwiftRageBingo1 : TALK TO HOTTED SwiftRageBingo1 : TALK TO HOTTED SwiftRagepinsleepy : Twitch chat is changed, they just want autistic contenthinzel : Talk to reckful ๐Ÿ™‚plexo9 : Here we gooooHighWarlordWarlock : ๐Ÿ™olivertrojahn : @MitchJones the whole IRL thing brought all these bad people here tbh.yer_eufriendlyplz : @Hotted89 STFUeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones mcconell will chill. hotted will. multple people will chill.HighWarlordWarlock : BibleThumpBingo1 : TALK TO HOTTED SwiftRagezerojay : call asmongoldetandaman34225 : u neeed a therapistEimejl : @MitchJones see what hotted wroteLockycharmzz : like 90% positive comments bro, just ignore the small amount of negative shitthemarkingss : Because being friends with twitch chat starts drama MitchieAmbitious_Frog : Stop stream idiottrihard_on_welfare_ : TriHardLazyyBunny : LULgdawg16 : D:robbins87 : what???Lucas7777 : TALK TO HOTTED PogHiggs22 : Why does soda hate you?Evilyogurt : wow.xihu : what’s the mix tho?Kappa__OW : @MitchJones LISTEN TO HOTTED PepeHands @MitchJones LISTEN TO HOTTED PepeHandshypwnd : @oomelihoo kysToxicTaco11 : Milkersyoungnuttus : hotted FeelsGoodManslade1834 : talk to hottedbiggyBeatLoL : @MitchJones please dont fuck it up, ur streams were so good!Rubbercity : Song?hinzel : TALK TO RECKFULhadooogin : @MitchJones listen to hottedFillaFillaDingDong : @MitchJones You literally tried to milk a subtrain a few days ago though LULbiggyBeatLoL : @MitchJones fook em if they dont like usefron : Pog DUO WITH RECKFULKappa__OW : @MitchJones LISTEN TO HOTTED PepeHandseazyecoli2 : @McconnellRet reach out to ya boyGift_Me_Sub_Plz : No ๐Ÿ™‚benj00min : lol /wristsforalldspamz : YesMontana69 : NO they dont give a fucketandaman34225 : u neeed therapist @mitchjonesjozuab : take his moneynightshadow1313 : THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW Pog THE LAW PogAnhim : yes ๐Ÿ™‚drascothermal : No :/grannychichi : Minipulation LMAOMziaH : stop being a spoilt fk and own your own life you’re suppose to be an adult !1Flawesome : why not sub mode it then?BLack_Sn0w__ : YES ๐Ÿ™‚chrickzz : they just dont like u my man @MitchJonesbogsbunny : PepeHandsthemarkingss : Yaantondarke : @mitchjones this music is litipushfatkids_ : youve been on the ground too long now, its gotten oldBiceus : no empathy for a person like youDolanTheRolan : @MitchJones They are just trolling, try not to pay attention ๐Ÿ™‚Montana69 : They dont care at allDustSland : my life is too sadSpeedyman08 : It’s fucking twitch why are you looking for empathy in a twitch chatKappa__OW : ID HELP A BROTHA TriHardDustSland : PepeHandsDollarMike : it’s easy to show no empathy over the internet FeelsBadManEnfoldxo : MOVE ON PogAngelo03011994 : Stop going back to the cycle you were doing good manGeenjay : I don’t get paid to make you feel good ๐Ÿ™‚missyelliottsmith : TriHard SPAM TriHard TO TriHard MAKE TriHard CHAT TriHard BETTER TriHardxihu : anybody know this song?Montana69 : STFU ABOUT SODA AND RECKFUL FUCK THEM ALLPoorNo : dude the internet isnt the place to look for empathy, no buenocatoislol : Play with someone from chat PogKapitalDkolon : MAKE NEW FRIENDS YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH SODA AND RECK @MitchJonesstrumptjuven : mitch go make mira preggodecoyoctopus_ : FLY TO TEXAS Pogipushfatkids_ : truemvprated : !playlistReconlol : Reread what he wrote man.Swordscream : UMM YES YOU DIDjozuab : Look at all those advice friends! PogChampTheEmori : you didipushfatkids_ : LUL “didnt do shit”grannychichi : @MitchJones You are using emotional manipulation to get people to donate真の夜95 : Kappaetandaman34225 : get a therapistelectro55555 : he said you didforalldspamz : YOU JUST HUNG OUT WITH HIS EX LAST NIGHTsneakyslothhh : ive been sad for 3 FeelsBadManXANAXDETOX : TRAINWREKCS SITUATION???????faensmongo : hanging out with hes x?ipushfatkids_ : you did thats the point and you wont admit it LULbuzzmemullat0 : LUL JONESthapappas : ???????mvprated : Name of song?Nightbot : Join our Discord! : what happened to your therapistMOISTBRAND : greekTRUENiceone_Z : iddDabBriinN_hot : @MitchJones PLZ DON’T BRING IT UPMension : then why are you crying about him not liking you?themarkingss : Why would he talk to youthapappas : You’re delusionalHiggs22 : He pretends to be clueless lolvaticanassassin7g : he just mad, he literally was saying stupid shit about lea earlier toosupersonicx : bruh u sound like an EX GIRLFRIEND they have MOVED ONKapitalDkolon : MAKE NEW FRIENDS YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH SODA AND RECK @MitchJones ‘Darkrock_pty : Kappabogsbunny : FeelsOkayMangrannychichi : @MitchJones You are using emotional manipulation to get people to donatereprisal93 : lea DansGameMantisss : when you make twitch your therapists, you might run into problems KappaRubenSandwich : Call Lea PogChamptilogical : didn’t he link u what you did in dms and you said you did that @mitchjonesdonaldtrumpusaa : mitchWIration : “actually kind”BannedByReynadOn7Accounts : dude fuck soda, go chill with lea and cuck himHotted89 :Higgs22 : THAT’S NOT WHYkashoun : my man, leave the past into the past.Hotted89 : peace out chatzerojay : couch sexflevvby : LOLBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : LULJUSTlFlED : Hotted89: Let me know on twitter if you want to talk mitchCorder98 : then apologise to him for thatBingo1 : @Hotted89Splendinator : ACCEPTANCE Pog NOW APPOLOGIZENightbot : Subscribe to Mitch’s YouTube channel – : tell that to sodababoowa : C savixOMEGA U C Hflevvby : are you trolling us?diamonddouglas15 : yeah he tried to be your friend and you were kinda shittyreprisal93 : ‘peace out chat’ incomming ddoszakflow : cya @hotted89decoyoctopus_ : fly to texas and apologize PogMaxiPudding : @hotted89 see ya ๐Ÿ™‚TunnelSnakes_RuIe : advice f words ResidentSleeperSpeedyman08 : It’s fucking twitch why are you looking for empathy in a twitch chat ..Biceus : cmonBruhBakedTurtle : Mitch cheer up dawg. get your shit togetherBella_Thorne_Feet_Pics : WHITE PRIVILEGE OMEGALULrobbins87 : wtfyosmal : 1youngnuttus : what?trihard_on_welfare_ : cmonBruhasder2073 : white privilege btw 4Headtolly2hot : 1 shot a nerdbaboowa : HotPokketthemarkingss : greekTRUEgrannychichi : LOLKrispyKitten_hs : RAJJPATEL STREAM WAS LIT HOMIEFillaFillaDingDong : WHITe PRIVILEGE OMEGALUL TRIGGED SJWForearmFlag : empathy LULburndodge : Black supremacist donoKappa__OW : gachiBASSKing_Chubi : yo Mitch, DM me I’ve got a tasty fix for youdecoyoctopus_ : wtf D:drascothermal : monkaSEquinoxX_1 : MitchFultolly2hot : 1 shot something plzthemarkingss : You weren’t empathetic 2 years ago KappaNightbot : Follow Mitch on Twitter – : Dude stfuBriinN_hot : Pog MOVE ON PogArchausDEKAY : get togheter and gang bang LULScoobzDoobz : This kid still edgy af XDthapappas : ?????FillaFillaDingDong : I was part of that gangbang ๐Ÿ™‚Bella_Thorne_Feet_Pics : YOU FUCKED YOUR BEST FRIENDS EX BEFORE THAT @MitchJonesEnfoldxo : Pog MOVE ON Pogkingwizztv : yo mitch just stop focus on the games and streamKapitalDkolon : MAKE NEW FRIENDS YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FRIENDS WITH SODA AND RECK @MitchJonesclaytenbigsby : elaborate on the gangbang storydramafree1234 : monkaMEGABigMelF : @MitchJones you do realize that all of this started w mira right??subparine : Um wtf lol?kingwizztv : people will start leaving againkingwizztv : damnHiggs22 : Kappagrannychichi : YOU HAVE EMOTIONS D:Bingo1 : NOT ME PepeHandsBingo1 : NOT ME PepeHandsPoorNo : bro, you gotta move on from that lulxihu : ๐Ÿ™ emo mitch is still mitchFillaFillaDingDong : @MitchJones how many bbc’s were in the gangbang?Higgs22 : All humans have emotionsthemarkingss : KappaHDMyzpys : no thanks for the sub?????KrispyKitten_hs : CALL KANDYLANDdrascothermal : JUST 1 LULYUNGLAWNMOWER : GANG BANG TriHardMaydaypaygay : GANGBANGSLucas7777 : gachiBASSgrannychichi : OVER EXAGGERATINGluckyowl99 : sonyReeHotted89 : Actually mitch, lets do Mythics, lets leave this negative topic behindHotted89 : you down?cr4ck3r : LULWBriinN_hot : @MitchJones plz mitch don’t bring it up, you now what this lead toHiggs22 : you can dish it but can’t take itakaDriftNerd : @McconnellRet PogChampdolinarrr : LOLOLOLO he is doing it again. just stfu about this kind of stuff you R wordhusky_hound04 : so… cuck.?OfficialUknoww : cxISDJFQERUWHJFEJIOF3ADWSFA : H OMEGALUL TTEDslade1834 : hotted pls just donate, this man cannot read what you are saying真の夜95 : you can tho LULaBlowfish : you do bad things too ๐Ÿ™‚youngnuttus : PLAY WITH HOTTED PogMaxiPudding : Pog mythics PogMyKeys : @MitchJones L O O K AT HOTTED MESSAGESNotoriousOne991 : @MitchJones play with hotted and mcconnell and do mythicsmissyelliottsmith : Cx Fuck it doodyolahh : IS HE TALKING ABOUT MIR4MyKeys : PogToxicTaco11 : Play with Hottedeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones mcconnell and hotted get some mythics goingtrihard_on_welfare_ : Yeah fuck em TriHardWLP_ : Thats not normal thoughMcL_White : yesKrowKatarn : yes LULSpeedyman08 : That’s literally all of uschas3000 : nahclaytenbigsby : i do and it has its consyustEU : me Kapp /eazyecoli2 : uh huhkeyboredz : i havent found that artifact traitNiftymelts : yesToxicTaco11 : Nahbillybaroo1 : mitch do you raidSome1Else : @mitchjones just go talk to hottedBigMelF : @Hotted89 he clearly doesnt want to be positive ๐Ÿ™‚Brenin : @mitch .grannychichi : @MitchJones Forsen is live bye you crying babywhynotswegdaat : Grow gator skin and get a Nice Good gf PogChampEarthm0nk : its a choice.Geenjay : i lost $10 once PepeHandsBug97 : @MitchJones Haven’t deal with it..WhoChanges : keep moving forward and stop thinking about the shit stuffeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones play with McRet and Hottedlolzarrro : @mitchjones you’re ignore a friend right now Mitch. @hotted89 wants to talk.xihu : I delete all my accounts and hide in my room. FeelsGoodManamcow : yeaDreneme : PLAY WITH HOTTEDslade1834 : S P E A K T O H O T T E Dthoreya : Jeez this is terribleRubenSandwich : Maybe respect their right to not want you in their lives 🤔🤔Deusmorte : changes topicToxicTaco11 : I got 1 ๐Ÿ™‚Ultimatomatoo : got cheated on, time healed only FeelsOkayMandrascothermal : Why we dwelling on this negative crap :/EquinoxX_1 : open discordAyUAlreadyKnowIt_TriHard7 : my bike got stolen TriHardCheater_Jones : what is this song?neymarbeast123 : Gowilla hands cmonBruhSpeedyman08 : Something bad happens just say Fuck it D00d TriHardXstrata : what happened between you and those other guys, just popped indowork44 : i order 37 happy meals and eat them all with chopsticksWLP_ : @MitchJones Can we move on? This is getting depressing PepeHandsmissyelliottsmith : Can’t let Hoes live in your head rent freechas3000 : ๐Ÿ™Awesome_DoDo : @MitchJones IT WAS TRUETomR2 : I haveKappa__OW : CHAT HYPERBRUHJetter_ : self worth and being happy with yourself is the onky way pastLimitzDK : Did he see the clip of dilly telling the story pf mitchJustOwen :BlackPhoeniix : just fogget about itRockinRonald : just keep focusing on wow and streaming the arcane dreamBANN3D_ACCOUNT : gachiBASSKipped :SirWilliamXII : YAY NEGATIVE STREAM FeelsGoodManLegionKS : @limitzdk link?foralldspamz : @MitchJones Yo you’re in LA still? Go driving on some nice roads and take it inNightbot : Join our Discord! : and then mira came into your life LULwhynotswegdaat : Not doing nofap in 2018 DansGameLionbroe : @MitchJones Are you good man? The date was nice yesterdayLucas7777 : TrumpSmugsxarnse : just chill with emMoMamen : What happened?themarkingss : I wonder why Kapparlenkangrycaikz : wow gameplay>problems KappaHotted89 : mitchIration : she was420blazeityoloswag4jesus : not everyone, I see hotted out here trying to get you to do some mythicsBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : KappaOfficialUknoww : maybe they were nvr eally ur friends friends forgiveLaypack : KappZelmian : not just any girllolzarrro : @hotted89 just want to play WoW mitchFbRubenSandwich : Yeah, i wonder KappaKrispyKitten_hs : @MitchJonesUncle_Nils : KappaLaypack : MiniKvictorhsds : She wasDreneme : PLAY WITH HOTTEDBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED PogBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED Pogpunch_u_in_the_goober : gamers just hate women Kappajoppetheis : man u corny af, crybabygarthilol : surecrazer08 : what happend to skylineJUSTlFlED : it was thoughRubenSandwich : I wonder why Kappawhynotswegdaat : She was fine Kappa Good Girl mom potential KappaBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED PogBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED PogBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED Pogbogsbunny : call miwa HYPERSZelmian : literally only reading bad commentsBingo1 : PLAY WITH HOTTED PogaBlowfish : forget about it, don’t talk about it, grind gameplay, and grow your stream LULRobster1919 : @Hotted89 Man he’s ignoring you chillEarthm0nk : she destroyed u.RubenSandwich : She tried KappaWilford : Its not “everyone”, youre imagining its some huge thing its notFoxmatrix30 : PLAY WITH HOTTEDWLP_ : Pogjozuab : easy 4.20Darkrock_pty : KappaBigMelF : also there was no bad blood between mira and reck right?! nothing?Splashfuzz : TriHardPhishov : LALALALALALAmoores101ski : I’m out off here bro. I’ll be back when you grow a set.Splashfuzz : TriHard ClapMETHORAAA : Peace cant stand hottedNoktyn23 : Been gone a year someone whisper why reck and Mitch not coolXXSaViOrx : @mitchjones keep you’re head up buddy life goes onBrenin : NotLikeThisjkilla_666 : @mitchjones in the future maybe not go into soda’s and reckful’s chatovenclean : Hotted a real one, seeing where this is going and getting it back on trackwhynotswegdaat : Yeah Wasnt like Your own mother didnt like her either Kappa @mitchjonesrobinflodstrom01 : @BigMelF Yes they have…Raphael2885 : BYE METHORAAA GET OUTaBlowfish : do it thenToxicTaco11 : greekShhhEquinoxX_1 : Pogeazyecoli2 : ๐Ÿ™‚Hotted89 : send me yoru discord on twitterrezM3 : mitch5 mitch6 mitchHSplashfuzz : Your room is very dark TriHarddoctorzags : Mitch I though you were gunu get doc in here?ixzoozy : !uptimeharrybrown007 : !UptimeSome1Else : @hotted89 you might have to donate 4.20retz01 : !discordJUSTlFlED : @Hotted89 his discord is in his bio hereToxicTaco11 : @hotted89 need to donate so he’ll respondRobster1919 : LUL ClapRobster1919 : LUL clapZelmian : Lwh0m3e : mofakin chat cmonBruhFoxmatrix30 : Mitch using invisibility cloakrobinflodstrom01 : @BigMelF yeNightbot : Join our Discord! : bruh its so darkDolanTheRolan : @MitchJones Dont pay attention to negativity ๐Ÿ™‚Splashfuzz : Robbin time TriHardBingo1 : @Hotted89 : Arcane Dream bb !retz01 : @MitchJones discordNugzLive :Brenin : @Hotted89 XDPonzosUniverse : KappaGee19 : @MitchJones check discord dal sewersSirWilliamXII : Thankskeyboredz : DONT APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SADFrenzy_coc : fake feelings LULZurree : Mitch i sent you 10 happy pills to you PO boxOnehitta323 : LULgdawg16 : pozzy vibes ๐Ÿ™‚mkss322 : and bitch who donated just closed stream lmao what an bitchbuzzd24 : Kappbozzer : nymnWeirdRACISM_lS_NOT_FUNNY : LULdramafree1234 : coffee withdrawallNyxi : why wait till next stream, make this one pogchamp PogtheonlyKAELTHO : @MitchJones mythicsPrimoTugBoat : Just ignore the haters they don’t deserve all this attentionBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : thx DD for the dono ๐Ÿ™‚dudebuddyrage : fuck the plebschas3000 : TRUE DONATIONInvert3dReality : yeahSplashfuzz : Arcane Dream LULrobinflodstrom01 : timing lulDolanTheRolan : @MitchJones Its okay to vent, just try to pick yourself up ๐Ÿ™‚tolly2hot : J OMEGALUL BInvert3dReality : trueiAnddeeh : 2k Andyyshoetur : @MitchJones nerve damage sucks ur blessed to have two good armsRaphael2885 : dont relapse in your behaviours @MitchJoneselfappo62 : “Streaming is so easy” LULmountain_river_ : True donoJustOwen : Pog donation adviceBannedByReynadOn7Accounts : W OMEGALUL R Kcrazer08 : streaming is hard man FeelsBadManFoxmatrix30 : GOOD GUYS WIN BUT BAD GUYS ARE ALWAYS REMEMBEREDbuzzd24 : W OMEGALUL RKEDLuNicz727 : there are people better than you at WoW who don’t get viewersBigMelF : soda handed it to you dudeWLP_ : CAN YOU STOP MITCH WLP_ : YOU’RE MENTALLY TAXING ME WITH YOUR WHININGaBlowfish : stop boosting yourself just say thanks ๐Ÿ™‚f0xtrotwhisky : if you are trying anywaywhynotswegdaat : Take my energy Mitch MercyWing1 FUNgineer MercyWing2Splashfuzz : S OMEGALUL UNDS HARDchas3000 : true streaming is hardTheFriendlyPeon : talking is hard LULeazyecoli2 : it is proven ot be mentally draining and depressing ๐Ÿ™bozzer : nymnWeird nymnWeird nymnWeirddudebuddyrage : talking to people is the worstNoWellz206 : WHY ARE YOU STILL RANTING ABOUT THIS SHIT @MitchJonesNirou : STREAMING AND HARDsubparine : Yea it’s really hard Kappahangtimelive : @mitchjones your not gaming your entertainingzerojay : forsenKek forsenKek forsenKekZelmian : LULSpoekplumpeN : fuck it im sad too now gonna have to do something else byesmaulyy : Mitch dont talk about stuff like that, most of chat doesnt want to hear ityoungnuttus : @MitchJones discord with hotted PogNightbot : Join our Discord! : its like you have people at your house all the timewhynotswegdaat : Watching porn is emasculating and fucks up your Vibe.. stop it FUNgineertheLoneCannon : he hates uTheFriendlyPeon : nmpC nmpC nmpCkamelpaj :WLP_ : NotLikeThis stop talking about it alreadyDavethegreat4 : LULDolanTheRolan : @MitchJones Its okay to vent, just try to pick yourself up ๐Ÿ™‚buzzd24 : HottedPlsLingchunPanda : hello mitch!BriinN_hot : @MitchJones plz mitch don’t bring it up, you now what this lead toaranzaboi : clip incFoxmatrix30 : awwwFrenzy_coc : LALALALALALALALALALAgertas7 : play weith hottedTepTV : LALALALALALALALALALALALJontson_1 : why doens’t reckful like mitch?subparine : ALLALALALLALALALLATJEND1Z : fcuk reckful then man fuck it if hes not down let it goReconlol : Ty modsNiekles : Mitch my favorite WoW streamer!GIFT_ME_SUB_PLEASE : Play with Hotted Pogforalldspamz : Fuck rektfulhadooogin : @MitchJones get on discord with hottedNoWellz206 : reckful said he doesnt want any dramaPoorNo : idk why u care about someone who doesnt care about youZelmian : mods saving him LULRobainVonElric : NOOOOOOOOOSyrenth : NOmlgleblancamk : noSyrenth : STAY ONLINEburstsxo : Chillamcow : up yo u doodakyeezus : do what makes you happyNapZiPlays : What happenedDeputy_Bishop : Staydudebuddyrage : no one can be 100% rage all dayNotoriousOne991 : @MitchJones play with hotted SwiftRageYespew_ : chillOnehitta323 : stay and talkTomR2 : Nooojozuab : just play with hotted, set your mind to something elseiamwags : Chillluuu90 : why such bad moood??Hotted89 : lets talkmarkusfh : sumSmash GOING OFFLINE GUYS sumSmashaBlowfish : chillnemofs : bUrselfHotMilk916 : DID HE TALK ABOUT RECKFUL COMMENTK1ngCharm1ng : FeelsWeirdMank1ng_k0ng : stop listening to chat mitch. just give us that PogChamp gameplayDiamond__Dick : if you chill with a friend you could have a good streamBrenin : LOLeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones play with some happy dudes and chill ๐Ÿ™‚Brenin : FINALLYyoungnuttus : PogiFreezeTag : Just chill. Try not to think about it while you do what you are doing.Mantisss : how many times u gonna ask thatshishio_ : GO OFFLINEnemofs : leaked teemu DansGameexillity : @MitchJones he said off streamZelmian : not on stream he saidcolep313 : Play with hotted and it will lighten the moodhashiza : Teemu LULasder2073 : @Hotted89 tell him in voice not in chatVurrtex : OpieOP .o0 ( 🍔 )BannedByReynadOn7Accounts : LULHotted89 : yeagertas7 : you arent listening lolHotted89 : we caniNocturne : D:GIFT_ME_SUB_PLEASE : Yeah do thathangtimelive : @mitchjones come talk to me and camNugzLive : Pogrobinflodstrom01 : PepeHandsshichibukaitv : your the best dont give up ๐Ÿ™‚ @MitchJonesiFreezeTag : ^Kappa__OW : HYPERS @Hotted89buzzd24 : CALL TAYMOO POGiFreezeTag : That sounds goodvisionarytraining : PogNapZiPlays : Mute streamtreedun : Relaxmeownikof : Love you mitchhashiza : Mitch hates us PepeHandsAlanx38 : Are not human beigns ? PepeHandswoocal : call swiftyZelmian : HeyGuysYouBeTrollin : Later mitch – thanks for the streamZelmian : HeyGuys byeHighWarlordWarlock : @subparine truDrag0n_Slayer : BYE HeyGuyssmokerrl : STAY ONLINE MITCHeazyecoli2 : @MitchJones you do you love you manchas3000 : PepeHandsenissayy : yeah do that mitch @MitchJoneswhynotswegdaat : Cya duudXemo5 : @MitchJones Do what you need man stay happy Be posetive we love you broPlebCentral : @MitchJones talk to bingo in discordkamelpaj :McSave :eazyecoli2 : stay positiveBriinN_hot : @Lucas7777 GET FUCKTLucas7777 : Awesome stream Kappasevenskillz :meownikof : @mitchjones idk what happened but feel betterLEE_SIN_BRA : weedyGang weedyGang weedyGang weedyGang weedyGangbuzzd24 : TALK TO BINGOzenshin91 :obscurittx : all good Mitch, byeFoxmatrix30 : YOOO ARCANIE SONG??Sorgovic : u r rasistJoseFromtheA :pinsleepy : Do it for us Mitchbuzzd24 : TALK TO BINGO Pogpejuang :dudebuddyrage : everyone has these moods dude @MitchJonesBriinN_hot :nemofs : for about 1 day PogTJEND1Z :Bingo1 : @buzzd24RockinRonald : you will be ok my dudePlebCentral : @MitchJones talk to bingo ๐Ÿ™‚ he’s in discord waiting for you ๐Ÿ™‚tankintampz : wowSorgovic : mitch jones is rasistTunnelSnakes_RuIe : happy mitch mitchHf1ttsker : @MitchJones Hello Mitch are you okey bud?Jabber7 : biblethumpBrenin : @MitchJones just log off and talk to hottedclaytenbigsby : sad mitch is entertainingartbath : love you bro @mitchjonesBambooyah_ : NO i wouldn’tTrollkarLn123 : Some time KappaBingo1 : @Hotted89 Horde?chineseratmeat : PepoThinkFree3ze : @hotted89 SeemsGoodNiekles : but whats the problem Mitch?Hotted89 : allianceJPO_Gamz : smoke?Foxmatrix30 : cmonchineseratmeat :dudebuddyrage : !songvindaro : aWoody_Wood_Woods :artbath :Suqz : like yesterday @MitchJones FeelsBadMannemofs : good vibes ๐Ÿ™‚GatorGator : CYALL NEXT YEAR LULwhynotswegdaat : Im paranoid and Think Im Getting stalked ๐Ÿ™‚greekexplodes : Reckful said he will never be friends with mitchFrowneeeyh : cya dudeseanski999 :Bingo1 :HestaBeezy : Take care of yourself brodevsum1 : Wait I missed the beginning of dream what happened?ImABubbIe :obscurittx :dannyduck98 : Ditch Jones PepeHandspejuang :nohmercy1 :Michaell111 :visionarytraining : peaceJoseFromtheA : Come back later mitchjwussow989 : emoneyHeyjacobjones123 : not worth to stream this stuff ur good brok1ng_k0ng : we love you mitchOverFapped :dudebuddyrage : stay gucci @MitchJonesJustOwen :Takarita :Zherk :Mets_eu :EthanEmilioLive : mitchBless mitchBless mitchBless mitchBless mitchBlessUNSANE___ :Raphael2885 :Onehitta323 : mitchEZ mitchEZ mitchEZ mitchEZvedel : mitchHeySestun87 : TwitchUnityGusse : LaterKapodi2 :Nainen123 : mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHeynemofs : cya next week PogFoxmatrix30 : this song is ILL NASTYKingOat :Oro_Senpai :sarcasticman23 :UNSANE___ : lurker boys get those hearts outdualssdk : What happenedobscurittx :f1ttsker : @MitchJones Dude can you unblock me on twitter?Nainen123 : mitchHey mitchHey mitchHey mitchHeydevsum1 : Wait what I miss ??JustOwen :Woody_Wood_Woods : bad vibes mitchFbforalldspamz : MITCH GO ENJOY LA BEFORE you leave for shitty east coastOnehitta323 : mitchEZ mitchEZ mitchFb mitchFb mitchFbdualssdk : Can somebody tell me what happenedwhynotswegdaat : Klan meeting?TJEND1Z : love useanski999 : @hotted89 the true mvpBigGatts : WHATS THE FUCKINGlooloo92 : lulEquinoxX_1 : dont host reckful lolsarcasticman23 :f1ttsker : @i_________god_________l, I think mira blocked mequb_qub : reckful who watches that guy omegalulsarcasticman23 : fcr4ck3r : wtf ?BigGatts : SONG NAMEEEwhynotswegdaat : Host Reckful for maximum BM KappaMortiiss : What happened ?cliffz : emoNightbot : Join our Discord! : dat was a bangercr4ck3r : just stop watching soda and reckfulSestun87 : PepeHands @iNocturne where do we go now?antondarke : bye boisFoxmatrix30 : noooooopejuang : cyalllSageTheOne : ??EquinoxX_1 : Have a goof talk with Hotted ,)Jaw_Breaker : is mitch still sad that his actions have repercussions?EquinoxX_1 : goodZurree : Oh play with hotted?

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  1. And here we go…after all that ego stroking after a few days of good streams mitch has his regular scheduled breakdown on stream… go get that R E S P E C T rat boy. He wonders why people have stopped fucking with him and it's BECAUSE OF THIS RIGHT HERE, victim jones..wahh i hate no friends, even though there's a 100+ streams of his friends having to fucking console him because he literally says he has no friends, jesus christ..this dude is a fucking idiot.

  2. I'm so fucking sad chat :'( Can you guys please send me money so that i can feel better about myself? :'( I'm being bullied chat, doesn't matter if Soda and Lea was bullied because of me, but i don't deserve it chat :'(

    fucking pathetic.

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