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MID-AIR MONSTER CRASH BATTLE | Monster Trucks: Episode 4 | Hot Wheels

MID-AIR MONSTER CRASH BATTLE | Monster Trucks: Episode 4 | Hot Wheels

(upbeat music) – New News! Hot Wheels monster
trucks involved in midair crash! We go to sports. – The Hot Wheels monster trucks are competing in an
air joust competition. Starting out in teams of four, they must race down the ramp, launch through the air and land in the trophy. The first two to
make it move on. If they miss or crash, the car graveyard awaits. Ready, let’s joust! – [Announcer] Round one! Mega-Wrex! Hot Wheels Racing One! Tiger Shark! Bone Shaker! Here you see the
competitors lined up at the starting gate and the first thing you notice those tires are monstrous. – [Speaker] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Announcer] And they’re off! Through the air,
looks like Hot Wheels Racing overshoots his mark, what happened here,
let’s see that again. Oh, a three way collision there, sending Tiger Shark tumbling into the graveyard below. That means the other
two advance and we’ll see them in the semis. Round two! Skelton Crew. Dairy Delivery. Loco Punk. Psycho Delic. Again, four cars lined up. Only two will advance. – [Speaker] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Announcer] Oh,
a big collision! Loco Punk and Dairy
Delivery with a head to head collision
dropping them into the trophy and
that Skeleton Crew going to the graveyard. Semifinals! Mega-Wrex. Bone Shaker. Loco Punk. Dairy Delivery. In this round, only two will advance and face each other in head to head challenge
for the championship. Here you see, we’re
bringing in the ring of fire to turn up the heat
and that’s hot. – [Speaker] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Announcer] Overshot
his mark just a bit! It’s Loco Punk and
Mega-Wrex crashing into the graveyard
below and that means Bone Shaker
and Dairy Delivery are in the finals! Championship! Dairy Delivery
versus Bone Shaker. The course has been reset for a head to head competition where crash and connect cars at the end of the ramp and the burning ring of
fire to make things just a little bit hotter! Will the flames on either one of these trucks help them
withstand the heat? Let’s find out! – [Speaker] Go
big, go Hot Wheels! – [Announcer] Down
the ramp, crashing though the cars, oh
and Dairy Delivery hits a snag and it’s Bone Shaker who lands in the trophy first. Oh my, what a finish! What an amazing
event, a huge congrats for our winner, Bone Shaker on the victory and staging for more Hot Wheels content in this Tournament of Titans.

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  1. Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Jump side by side and two at a time into a square shape pro wrestling or boxing style ring. Whoever gets tangled in the ropes or lands in and bounces/rolls/crashes out of the ring loses. Basically a monster truck take on the King of the Ring tournament. That’s my idea for the next video, please.

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