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LGR – The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack Review

LGR – The Sims 3 Outdoor Living Stuff Pack Review

[typing] So your Sim has their ideal house. They have a garage of awesome, a living room of awesome, an entertainment room of awesome, a freaking bathroom of awesome. But you know what? It’s lame. Yep, you need to get off your pasty butt and go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Besides, what real fun is there to have inside anyways? Pffft. Woohoo is so overrated. Say hello to the newest Sims 3 Stuff Pack: Outdoor Living Stuff. Stuff like chairs, hot tubs, refrigerators and things with
uselessly curly metal around them. Being a Stuff Pack, you’ll need
The Sims 3 to enjoy the stuff. Otherwise, you’ll just pointlessly stuff the
pockets of EA with your money and stuff. While it may say Outdoor Living on the cover and the sickeningly springtime-y loading screen, that’s kind of restricting yourself
to a box that needn’t exist. You can of course use the stuff anywhere, but I guess it makes the most sense to use it outside. Preferably, you should have a well-manicured,
attractive, and socially acceptable backyard to plop all of these random knick-knacks onto. I don’t know what you’re going to do
if your Sim only has an apartment, because then you don’t have
an outdoors to stuff with stuff. That’s fine, you can just play make-believe and pretend you’re not a complete loser with a tiny loft. To me, the stuff this time around seems
to be divided into three main groups: Kitchen and Dining, Leisure and Random Crap. For Kitchen and Dining, you have a
continental vision counter and island, a sink, a combination fridge and wine cooler, a combination oven and stovetop, a rather large grill, a bar, barstool, a dining chair, and a Class-E dining table. Aren’t they clever? In the Leisure section, you have a love seat with uselessly curly metal, an extra-expensive lounge chair a parasol umbrella thing, an end table, an easel, a telescope, a fireplace you can set anywhere, a fireplace that really should be set into walls, not one but two fire pits, which I absolutely do not care for, a stereo inside of a rock, and an obnoxiously large monolith of a TV. You also get some lights: one that sits on a table, two that mount on a wall, one that’s a giant friggin’ curly metal hell cuboid, and one that can only hang from the ceiling. Yeah, well, newsflash: It also comes with a ridiculous
FIVE hot tubs with this pack. So if your Sim had been craving hot tubs, but you didn’t have the Late Night expansion installed, I think you’re well taken care of now. And didn’t anybody else think this would
have been the perfect opportunity to add a diving board or other pool equipment? But no, of course not. You still
have the same old boring pools with the same old boring ladders and maybe a fountain or fourteen,
if you’re feeling really frisky. And lastly, you have the Random Crap category. In here, you get some things that serve
no real purpose but easily could have, if some effort was put into it. Things like a fountain you can’t use, a serving cart you can’t use, barbecue tools you can’t use, terrariums you can’t use, fruit bowls you can’t use, lemonade you can’t use, and a Soviet Russian gnome who uses YOU! There’s a couple of plants and fences, too, that are at least *supposed* to be non-interactive. Although honestly, I expected
more plants and stuff like that, seeing as this is OutDOOR Living Stuff, but whatever. Now I know clutter objects have been a
part of The Sims 3 from the very beginning, but this just feels weak to me. I don’t know why, there’s just a lot of it. You get no new trees, rocks,
flowers, or anything like that that would be outdoorsy, you would think. But, oh, you get a bunch of fake fruit for your fake life that’s so fake, you can’t even fake eating it. You may as well just stand there
and direct your farts towards the stuff because then at least you’ll be doing something with it. [fart] You also get the typically negligible
amount of new clothing options in both casual and somewhat dressy styles for both men and women. It’s nothing I find that attractive or appealing at all. In fact, it’s some of the most bland
clothing I’ve seen in the game so far. I guess if you really want to make yourself
look like Mr. Rogers, then go right ahead. Whatever. I’ll just stick to the clothes I’ve made myself. Like the official LGR t-shirt, now available for free download for The Sims 3. No substitutions, exchanges, or refunds. The link is in the video description below. There might be some little item
or two that I missed out entirely, but honestly, I have no real way to tell for sure, because guess what? There’s no manual included at all anymore. Not in the box. Not on the disc that I could find. Nothing. Just a couple ads and a slip telling you how to install the game and make a warranty claim. Freaking stupid. I like my manuals. Cheap and black-and-white is better than nothing. What am I supposed to do
when I’m taking a dump now, EA? Alright, well is The Sims 3:
Outdoor Living Stuff worth buying? As always, the suggested price is $19.99, so you’re paying a little bit
less than what you would pay for a similar amount of downloadable stuff from EA’s Sims 3 store online. And considering you get a stripped-to-the-bone
plastic package with a disc in it and nothing more, they may as well just release this digital only and forego the retail version entirely. Plus the content is really just a pile of random stuff that may or may not appeal to you at all. Personally, I find this Stuff Pack
to be somewhat of a loser. It’s more of the same and it’s nothing your
Sims don’t already have in another form. So honestly, unless you just don’t
have the Late Night expansion and really want hot tubs, or you just can’t live without some
lemonade that you can’t drink, I have no reason to recommend this one. [easy-listening jazz music]

Reader Comments

  1. 2 months ago you died while typing, yet you're still here. This is Christian magic I presume?

  2. I feel like all the stuff packs need WAY more! its stupid… this one really doesn't have anything to do with outside flowers trees or anything EA needs to work harder

  3. I think the ceiling light is for umm… I dont know. The ceiling that is outside. Like the one on your porch if you have one.

  4. In Scotland Expansion packs are usually around £9.99-£14.99 and stuff packs are about £4.99-£7.99 🙂

  5. i watched this after i downloaded it fuck waste of mon- oh wait IMMA FUCKING PIRATE! but yeah its fucking boring 

  6. Corporate Commander: WHAT IS THIS!?

    Maxis: Just an instruction catalog that shows what we are including in the Stuff pack.

    Corporate Commander: We don't need this! You know how much this cost me?! TWO DOLLARS! Throw it out just let the players find the stuff!

  7. It's funny, he seems to have the exact attitude I do towards the series. It's actually pretty fun, despite what so many haters and hipsters might have you believe online. My biggest problem with the series is that it's attached to EA. 

    Besides, it's basically a virtual doll house, and what grown man doesn't enjoy playing with dolls, right? …right? guys..?

  8. Hi, I'm going to get my very first sims 3 stuff pack soon but I dont know what to choose from:
    High-end-Loft stuff pack
    Outdoor living stuff pack Or
    Master suite stuff pack
    And I can only get one D: so if you can reply on what one you think is the best that would be a big help

  9. marathoning all your sims vids you are hilarious hon way to go for your channel and awesome narration you rock hugs and love!!<3

  10. Wow, a lot of the stuff missing from the base and older packs became optional years later in the base. That's crazy.

  11. I so wish they would have made this one downloadable from the store. I play the commercials to get points, so I never have to spend actual money, and that way I could get the few items I actually really want from this. (I love the metal curlicues, believe it or not!) I can't imagine paying $20 for things that look a mighty lot like items we already have.

  12. I figure out a use for the rock stereo. Just wait till late and then wait until someone walks by then blare random music. This would be terrible in real life.

  13. There's a steam sale going on right now (for christmas) and every sims 3 expansion is only 5$ and steam is down right now so I'm binge watching these.

  14. Hello Clint!
    I would like to ask you for modelling some clothes for my sim. I give you details, if you answered this comment.

  15. I'm a fan of stuff and I really liked this pack. Yeah a bit useless but cause I love building at that summery vibe I have a lot of fun with it

  16. 2 reasons I wanted this stuff pack
    1 – it was the last one I needed
    2 – the counters look better than all of the counters in the game excluding into the future

  17. Looks longingly at sims 3 lawn.. so much more attractive looking.. cars… open world, SWATCHES & COLOUR WHEELS

  18. my friend used to have this stuffpack, and i really liked the items you get with it. its just not worth the price, no stuff pack is. kinda wanna get the origin key only though. you can only use it on one device, but its a hell of a lot cheaper, like 3 american dollars or something

  19. The problem I’ve always had with stuff packs that 100% takes me out of them with no interest, is that you can get so much more content that is SO much better from modders and cc creators – and most of them have ad revenue off their downloads so it’s supporting other artists in the community at the same time as opposed to the money machine that is EA. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Side note, I cannot BELIEVE this was filmed 8 years ago.

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