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Marco Polo 2 Extended Playthrough – JonGetsGames

Marco Polo 2 Extended Playthrough – JonGetsGames

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  1. Well, I've been trying to not be interested in buying this but you and the Brawling Brothers have ruined that so… thanks?

  2. I absolutely LOVE Marco Polo, it's in my top 5 games of all time, and wow, this just looks amazing. I love all the changes they made. I might remain stubborn and hold onto the original, just because, lol. But definitely getting this one!

  3. Nice! I loved the first game but got a lot of AP in it..this seems to keep the fun parts but less grinding tight desicions…gotta get this one sometimes 🙂

  4. Hey Jon! Thank you for the great playthrough! While the game looks amazing I m hearing a lot about the great imbalance of the characters. Do you agree with this and if yes how bad is it? Do you think it can be solved with some rules changes by zman? Thank you!

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