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Main Game Sering Lag- Coba Setting Apn 4g Tercepat Game Online ini !!

Main Game Sering Lag- Coba Setting Apn 4g Tercepat Game Online ini !!

thank you so much your participations ok assalaumalaikum meet again with techno bang here friends from Sabang to Marauke I hope you stay healthy always and smooth fortune yes and on this video opportunity, techno share info on apn 4g settings, the fastest and most recent, all the operator friends and for friends who are the first to see the techno bang channel don’t forget you subscribe and activate the bell so that you don’t miss the next video from bang tekno and I thank you very much if you subscribe to this channel and we watch intro ok without lingering because this phone is borrowed if your friends are already on the cellular network next choose the name of the access point and next add the name of the new access point for the name fill in like this or can also see what appears on this screen if you just save it then fill in the APN like this if already saved for the next proxy just empty empty port just blank username and password for server fill like this if already saved next for mmsc fill like this then the proxy MMS then fill in like this if already saved next,port mms fill like this mcc dont change mnc too,leave it alone,type of authentication select pap / chap if already saved for next others leave blank ok without lingering cause cellphone borrow next i am choose we see in the speed test if later it doesn’t work you write it in the comments column big thank your participation

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  1. APN 4G TERCEPAT DAN TERBARU-APN GAME ONLINE ANTI LAG semau area yang audah tercover 4G,jika ada kendala silakan komen di kolom komentar ya teman teman

  2. Mantap joss kita bandingin sama apn default sama apn sebelumnya lebih jos ini klo apn sebelumnya paling max 20mbps klo jni nyampe 42mbps lokasi cirebon kota sc: indosat

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