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Michael Moore On 2020 Presidential Race | The Last Word | MSNBC

Michael Moore On 2020 Presidential Race | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. "Why can't we do this [universal healthcare]? Every other country does this!"

    To be fair, the United States probably has a higher obesity rate and lower overall health than most "other countries"…

  2. Warren wants to get rid of nuclear power by 2035 which is a terrible idea because it's one of (if not) the best clean energies we have right now, Sanders has a climate change budged that would cost one-third of what our national debt is already which is just insane plus he had a heart attack already and he's only on the campaign trail (better pick a good VP), and Biden is a pervert who acts EXTREMELY strange with young girls…to say the least.
    Tulsi Gabbard 2020.
    Don't know her? Because mainstream media won't even talk about her unless they're accusing her of being "Putin's puppet" so I recommend learning about her.

  3. President Trump has brought the lowest unemployment rate in the history of the USA for African Americans, Hispanics and Asians because you have a businessman in the White House instead of BS politicians

  4. I disagree with him on various things here – but it was MASTERFUL when he pointed out that the camera people aren't union anymore. While Maddow et el. make hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

  5. Many chumps like Moore want Bernie style twaddle because they think they will be on the management side … the plan is to make everyone a state slave …. idiots

  6. such a idiotic Q why not endorse a woman? cause she has a vagina ?? i am a woman and that is offensive ?? this anchor is sexist and offensive …grow the heck up

  7. "why are democrats always so afraid?" well said Michael and so true, it f***D them more than once. Unfortunately countless Americans associate "Socialism" with "Communism" well, what Bernie is doing is NOT Socialist , it is to implement a social system. Social system is designed to help the population and give affordable medicare, lower taxes, no student loans etc. no Marx or Engels is going to show up. Look at Europe. In fact we are the ONLY country with 2 weeks paid vacation per year.

  8. That comment of hers, would union members vote to lose their great healthcare is so ignorant, one wonders if she threw it out there to scare people out of universal healthcare, to maintain the status quo. In Canada, we have universal healthcare, then unions negotiate for supplemental healthcare insurance for their members for extra stuff. It's not all or nothing. If the corp withholds it during a strike it's not an axe over your head. You are free to change jobs without feeling bound to the employer for their "great healthcare". You should have adopted universal healthcare back when your country was more sensible, functional.

  9. The BIG problem for Warren is only has good favorability rating among "potential' Democratic voters." BUT Warren has 70% UN-FAVORABILITY rating among, Independents, progressive Independents, progressive Dems, and non-Democrats. Warren's 70% un-favorability numbers are NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO WIN A GENERAL ELECTION. There is no way Warren will win the Rust-Belt with an un-favorability like that. Remember, Hillary lost in spite of having WAY more money than the Orange reality t.v. host.

    Elizabeth Warren’s Electability Issue Explained:

  10. Hillary lost because trump cheated. Conversation over. Fox "news" has been a coroading thread to our democracy for over a decade. Hillary would have won if bernie were not there….even with trump cheating. So…protect our vote please? Reperations. Now. Arrest trump on way out the door in 2020.

  11. What in Gods name!!! MSNBC had a real interview without obfuscation about #BernieSanders.
    Thank sweet Baby Jesus for Michael Moore!

  12. Only someone as stupid as Bernie the communist clown would ever listen to someone as stupid as Moore. Moore is a drunkin', washed up movie clown. Him and AOC are of no importance. Neither have done anything of value for America or society. Like Bernie, they are all losers anyway. So who cares who theses "tar balls" endorse. Bernie will be gone in 2020.

  13. I was not a fan of Michel Moore until the 2016 election. I have come to believe that he is a true patriot who only wants the best for this country. I love listening to him and I only wish that everyone would listen to him because he is one of the few in this country that knows what he’s talking about.

  14. Less than 5k showed up to this non-event.
    Very small crowd for a free event in NYC on a nice day.
    Bernie doesn't have a chance.
    His promises are something that he can never keep.
    Free healthcare, for illegal aliens also? Nope .
    Free college? Nope. Plan on paying off your student loans. They will not be forgiven.
    Trump wins easily against any candidate.
    Trump 2020, 2024 and perhaps 2028. Unless he passes it off to Don jr. or Ivanka.

  15. So, you have to endorse a woman to support women? You flogging that sh*t when Clinton ran against Obama?
    So gender overrides policies? MSNBC, you are the most grossly obvious DNC propaganda there is.
    Truth in advertising: "MSDNC".

  16. Why no healthcare 6:20 Mr. Moore? Make lobbying illegal like most democratic nations. That would fix a few of our many problems.

  17. Warren will never fight for us. You can't fight the corporations when u taking their money. Warren is a fake progressive. She has been taking money from the pacs and has been backed by 3 billionaires. She has pledged to take more if she gets to the general. She is not in this for us. She is in it to help her donors.

  18. Stop intentionally leaving Andrew Yang off of the graphics! It's DISCRIMINATION! Clear, intentional bias! Completely unprofessional! Also, why do we think an 80 yr old man that literally just had a stint put in is a good choice to run the country? He would be 84 if he lived through his first term! We have lost our senses! Would you want your 80 year old grandfather running your company for you? Gee the whole country is fine though (uggh, sigh) Why no love for UBI? That's NOT progressive. Gaurenteed unfullfilling and underpaid government jobs does not fight inequality. $15 minimum wage does NOTHING. We need REAL CHANGE! Vote for someone with a REAL plan to give millions of people the help they need and deserve to get a stable footing in this winner take all, let your neighbors starve, world we live in

  19. this is how ignorant you are ,Bernie and Cortez rally held at the spot were Amazon was creating 40,000 good jobs,till they stopped it ,they say power to the people,but people won't run anything or can enforce anything,so the government has more power to tell you how to live ,they think there taking something back ,lol. this is how ignorant they are . the government runs every aspect of your life ,what your kids are taught ,what to eat and drink and do . that's slavery lmmfao ,. humans are ignorant as fk .power for the people ,how fkn dumb are they ?

  20. Bernie 2020 who will stand up and work hard for the people of this country. Greed has gotten out of control and trump giving billionaires a huge permanent tax cut and still keep All their loopholes open is the most unjustified thing I've ever seen. The 99% must vote these republicans out so Bernie can get his plans. It's not going to be easy to stand up against these unjustified bs things but Bernie will get it done if we get republicans out. It's a shame to see republicans still backing Trump. Very sad times. Let Bernie prove to you how med4all is best. Private healthcare is holding everyone hostage with their greed. And those who have employer sponsored healthcare. If the premiums continue to going up your employers will stop offering it. 950.00 premium for a single person is unjustified!!! This must stop. Please vote Bernie for great change !!!

  21. There is a Very Good Reason why the "Experts" want to have All of the Democratic Candidates become Moderates, and Progressive Actions would Upset the Status Quo and Bring Real Change for the Average American!

    Gee, I wonder what would Happen if Bernie Sanders Chose AOC as his VP, and Announced that as many of the Democratic Candidates as Could be Realistically Accommodated would Be Chosen for KEY Positions such as Secretary of State, Head of the EPA, The FBI, and the Justice Department, etc.

    Though there might be Some Differences in Opinion, you can be Assured that There would be a Unified White House Acting in the Best Interest of ALL Americans, regardless of their Political Ideology!

  22. the only reason the right to vote is a right and not a obligation is only because the top 1% want to regulate who gets to vote,,, in most eu country's it is an obligation, true you get some dump pll doing dump vote's but that's a negligent amount so the end verdict is the most accurate depiction of a nations idea of goverment. Think about that!!!!

  23. Just what America needs… A man in his 70s who just had a heart attack who isn't a memver of the Democratic Party! REALLY? This is madness! Just for a moment think of a family member- uncle, dad, mother, aunt- do you think they could cope with the 24/7 pressure? Is their physical and or mental health up to it? Cognitive Ability degrades as we age- JUST LOOK AT TRUMP. Jeezus America, WAKE UP!

  24. What does gender have to do with it? Best person for the job! Why does it matter what color you are or your spiritual beliefs? You are all Americans and humans, vote for the best person for the job. I'm very against racism and sexism. Peace

  25. Word too big buisness.
    Wouldn't you like to not have the expence of Healthcare insurance for your employees?!
    Wouldn't you like not having the extra expence of a Human Resources department to manage the health care isues?!
    Wouldn't you you like to just say goodbye to all of that?!
    Well you can say goodbye to those worries. Universial healthcare is the path out.

  26. Bernie not fit for office he can barely breath he can’t handle the scrutiny and hardships of the office he can barely handle the campaign trail! He should save his breath get a pamper change and take a nap!!

  27. I don’t believe for a second we would win with Pete, Kamala or Biden and Warren is questionable too. Bernie will win. We don’t want another “moderate” status quo candidate or another candidate that runs as a Progressive, but suddenly shifts to appease the fascists once elected. That’s exactly what gave us trump in the first place!!
    “Neoliberalism leads to fascism” ~ Chris Hedges

    He’s been proven correct.

  28. Elizabeth Warren is Obama 2.0. She will take corporate money and walk into the White House owing the corporations. Bernie is the only one who won't owe the corporations. Bernie or Bust

  29. Michael Moore needs to be the person RUNNING THE DNC.

    he knows more about Politics & more about ALL VOTERS ACROSS AMERICA, than anyone else by far.

  30. Bernie had the nomination stolen from him in 2016. He then submitted to his abuser and endorsed her. Now he's running again. LOL!! Either Bernie is stupid and doesn't realize what is going on. What a weak and pathetic man.
    But my favorite thing is that Mike Moore said that it's "Bernie's time". LOL!! Bernie is 78 years old!! LOL!!!!!

  31. Democrats wanting a "moderate" candidate would rather appease white, wealthy/middle-class, disaffected Republicans than to reach out to working class non-whites and young people. Bernie's largest number of supporters comprise of the latter. That's all you need to know about how the current Democrat position differs strongly from Bernie's democrat socialism.

  32. If Moore endorsed warren. The only question will be why are you not supporting kamala. Corporate whores at this channel only attack you from the corporate angle never from the progressive angle.

  33. What is he doing!? I love women as much as the next guy, I voted for a woman in 2016 (not Hillary) , so I'm not being anti woman, but until a woman (old enough to run) has the guts to disavow big money donors, has the FIGHT to take it to the massive corporations and the insanely wealthy, then #Bernie , #OnlyBernie, is the leader of the #politicalrevolution . Look at the head to head matchups between #BernieSanders and Trump for the last 3and a half years. #BernieBeatsTrunp IN EVERY SINGLE ONE!! BERNIE WILL FIGHT FOR US! #NotMeUS. He has been (for the last 40+ years!!) been the Progressive Champion we need

  34. This is not a surprise. Bernie is just better for country than any of the women, and I agree that this is his moment..

  35. Shouldn't have called out that you were talking to the non-union camera operators, Mike. MS-NBC is owned and run by libertarian Republicans and those people are now fired and blacklisted.

  36. Oh Michael- I agree with most of what you say- but claiming that CEO's have consciences is often false- a large number of them are on the clusterB personality disorder spectrum (as is trump) characteristics of which include lack of conscience and empathy.

  37. Don't let ANYONE Tell You That Elizabeth Warren Is Not Presidential Enough ! ! She Is The Best Thing For America, ANY ONE That Scares Corporate And Big Money Earns My Vote ! ! Bernie Sanders Is TO OLD ! ! !

  38. Rump and/or tax payers are  paying people to attend his rallies – Now it make sense.

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