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  1. Lol.. she agrees with him on the definition but can not admit to it happening to white people. She says its okay to help people because of race but then complains about the privlage given to white people for 400 years. And man can you tell how flustered she is. I will add she says you benifit "for 400 years" not "from 400 years" i cant stand this level of stupidity.

  2. The feminists are racists!!! The people who cry about race are racist!!! The left is racist!! Meanwhile it was republicans and white people who abolished slavery 😂. These racist idiots should shut up! They have freedom because of the constitution written by white men!! F$ck off fems and dems!

  3. Wait fox.. I love you guys but you should edit out that last bit you can here him say "I bet you don't like getting jumped?" Does he say that?

  4. She is an embarrassment to all people. What a joke. It must be a hard life to live, by choice, as an oppressed and angry black woman.

  5. She claims shes important because shes on the Tucker Carlson show……..your just the EXACT kind of liberal clown we can make an open fool of….with very little effort. Shes about as RAC*ST as they come….but her whole life depends on claiming RAC*SM. Lol… it.

  6. Wow, so 200 years of oppressing white men and then it’ll be even……. what a bunch of crap…… and I’m not even white……what a racist piece of trash, racism is racism ……. get them tucker

  7. If whites should punished because some white Democrats used to own black slaves and some white Democrats instituted Jim Crow laws. While white Republicans fought and died to free those slaves and white Republicans managed to get rid of the Jim Crow laws all of them long dead. How is that fair to white Republicans of today? If you really think that people of future generations should be punished for what their grandfathers did, then they should do it only to white Democrats. A white person from Belgium or a white Republican should not be punished to what the white Democrats did prior to the civil war.

  8. I feel part of the misunderstanding between black and white is that white people tend to view themselves as individuals where as black people tend to view themselves as a group. If a group of white people come together on the basis of being white it would be seen as racist. Why is that? And how can equality be defined if we can't answer that question truthfully?
    Think about this: a black chess club which is made up of black kids from whatever highschool, and then think of that in reverse, I white highschool chess club for white kids. The reason one is ok and the other is not needs to be thought about and discussed. Because where does equality fit into that equation?

  9. Thank god forTucker. I wonder how she’d respond to the question of how black peoples patterns of behavior hurt each other and their ability to be successful

  10. I’m not right or left, I get what tucker was trying to say but that lady handled herself well and triggered tucker

  11. " it's understandable that for generations white people would get attacked based on their skin"(because we all are racists right?) How did generations ago affect you picking up your phone and learning from somewhere other than Liberal social media? It's nearly 2020 wake up

  12. What is she talking about Don Lemon said White men are a threat to this country 🤣🤣🤣 this girl needs to give back her law degree

  13. It's pathetic watching a racist leftist try and do delusional mental gymnastics to attempt to convince the audience that racism is "justice".

  14. This women is a screaming off the chart raciest. "Ideological Subversion" we can thank our Universities for this.

  15. Canada never had slavery, never had segregation, has always allowed and welcomed all races to immigrate here! Why do antifa attack white people in Canada? Is it because our skin color is the same as a group of people fro ma different country who are not us, participated in slavery 150 years ago? Is that not what racism is?

  16. All her talk just makes me want to be racist and stand up for my race. This woman is insane 🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤨

  17. Who is this person that's gotten over 400 years of benefit. That not only is the oldest person alive in history but I would also like to know their eating habits and exercise routine so that I could also live for 400 years 😂

  18. I'm starting to think this woman is paid by FOXNEWS because there's no way… This woman believe this shxt she saying

  19. Tucker knows it is not .."good to see her " I hope she gets hit by a truck full of illegal immigrants and NAACP's finest representatives. Lmao

  20. When leftists can't win they go to racism. For Monique Pressley to say she hasn't read or heard anything about "white males bad" SHE doesn't live in the USA!

  21. My mission in life is now to invent a time machine and go back to 1776, show our leaders videos from BLM and black panthers and the overall entitlement problem black people have. Then I,would tell them, do not get slaves, keep them in Africa. This would have been the best because they would have grown up in Africa instead, never realizing how good they would one day have it..Funny how racist people like this woman are.

  22. At the start of the interview she was well spoken and eloquent by the end of it she went ghetto. Couldn't hold it together.

  23. Those same PoC encourage college discrimination of Asians. We never owned black slaves so I'd love to hear her explanation and justification. Meritocracy in college and moreso life is what advances technology and humanity the fastest.

  24. Wow. Really . So many homeless children suffering in our country of every background. Can we focus more on the needs of the less fortunate which are mainly white, black ,and brown in that order. Many of us Americans are so spoiled.

  25. Fucken WOW!!!! is all i have to say about that??? racism goes both ways and is not an inherited thing… so she would punish a white man over a black man when lets say the white man has it 20 times worse or vise versa??? this woman is racist.

  26. If your argument still hinges on the segregation of people based on race, then it's not exactly an improvement, whether you're on the side of the 'underdogs' or not.

  27. I think slavery was the worst thing America ever did.

    I can only imagine how great we'd be today had we not brought slaves here.

  28. I’m a republican and supporter of our President Trump but Tucker is one dude I think is out of touch with racial issues. As an interviewer his condescending talk and tone seems to be a defense mechanism.

  29. This woman is aracist u can tell by the way she is talking. I think at the end of the day some people sleep better at night knowing they can blame whitey for all there problems. Get the f___ OVER IT!!!

  30. MONIQUE PRESSLEY is the BIGOT HERE. However, she's an "attorney" so she could make money suing people for "racism." She WANTS to find "bigotry." PS – And, Ms. Pressley, you WERE patronizing.

  31. So I'm working because I'm white?. .not for my talent, skill set or character? Ir is this just for certain positions. And for my black friends that are successful have their positions because they are black, but not because of their talent, skill set or character? Hmmm…


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