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MASTERY TEST: Do You Know How to Carry? | Skill Capped

MASTERY TEST: Do You Know How to Carry? | Skill Capped

Hey everyone. Obtaining a lead as an ADC is one thing. Knowing how to use it to secure a win is another. In this video, we’ll be covering some of the
things you want to do when you’re ahead so you can snowball your advantage and tear through
your opponents. Let’s get into it. Mission 1 is simple. Just keep farming. The entire point of getting ahead on any role
is to be able to get more farm than your opponent. When it comes to team fighting, if you’re
already ahead, staying alive is more important than getting extra damage. This is because your autos are going to 1
shot everyone you touch. So staying alive and making sure you can keep
doing that is kind of important. We’re going to be asking a fair amount of
questions in this video. We suggest pausing to think about them if
you need to. This may not seem immediately important, but
if you’re answering most things correctly, it means you can analyze your own replays
very well. Being able to more accurately know what you’re
doing right and wrong is a great way to expedite your learning. On to the game. We’ll be reviewing Hector smurfing in Platinum
Elo. The laning phase for this game went quite
well for Ashe and Alistar. They managed to pick up a ton of kills and
ended the laning phase with 7 kills on Hector. After taking the tower, he rotates mid to
pick up some farm while his Syndra is dead and recalls for his Hurricane. Alright, question time. Where should Hector path after he bases? If you immediately thought bottom, your macro
is on point. Malphite is going top, and Syndra is pathing
mid. Sharing farm is a no no, and Lucian is shoving
in a wave in that he needs to catch. Not only that but he can take the Krug camp
on his way to bottom as well. As he does Krugs, his team finds Jayce lurking
in the jungle and they manage to get his flash. Tragically though, his Kayn died trying to
steal dragon. Alistar also screws up taking this cannon
creep, and then Syndra dies in the jungle. Lots of sad things are happening all around
Hector. And so with the circumstances, it’s quiz time
again. The enemy team is sieging mid with their advantage. Should Hector path through the jungle to defend,
or recall and path through mid to defend? Wrong. We didn’t say there wouldn’t be trick questions. You absolutely never go mid here. There isn’t a world where he gets to mid in
time before the tower dies. Why give away an advantage for free? Always remember to try to get an advantage
elsewhere whenever the enemy team makes a play somewhere. This is referred to as cross mapping. Despite his 2 dead teammates, with proper
decision making, Hector managed to trade evenly on the map. Now, he’s going to pretend to recall and wait
patiently in this bush to look for a pick It doesn’t end up working, since Lucian backs
off, but this type of play generally ends up being a win win. By backing off Lucian is missing farm anyways. Had he kept pushing, he would die and fall
behind as well. Either way, this is a solid pick to look for
when you’re ahead since both outcomes are positive. Let’s watch what happens here then break it
down. Okay, not ideal to throw his lead like that. This time a bit of a different question. Was this a Macro or Micro mistake? This was most definitely a Micro mistake. It may seem weird to overstay as an ADC like
this, but it was perfectly safe to do since he’s so far ahead. They should easily be able to kill everyone
here, but a couple things went wrong. Hector should’ve probably just been safe and
flashed the hook, which would guarantee that he kills everyone here since he could free
fire at that point But, he thought his Alistar would combo Jayce,
not Blitzcrank. Alistar had been playing pretty well so far,
and he put a bit too much faith in him. Oh well. Hector still has a lead, so after re-spawning
he heads top to farm, and then happens to find a random Blitzcrank in a bush. This kill is clearly going to set up an easy
Rift Herald. He shoves 1 more wave and joins his team in
taking it. Not much to say about the ensuing fight. They already had a number’s advantage and
the enemy team was quite uncoordinated. The key point is afterwards when the fight
appears to be over. Since most of the enemy team is heading towards
mid, Hector looks top to score an easy tower. Unfortunately, his team randomly dies putting
him in an awkward spot. This all eventually leads to Hector having
to sacrifice his Alistar to stay alive. So, now that you know the outcome of Hector’s
decision to go top, what do you think he should’ve done after taking the Rift Herald? Maybe some of you noticed how that’s a bait
question, which lets us bring up a huge issue people have when it comes to analyzing games
and learning. Do not be a hindsight analyst. After killing Rift Herald, before fully committing
to go top, Hector looks at the positioning of both teams. There is absolutely NO WAY you could ever
guess his team would die from this positioning. Both sides have so much ground between them. So, of course he’s going to go top where he
can take tower and continue to farm up. Regardless of the outcome of his decision,
it was the correct call. Yes, if he stayed with the rest of his teammates
they don’t die with his protection. Then they all go mid and use herald to break
mid tower. Everyone shares local tower gold, so everyone
walks away with just 100 gold. That is not how you snowball low elo We just want to emphasize how important this
is to remember when reviewing your own games. Hindsight analysis is pointless and just delays
how fast you improve After the unfortunate events of top lane,
Hector looks to go bottom to pick up the spawning Krug camp. Randomly, Twitch happens to be there, so he
just waits and kills him easily. Then he finishes taking the wave, Krugs, 2
more waves after that, and Gromp. He just earned himself a lot of gold very
quickly. Unfortunately, during his power farming his
team loses 4v4 near Baron. Just recently we told you to look for cross
map opportunities in situations like this. Baron is one of the few exceptions to that
rule. If you can potentially stop it, we’d advise
that you do so. With no one to use as fodder to block Blitz’s
hook, Hector just trades his flash so he can go in safely. Losing the Baron sucked, but trading kills
for it is usually fine. Once again, he splits from the core of his
team. He lets Syndra and Malphite take care of mid,
and he goes top. This just earns more overall gold Singed, probably not used to ADCs that actually
deal damage underestimates Hector’s damage and dies giving a juicy shut down. Then as we always recommend, Hector looks
to take the enemy Krug camp as well for even more gold. Like before, let’s watch what happens here
then break it down. That’s a big oof, Hector just gave a huge
shutdown away. But was this really a mistake…? Okay, yeah. It was a massive mistake. Sometimes it really is obvious when you’re
running it down. He has 4000 gold to spend, barely any vision
in the enemy jungle, and the rest of his team was on the other side of the map. He was being a complete moron. You should obviously question every mistake,
but don’t overthink the times you’re obviously feeding. Finally after being caught most of the game,
his team are the ones finding a pick. This leads to an easy Baron secure Which brings us to this Dragon fight. Remember what we said at the start regarding
team fights. Prioritize keeping yourself alive. At the start of the fight, Hector is positioned
very far back. The one way he dies is if Singed uses flash
fling on him. As long as he waits that out, he should be
good. Singed uses his fling, then Hector uses Alistar
as a body shield to block Blitz’s hook. Once those abilities are down….he just kills
everyone, since he’s free to auto. Like we said, pretty simple. Also, turns out that being really far ahead
allows you to turn around assassination attempts easily. Then just like last fight, Hector prioritizes
safety. Going to the fight through here is very dangerous
and leaves him exposed to a ton of threats. So, he goes around, finds a better angle and
freely auto attacks into an easy win. Time for a quick recap. It
didn’t matter how many things went wrong this game for Hector. Be it from his own mistakes, or from his teammates
randomly dying. He used his early lead well to consistently
keep his CS numbers high, so he was always ahead of the curve in terms of itemization. This way, whenever he had a chance to auto
attack, his opponents would get completely obliterated. That’s going to be it for this video guys,
thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. I really enjoy these question-format videos. Help facilitate thinking instead of just blind copying a strat! Appreciate it!

  2. Me during trick question: oh he should stay
    Skill capped: recall or through jungle
    Me: oh I guess I was wrong. Recall I guess
    Skill capped: l e t r o l l

  3. Way too many times I rewatch my games and change by play through because of “results based analysis”. Thanks for this skillcapped.

  4. The entire video is irrelevant since its in low elo and only relevant in higher elo. Low elo players will make way more mistakes than high elo players. There was so many mistakes in that game on both teams it was insane cause thats what happens in low elo. It was a coin flip and either team could have won.

  5. I main ahri in d3 eune. In the games i play well i have very few deaths. Usually 1-3. The issue is how to do enough in teamfights to the enemy kog/lulu or vayne/lulu. I´ve played against both the past 2 days and i find it so difficult to do stuff in teamfights to them. What should i do? I cant burst through lulu shields and killing frontline is pointless in those scenarios.

  6. @5:40 I don't agree that going top is the right one. (My own opinion, excuse everyone.) An no dash adc (Kog, twitch, ashe) is required ALWAYS to be with the team. This is for 2 things, #1, in case a fight breaks, he's there as the damage dealer and #2, he will get protection in case of ganks.

    Also since mid tower is up, I believe the proper play should be take herald, get mid tower. That way, with both Tier 1 mid + tier 1 bot gone, they have a priority with Dragon. If you have bot tower down and top tower down, the objectives are still not secured. Mid tower + side tower gives you more edge on objective priorities since the opponent needs to defend farther (tier 2 towers) before going with objectives. This also gets you the advantage to push vision.

  7. Does this also apply to jungle kindred? (Mostly the farming top wave part, and the bot splitpush) And do vision control and objective timers play a bigger role as a jgl marksman? (Ex. 1:19 Lets say Drake wouldn't be up, but Herald would and all your camps were alive. (Including buffs). What is the correct play in this situation as fed jgl kindred? (Not accounting for any marks))

  8. 3:45 I don't agree. Instead of 2v3ing (5 MIA) for no objective, he should walk back through lane, take Gromp (pulling it downwards) and recall for BF or Zeal. With bot already pushed, he should then head to Rift. Micro could be better but the whole scenario makes no sense when they have a fairly easy win through more conservative play.

    Anyway, I agree with the rest of the video and this is a good format.

  9. I dont play carries but at that trick question I was like why do u want him to go mid anyway either from bot or base.

  10. 1:18 lets be honest here going bottom isn't the right call i think. What you would in this sittuation is pinging the the syndra to go bottom and clear out the wave while he and bliz push out mid with kayn waiting near by and clearing vision at either drake or herald (pref. drake since the soul is still more valuable) if he would have done that there would have been a chance for him to either contest drake or at least get some dmg on mid turret and chicken camp him going bottom is loosing tempo on the map since he is fed and wants to use this now to get more pressure on objectives and force the enemies to react (side note the vision to bot is really good so it is more unlikely for syndra to get picked again)

  11. nice vid btw, i just wanted to ask.. when (as jungler) i sohuld push the lane (for example top) and where i shouldn't?
    Have a nice Day! 😀

  12. Take this from a Challenger jg main who didn't get coaching… Cs isn't as important in jg bc you snowball off objectives, and replay watching is useless because you don't know what you're doing wrong if you're below diamond

  13. i dont actualy understand how you find people gullable enough to think this game takes skill lol.what a joke coinflip fiesta s10.

  14. 1:30, you dont want to go bot to catch that wave, if you have a lead and bot tower gone then you want to go top with your malphite and alistar to force down top turret for rift herald prio. With malphite and ali as hard engage for the fed ashe, taking out singed/forcing him off is a cake walk. Syndra has full resources and is a zoning/burst mage that can zone a few of them off of the warded dragon if they try to trade objectives. Sharing farm is not a concern, you want to push your lead, not sit on it and slowly increase your personal economy by farming bot lane and accomplishing nothing.

  15. 1:19 i disagree with that call. Ofc i might be super wrong and if i am wrong pls correct me. There is no way to contest drake there since his team is so far behind, getting krugs and a wave doenst really help push ur lead and help your team. Instead i would have rotate top getting herald, his team was already there and the enemy team will most likely will get dragon, and get top tower afterwards. This way we open the map even more and my team got some gold. Please correct me if im wrong im not trying to be a smarty ass or anything

  16. Go to herald and go top to take 2 turrets and force the outnumbered enemy team into a fight topside would have been another good option

  17. Yesterday, I decided to put pressure in my lane instead of going to a lost team fight by a tower that was about to fall anyway. Top went afk 10 seconds later.

  18. 2:40 yeah but when ever just do that and finish taking tower there entire team colapses on me and either oneshots me or chases me to oblivian

  19. 8:53 i don't understand why that is not a good position. He have his teammates in front of him. Please explain
    I answered correctly all questions but I play jungle and support

  20. I was playing in a game where 2 teammates got picked off mid and enemy started sieging second mid turret. Instead of going to help I kept split pushing toplane, and I actually got all 3 turrets and inhibitor and we didn't even lose the inhibitor, with my team actually randomly defending it after respawns. Really cool how it works, although it requires some ignoring of teammate pings and flames.

  21. Can you please tell me what should i do when the ennemy freeze in his tower ? and what to do when my team perma die and ty

  22. Dayum skill capped has been popping off lately, even though I'm an iron mid laner this content felt very applicable to all league players, I'm tempted to examine my replays but I'm worried the dumb stuff that happens there will make me tilt lol

  23. Honestly for the trick question, I looked to see how much gold he has, maybe if he had a good buy recalling wouldn't be a bad call? But he was a poor boi so yeah just farm more

  24. This analysis was wack as fuck. It feels like they just picked a completely random game of a Challenger smurfing in Platinum before they thought of what video it would be for. Why even overstate the clearly lazy plays being made by a Challenger player smurfing? Where's the analysis of expected value with how much greed you're going for to carry vs. how much you're willing to let your team get heavier and heavier? Where's the defensive and selfish evaluations of what you're either going to let your team do regardless of what you do, or what you know you'll have to go with your team to get it done right by doing it yourself? 3/10.

  25. 5:27 this is why it's best to mute chat unless you need to talk to a duo.
    Too many cringe kids in this game start typing after anything goes wrong instead of understanding why you did what you did.

    "Muh teaaam!" The autistic screeching of league players everywhere.

  26. i got it all right, even the trick question… i even thought of the pick in the brush before u mentioned it at all .. so tell me how am i still in bronze??

  27. 3:21 as a non-native speaker it's kinda hard to hear the difference between macro and micro but I reckon he said that was a micro mistake. Am I right?

  28. I mean, the reasoning for it being a micro mistake around 3:30 when hes up at the tier 2 sounds pretty fucking bullshit. At this point there is no intel on where twitch is, he only happens to get revealed on krugs when the fight already started. So this is possibly a 2v4 with Hector being worth a lot of shutdown gold, chasing after blitz there is nothing short of blind greed.

    Yeah he could've flashed the hook. Yeah, they would've won since twitch is top. But this is the hindsight analysis.

    In reality, 4 people were MIA and he had already downed the tower and pushed the wave at this point in time. He knows he is fed, he knows he is worth a lot of gold. Not retreating at this point looks like just a macro int to me.

  29. Tip for low elo up to d4 0lp. If you see the situation when 2 teams are close and you want to take top tower for free gold think again. Your team will engage. Doesnt matter if its 4v5 or if you're the only player with items, they will engage. The avg IQ in these elos is so low they wouldnt even get accepted at mcdonalds

  30. 1:32 just say to the syndra that she is stupid and she needs to go bot cause you got the turret (it's the bot turret rule)

  31. Unfortunately I don't think it's a good strategy to apply in very low ello because your team will not realise they have to play for you and will probably try a 4V5 teamfight, die and then flame at you because you're not there. So I find it very difficult to carry my games as an adc no matter what I do (also because how often I'm as fed as my fed the enemy team –'

  32. After Herald he should finish top, not his fault team is like that, also first micro mistake is teams fault not his, he have advantage team should folow his lead and use his lead, instead they farm and left them alone ..

  33. we just Ignore that Skill Capped say the mistake is that he didnt went back with 4k gold

    the second mistake is fcuking building repid fire Cannon after runnans XD

  34. There are a lot of mistakes he makes this game, which you call good plays.. Especially splitting top after herald was supertroll, since its obvious theyre gonna fight, as an adc you have to participate on full on teamfights; and if u do decide to push top at least spamping the team not to fight. Playing selfish all game will loose you those kinds of games for sure, he got pretty lucky here! This video would describe Top or Mid snowballing, but as an adc its almost always the correct play to try helping your teammates in fights, at least if theyre somewhat winnable.
    I really enjoy ur videos and theyre very educational but this one has a lot of macro mistakes in it!

  35. You can't play like this in your own elo. Ignore your team and solo power farm as adc? You are just making excuses for him. Thay won from a coin flip teamfights.

  36. I love how interactive all your guides are! The questions really have me thinking of my macro vs micro. A lot of the time I would just say "stay in your lane" or "recall" but there are a couple more ballsy options that were viable/correct because of Hector's lead that I would not have chosen due to lack of faith in teammates and also not being a Challenger smurf, so less faith in a 2v3 or being caught out

  37. I'd say that at 3:40 it was a micro-mistake, but more pathing related. There's no reason for him to path through the jungle near blitzcrank there, he should've just backed off

  38. "Which of these two options should you choose?"
    "WRONG! Neither"

    "Was this a mistake?"
    "WRONG! Shouldn't ask that"

    Fuck you

  39. 3:01 how is this not a macro mistake? they have 0 pressure what so ever top lane because either side lanes are matching waves and midlane just finished pushing wave to tier 1 tower? isnt it a pretty huge mistake if they would collapse on them especially the lack of vision for such a pressured lane with only alistar nearby

  40. so I kind of got all questions right. the ones I got wrong were just me mis interpreting the vague questions. Currently returning from a half year break, I'm going through placements in iron and I cannot carry no matter how fed I get. they don't place any wards and just aram. never go to a side lane. always chase into no vision… like what do you do when someone keeps mirroring you on the map while team runs it down

  41. You know, what piss me off, that i can not play my favorite champion in soloQ, my favorite champion being Kassadin. And he is littery brain dead simple. You either get stacked tear in 20 minutes and become a hypercarry hypper mobile gross raid boss monster OR you get early game spam jungler without any form of cc jungler that is trying to soak every minion on the map and every KS. And you know what, no jungler in the soloQ plays tank or CC, and no toplaner nor adc will swap a lane, when they feed as hard as africa red cross organization, oh also.. Kassadin is actullly not great in cleaning a supper minnion, so yeah. I am anoyed to no end.

  42. I saw this video, picked Ashe and carried a game. It was not ranked nor above silver/gold elo, but I felt my macro was very good. Thanks guys!

  43. Sounds like my macro is solid,but desition making is haywire entire time so i guess this is reason i feel dumb when playing league?

  44. im a Adc main in gold 1 and Im safe to say Im hardcore stuck… As a adc main it very hard to carry teammates when they have no idea how to pick teamfights. While watching this I've seen some stuff I should do, let see if I can get out of this elo

  45. You should rename this video, "How to play like Trick2g" AKA "How to never become pro" AKA "How to play single-player hero games." Most of your content is good, but gotta give a hard thumbs down to this one.

  46. At min 3:20 play, it's a macro mistake. You don't ever path that way. If you want to not waste time and path that way anyway just because you're fed, you shouldn't be thinking "oh, if i flash this i win". There's no reason to waste flash on a play that they can't convert into anything. Yes they could go for mid turr but they can do it even if the enemy is alive, since they're ahead. He also didn't need to insta flash. If the enemy flash and misses u just waste flash. Flash after you get hit there, and before jayce Q. He coulda turned it around that way, p sure. So i guess it's a macro mistake that led to a micro one. But they didn't touch on that

  47. I a lowly Iron player got all but one of these right…I missed the trick question. I feel very confident when I have a lead, but getting that lead is the tricky part.

  48. im just mad at my teammates for always looking to fight, like we ain't gonna win, so at least let's do something right and just win this already won game

  49. About crossmapping and baron.

    I guess sometimes it is good to trade inhibitor and baron.

    Like, your teammates died and you can't contest baron, off course you should push your waves just to reduce the damage from the baron buff. Stretch the time.

    I played some games where I was on the baron side of this decision(I'm low elo), my team almost aced, went to baron, took a lot of time to kill it.
    While everyone is in baron, the opponent is taking inhibitor. He gets the open base and inhibitor and sometimes we can't compensate that with the baron buff.

  50. I was right 100% of the time and i am silver am i getting a candy? + i don't even play adc i one trick rengar xD that was an easy test

  51. 5:17 if you've played enought games with 0/5 teammates while you're fed, you know you HAVE to SPAM ping to not fight without you

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