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Meet the biggest team racing in Dakar this year!

I have been a biker since the beginning, and it’s so difficult to service the bike and to do the race on a bike. So you need a little help So we were thinking How can we help them, and to help them is to carry their spare parts because you can do the mechanics by yourself, But you can’t carry your spare parts on your back so you have to find a way to have the spare parts at the end of the stage and That’s how we created the Malle Moto. Well now it’s not the Malle Moto, it’s Original by Motul but it’s still the Malle Moto. We are very happy to be in the Original by Motul Team It’s the biggest team of the Dakar, with 40 pilots It’s the category with real adventure and the real Dakar spirit There’s two trucks that move around We have every product we want from chain lube to fresh oil every day. Viva Motul! Thumbd up to Motul ! The spirit that you find in the Malle Moto, it’s exactly the same that we had in the in the beginning when we’ve created it! No time to wash hands Because there’s a kind of family feeling, you know Doing the mechanics by yourself, making your race and you make friends along the way People are helping each other, it’s one team, it’s fantastic It’s real spirit. People are coming and saying hey, that’s a team and they feel they are part of the team and that’s very important

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