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Midwest Coyote Hunting: Good Night (DownWind Outdoors)

Midwest Coyote Hunting: Good Night (DownWind Outdoors)

all right right here at Southfork al fitting with dad Peter some of the best white-tailed deer hunting in Illinois you got the golden triangle well you got Hancock Adams and pike dad's got farms all over the place you got tons of deer out here on us but today and try to do some Kiley's it's always had the storm push through we got a southwest wind blowing and will crosswind here big bachelor here for us we expect all styles come fro over there but you know you know carries can come from anywhere so we're gonna start calling here and see we can do get Ted nice Illinois coyote [Applause] [Applause] buddy something dump them yeah boy dad nice Wow there is I like to hear that your it was called in the first cold man good night I don't know where he came from he came over there someplace I just saw this a hump I didn't notice before and you just sitting out there he'll keep calling us I'm like what see you do all right this is the first set at Southfork and we got to add his first dog yeah yeah it took 44 minutes but we planned on waiting Rachel dark and that's it that's how long it took so uh we're right in the middle of this this heat wave coming through and it's been a hundred hundred everyday I mean horrible so we knew these dogs have to move in some time looking for food and we had this storefront come in so and we had we had deer all over this field all day I mean we were getting confused you know there's one popping out here thought I was a dog went over here and there's a nice buck from every place and and we're actually looking at some deer over here and also I look over and here comes one yeah we had that we had the Mojo playing and you know just did some lip squeals and he he just started sprint race horses unfortunately on that on the footage we didn't get him and how closely was the Mojo but he was coming right into it and I got a little students yeah ten more and he's probably right at it but he a little spooked and you know we don't want to tad was probably nervous that it was her first one didn't one always tell him to take the shot and a little far back but second one drop down dump them good night little what's wrong I have this marriage shit and then tomorrow set up some deer stands maybe get some more dogs out perfect we'll get him

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