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M&B 2: BANNERLORD ► First Major News of 2020 (Early Access, Beta Updates, Combat Overhaul)

M&B 2: BANNERLORD ► First Major News of 2020 (Early Access, Beta Updates, Combat Overhaul)

Hello one and all and welcome back to another
day of major news. There has been so many drops related to MMOs
and RPGs over the past few days and weeks but today I could not neglect to talk about
one of my most anticipated upcoming games, and that’s Mount & Blade Bannerlord. As many of you know Taleworlds has recently
released some big news talking about the release date of Bannerlord and if you for some reason
have not seen it yet – they are scheduling it for coming out around march 31st. Unless we get a delay, which would be some
very sad news for the warriors of calradia. If there’s 2 things that I told myself I would
look forward to this year in terms of gaming, the first one is a MMO or MMORPG title that
I could settle down in and dedicate myself to instead of my usual game hopping behavior. And the second one and just as crucial part,
is Bannerlord. This is a game I feel like myself and a lot
of other people have waited almost a decade for, and to finally say that we’re going to
hopefully have the opportunity to jump into it, it’s just insane. If you folks haven’t seen yet, I’ve been playing
a lot of the Bannerlord beta which consists only of the multiplayer aspect. And I have been absolutely loving it. I haven’t been doing as many Bannerlord news
videos as I used to because I’ve just been getting so addicted
to jumping into Captain Mode, or jumping into Custom Matches, or Skirmishes. Interacting with the community has been awesome
these past few months and I’m actually really glad I waited as long as I did to finally
give multiplayer a good try. Before Bannerlord
I was always playing the campaign mode whether it came to Warband, Viking Conquest, or the
Original. But now I definitely think the multiplayer
aspect will end up being a big part of my playtime in this game. Also before we get started, if you haven’t
seen yet, there has been a release of Bannerlord’s first
ever mod called Custom Battle Mod. And this mod ended up being tons of fun for
experiencing a taste of how the singleplayer experience will turn out in this game. Since the multiplayer is all we get right
now in bannerlord, this was the closest we were going
to get to the other side of that. And it’s been insane, jumping into battles
with hundreds if not thousands of troops have been a lot of fun, and it’s been great testing
out what those kinds of battles will look like, although it does get insanely laggy
once the battle gets close to ending. Not sure
if other people were getting that too though. But the one thing I did want to start this
video off with as well is that they have just released a brand new patch for Bannerlord’s
multiplayer and this one feels like it might be the biggest one yet. We had so many
changes at once that when I jumped into captain mode I immediately thought my game was bugged
and that I needed to relaunch the client after the game ended. We had multiple gameplay and animation based
changes, mostly related to the combat abilities of low level troops in captain mode, and movement
based and ranged combat improvements. We even had multiple art overhauls and loadout
changes. We went from very limited melee weapon choices
like the battanian oathbound only being able to use mainly swords for primary
weapons, to a whole new expanded amount of new choices that is perfect for coordinating
with teammates to fight for victory. I have been absolutely loving the axe weapon
option on Oathbound by the way. Whoever’s idea it was to implement that, I
just want to say that you are amazing in every way. Because every game I play with battania it
eats away at me not using wildlings instead of oathbound, and it’s all because of that
beautiful axe. These changes also came with some audio enhancements,
a perk system overhaul which allows us to unlock new equipment for our loadouts,
both map and user interface fixes, and more… Also for those of you who haven’t adjusted
your beta badges yet, they now give you the option to get lower tier badges that you unlock
through getting achievements throughout the beta. Or ones that you would
have got if you played during alpha and so on. Which is awesome because I wasn’t sure if
I would be able to make it to getting 100 wins during the beta, but now that we know
we’ll be getting bannerlord towards the end of the month, I think I can make it. But forget about that 250 wins one though,
that one is out way out there for me. If you guys haven’t checked out the multiplayer
in a while for the bannerlord beta I can highly recommend giving it a shot again, it feels
like it’s in a pretty good spot right now overall. The very last thing I wanted to touch on is
that Taleworlds recently dived deeper into the combat overhaul that they’ve done on Bannerlord. And essentially when they looked at the old
version of the Artificial Intellegence for the units, it seemed that in a lot
of ways their combat ability and execution felt very basic and unengaging. This is something that I personally and I’m
sure a lot of you realized a lot in warband and the other titles. Most of the time you would just slash or stab
at them and on the off chance they block, you would then just change direction
and proceed to attack again accordingly. But you never really had to fient or adjust
your movement patterns or do anything fancy like a 360 headswipe. Actually most of the time in sieges I would
usually just stack all my units right next to the siege ladders attached
to our battlements, and then I’d just start overheading slashing away and wiping all the
enemies down until the battle was won. Although I wont lie that I did enjoy winning
those kinds of battles with 150 kills under my belt when the enemy outnumbers us
2 to 1. But I can totally see why they’d want to change
things up with the AI. I had actually never even really needed to
feint that much in mount and blade until I jumped into Bannerlord’s multiplayer, that
was definitely a rude awakening and made massive improvements
on my combat experience and skill. Now I’m actually glad that they’re making
it harder and also that the multiplayer existed first, I feel like it’s going to be an entirely
different game for me going into Bannerlord, especially when it comes to the tactics system. Speaking of which they also do mention that
exact topic in this blog, they say that the individual AI now considers it’s opponents
blocking direction when deciding it’s own attack direction. And this applies at all melee levels. So you luckily wont have to worry about
getting a gladiator god coming up against you when you’re first starting out, but the
endgame level units are going to put up that challenge that’s going to keep you engaged
in the game itself, and might even cause some anger every now and again. This also applies to their consideration when
the AI are given orders, when you put a troop into a shield wall formation for instance,
they are going to remain in that formation and position as long as you need them to but
they will also take opportunities to execute both attacking and defense according
to it’s combat level. It’s still going to try and exploit attack
opportunities if the situation arises and they will overall start playing much more
conservatively. And on the other end of that if you are to
issue them a charge command, the AI now starts to act in a much more aggressive
manner. They’ll start pushing towards the enemy and
doing things like feinting and do a better job at responding to enemy attacks coming
directly at them, stuff like that. And if they do end up blocking attacks they
will then know that their opportunity has now opened
to try and retaliate in kind. These kinds of changes are ones that I’m super
excited for alongside of course finally getting the opportunity to jump into the campaign. As I said before I am 100% going to be jumping
into Battania for my first time around. I’m unsure yet
how much time everyday I’ll have to play the game but I do know that it’ll be one of two
games that I will be focusing on for a loong long time to come. And I can’t wait to see all the mod experiences
and adventures that are going to come with it. Feels like we’re
going back to the very beginning and getting to experience it all over again like it’s
the first time. In the meantime though, let me guys know how
you guys are feeling about Bannerlord so far, what kind of stuff would you like to see from
the game and its mods, and more importantly, whose going to be your
first faction of choice when YOU jump into the campaign? Let us all know in the comments below. And with that folks, thank you all very much
for joining me today and I hope you have a wonderful night or day,
and farewell.

Reader Comments

  1. There's no way we can forget about our Bannerlord. Call the banners!!! Form The Frontlines!!! And Prepare the Ram! We're a month away (hopefully) of charging right into Bannerlord.
    What a year to be a gamer.




  3. Have not played any previous games but definitely checking this out. Love melee pvp. Now if only New World had pvp only servers…

  4. I hope there's a difficult settings
    The warband combat is too confusing for me. And if it's this hard I won't have fun role playing 🙁

  5. Just hope that the game is great and the 50eur/50usd/40gbp will be well spend money and not blow up in there faces with bad reviews.
    Imo it is an insain price for a small indie studio to demand.

  6. i would like to see a realism mod were, travelling at night reduces morale so you will see AI lords camping at night, variety of colours barding for vlandian horses and more horse bardings in general, making vlandia look more norman, empire more byzantine, bittania more celt and aserai with more sweet lammelar, increase in armour, charge abilty which shieldbashes on contact and more

  7. Ah custome battle mod, great mod but after the b.8.0 update i get a "unable to initialize steam api message, does anyone know how to fix this? (I've already verified bannerlord's game files, reinstalled bannerlord then the mod and my firewall inst blocking steam or the game)

  8. I think i will jump into aserai, i like the west nordic faction more but that's why im gonna play aserai first, try to be bad slave seller. Economic focus with slave chasing.

  9. It will clearly be my "go to" game of 2020 (i.e. games I fall back too a few times a week between single-player RPGs or other time-consuming games).

  10. I'm gonna go with the battanians first. I love the look of them, and what i have seen of them archers and for challenging campaign

  11. Aslong you play with bots, i would hardly count that to playing multiplayer.
    When dedicated servers are up again, try out the 100+ vs 100+ Siege and Battle modes.
    No bots only real players and nailbiting tough fights all the time.

    Even more so when multiplayer mods come out with persistant worlds and character development.
    If you haven't heared of it get some info on cRPG/Strategus and similar mods. I hopes soemthing similar will pop up again with Bannerlord.

  12. I would love to get excited. The original M&B is one of my all time favourites. However, I'm a seasoned gamer, who has been burnt many times in the past by crappy sequels of my favourite games. So I'm just going to wait and see.

  13. I give up MMORPG, the idea GM has the ultimate right to make any rule they want have killed my interest.

    Last MMORPG I played Neverwinter Online, the GM decided to banned me based on I'm having to many accounts, he said it its an exploitations of the system (game). Yet there are no rule against creating many accounts, and after not able showing, proving that there are rule that I violated, he said "GM can make any new rule they wanted, and thats the end of it."

    I was shocked and realized, if that rule applied to all MMORPG, then thats like registering to a tyranical government in real life.
    Who is the right mind ever wants that.

  14. Video is good, but mp bannerlord is a bug fest , and lacks customization and a good combat system. The core is a downgrade from warband… i really hope they fix… but if they failed for almost 10 years… i really doubt.

  15. 100% my most anticipated game of the year. Been waiting 8 years for this, so I'm taking leave that entire week just to play 😂

    Unsure of who I'm going to start with though, really like the look of Vlandia with that Roman Empire feel!

  16. Game had better be in spectacular form. If it takes you over 10 years to copy a game you have already made and adapt an engine you have already built to simply make on "ok" game, then you are failures at being developers.

  17. This is on my radar for a very long time. Can't wait to play it. I also can't wait for the GOT overhaul if it will ever be. (Modders pretty please…)

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