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Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

Lifted Car vs Truck Off-Road Challenge!

(vehicle engines rev) (intense intro music) – All right guys, now that we
got this Grand Marquis lifted, and we got the first rendition
of the Silverado done, we’re gonna put them up head
to head against each other and see how well this Grand
Marquis can do off road against a truck. We’re gonna put these things
through a couple of challenges. We’re gonna put these things
to the paces and see if this lifted Grand Marquis can be
a practical off-road vehicle and maybe do everything that truck can do. (intense music) (engine rumbles) – [Lawson] Help! Am I close enough for a photo? – [Sean] I think so. – [Lawson] Are you sure? – [Sean] No, kinda. – [Blair] Keep it going, keep her going! Tip her over. – [Sean] Perfect – [Blair] There ya go (Upbeat Music) (Car engine rumbling) (engine extreme revving) – [Sean] First off, you’re
gonna have to get some speed and it’s gonna be hilarious. – [Blair] Yeah (upbeat music) (car engine revs) – [Sean] All right guys,
so challenge number one, these guys are gonna go up
this hill, around the berm, around the tree, it’s gonna
wrap around kinda on the other side of this track here,
and we’re gonna come back and we’re gonna time them. And once they get back
to their starting point, that’s when we’re going to stop
we’re gonna stop the clock. Whoever gets around this thing fastest, is gonna win first challenge. – [Blair] Ready, set, go! (motor revs) (laughter) – Wow (laughter) – [Sean] Wow. You got some… – [Blair] I’m actually impressed. Twenty-three seconds/thirty-eight
is the time to beat. – [Sean] That was impressive – [Blair] I’m impressed.
I didn’t think you would be that aggressive. – 3,2,1 Go! (car engine revs) – [Blair] Oh my god! (laughing) (laughing) – [Blair] What’s it at? – Twenty point one six. – [Sean] Twenty point one? – [Blair] Beat ya! – [Sean] Oh my god! – You are the winner. You had twenty point one six. I had, what I have? Twenty three? – Twenty three point three something – So you beat me by like three seconds – Dude! – That was pretty decent. – [Blair] That was intense. – That was so much fun! – [Blair] I was not expecting
either of you to go that hard. And then Lawson just comes out and… – I’m actually, I’m super
impressed with Lawson. He did a very good job. He wheeled the sh(beep) out of that thing. – Yeah, I know I was so
nervous. I was so scared. We get like a quarter
turn right now, right. So, we head up the hill,
and I know I can’t turn. I can’t park in parking stalls, I struggle to get gas at the gas station. And I hear it rubbing, but I knew if I didn’t crank it, we’re sending it into the woods. So, then I just threw it, and I probably broke
something, but that’s fine, because it was a blast and
I lost by three seconds. – Only three seconds bud. – You would’ve dominated me if you would’ve got
traction in the beginning. – Yeah I was struggling to get going. We only got a one wheel peel,
but she hooked and booked. (laughs) – Oh, that was so much fun you know. – Too much fun. – That was a blast, and
that was only number one. – [Blair] What was you favorite
part about that challenge? – Definitely the snow pile. When you come over, and you’re sideways in the snow, that was, that was a blast. – Yeah, I liked trying to do a hair
pin at the top of the hill, and then hitting the snow
and just letting it hang out. All right! On to the next challenge! (upbeat music) (pick-up engine revs) (car engine rumbles) (ice cracking) – [Blair] She’s soupy bud. – She’s soupy. So what’s next? Tug-of-war, right? – [Blair] Tug-of-War – All right. So next,
we’ve got Tug-Of-War. Yes, this is a truck,
but the Grand Marquis been doing pretty well thus far, right. So you would think the truck would automatically win
because it’s pulling stuff. But we’ve actually got this thing locked into two wheel drive, traction control off, stability track off, everything completely off to
put this thing to the test to make it as equal as possible
for this Grand Marquis. So like I said, it has, it has… dude, the Grand Marquis has
been performing pretty well. Like, it’s pretty
insane. Like, I want one. And the fact that it’s only
$1500 to build it like that, I want one. But, no, we’re still gonna
try our little hearts out, and try to do the best we can
with this whole tug-of-war. She’s soupy, she’s muddy. – [Blair] Well, if you guys get stuck, you’re the one that’s
gonna be able to get out. – Well yeah. – [Blair] Just pop her
into four low and… – The nice thing is, we
do have that back-up plan. Two wheel drive in a muddy soup hole? It’s a freaking blast man! – [Blair] Just be aware.
Hopefully we break some glass. See what happens. – Yeah. Yeah. Hopefully. Let’s see. – [Blair] Well, you won the first round. Do you have a strategy
for the second challenge? – Let Lawson bury himself in a hole. My only concern is, he has
a locking differential. We do not. We got an open diff. But he also has big dumb wide tires, so. Maybe we’ll be able to
dig down to find some grip and bring another ‘W’ home for the boys. But I don’t know. Only
one way to find out! – (laughs) – Get it? (Car engine revs) – [Blair] That’s not a good sign, is it? 3! 2! 1! GO! (engines revving) (wheels spinning) (truck engine revs) (both engines revving) (laughing) – Whoa! Got you going! – [Blair] 3 2 1 GO! (engines revving) (car engine revving) – [Blair] I think this
means you both lose! – Yeah, this is a draw. (upbeat music) (engine over-revs) – Grand Marquis, 1. Challenge
number two is a tie. I’m kinda gonna say it’s half
a win for the Grand Marquis, ’cause he couldn’t even make
the thing move, to be honest. So far, as good as a truck.
On to the next challenge! (motor rumbling) – Alright guys. Second
to the last challenge. A friendly drag race. I kinda think I know how this is gonna go. We got big tires. Long gears. Three speed….. But hey! Let’s see what
happens. Let’s get it. – [Sean] 1 GO! – Oh (beep) yeah! Let’s go! Oh yeah! Let’s go! – [Blair] You almost
got pit maneuvered bud! (laughing) – That’s a perfect car
for the pit maneuver, bud. (laughing) – Well. It looks like that’s
one for me, one for Blair, and a tie with that
tug-o-war that went no where. So what’s left? We got one more challenge. – [Sean] A towing challenge! – A towing challenge to break the tie! So let’s go back to the shop! – [Sean] Yeah! (engine revving) – [Sean] All right guys,
the challenge number 4! We are hooking up a loaded trailer with our ’18 Camaro ZL1. What did we pay for it, like $40,000? There’s a lot of money on that trailer to be hooking it up to this $800 car. It’s digging the tires
into the back of the car so we’ll see if this thing can even make it around the building. We definitely know the truck will. We might do a little
extra distance with that, but, I don’t know, man, I don’t think this one is
going to make it through it. Alright, lets see. (heavy rock music) – [Sean] It’s too tall. – [Blair] Grand Marquis’s to tall, bud. (intense music) – [Blair] Look at that, bud. Right into the bumper. – [Blair] Right into it. Just a bumper cover, right? – [Blair] Yeah. – [Sean] We don’t need it. – [Blair] Look at this thing squat!! (laughing) (motor idling) – [Blair] She’s Cali Leaning, bud. She’s squatting hard. Hey what’s up? I can do truck stuff. (laughter) Shoot. Pretty sure that hitch is
rated for, like, 200 pounds. Or whatever. (laughter) Gonna send it. (rock music) That’s what’s up. (laughter) So, I think I proved my point. I’m not an idiot, I’m not going on the street like this. I’m pretty sure the
investor would kill me. So, I don’t know if you
gonna call this a win, or a draw, But proved the point Grand
Marquis a absolute machine. Can do anything. (rock music) I guess I win. – [Sean] You won. By default. – [Blair] By default. Lawson’s squatting like a
scared little puppy over here, and apparently my 6-inch
drop is just too much. He needs a street hitch. So we don’t got time to screw around. Grand Marquis is a better vehicle. (laughing) Grand Marquis is a better truck bud. Grand Marquis is a better truck. More practical. Better miles to the
gallon. More comfortable. Clearly the off-road champ. It’s a bigger trunk, all things considered with the technicalities of
the trunk verses not trunk. All right guys, so there you have it! That is the Grand Marquis
versus a Silverado challenge. Is a sedan better than a truck, and everything a truck can do? I think the answer is yes. That’s going to wrap it up for this. If you guys want to see
a few more challenges, let us know in the comments. If we get a couple more, if we get a couple that are
exciting, we might just do it. Especially after the second
phase of this truck gets done. It’s gonna get a lift, some
different wheels, and a wrap. And then maybe we’ll put
them back to the test and see what happens. So, there you have it. Make sure you like, comment and subscribe. Real typical. Don’t judge me. Goodbye! (heavy rock music)

Reader Comments

  1. Get a trac loc from a interceptor and some 4.10 gears from a explorer and it will do so much better might need a tune but its worth it

  2. If the exotic flipping still isnt going good you guys should do more truck vids man do a obs clean up left kit wheels tires the works or buy stock trucks show installing the lifts how to do nor cals or cutting to fit big wheels I'd love those vids. Either way I'm here

  3. I'm not gonna lie I was rooting for the Marquis the whole time! Please do more of these challenges! That was awesome!

  4. Saw the Silverado out front he other day not going to lie I like it more than I thought! Also loving the challenge idea!!!

  5. It’s so unique but so stupid to see a Marquis turned into an off-road monster but overall it’s a good stupid and it’s absolutely legendary! Y’all killed it!

  6. Very cool dudes. On the business side of things. Videos of these type are great because they dont require very much investment money wise (if you already have the cars) but very cool video and it also brought out more personality which will always make a channel grow. Good job!

  7. Amazing video. Loved every seccond. It is obvious the grand marquie needs a few things. Air bags in the back so it doesn't squat under weight. Supercharger up front so it hauls some bass. And a lsd so it can grab traction!

  8. I also had an idea about the channel and how you guys can improve. I was thinking about brand identity and what makes you guys "branded title". What if you had a rating system for the different colors of your slaps, so as a vehicle gets fixed/modded it gets a different colored sticker to denote how good it is. And then once it's done or it has reached perfection, you should have an exclusive gold sticker that you put on. Every time you put a sticker on or put a new color on, talk about it, why it deserves it, ya know make a ceremony about it. Also then when people buy your slaps it could represent how much they have done to their vehicle. And if their build reaches ultimate status and deserves a Gold sticker, they can fill out a form and apply for one. Also, plug the merch, plug the slaps. that's a source of income I'm sure you guys are missing out on.

  9. This was fun needed content! You guys are getting down the necessary evils and making shiiiiite happen! Keep this coming! Love the concept!

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