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LEC Legends: PERKZ

LEC Legends: PERKZ

The favourites of G2 in Paris
did not stand a chance. FunPlus Phoenix are your World Champions! I think as a person, I definitely learned
a lot by my own mistakes. I put so much emphasis and pressure on
myself to get better at bot. I think it took a lot of agency from
the rest of my teammates. I put so much work into trying to be the
carry from bot lane but it ended up kind of hurting us in the
long, long run. But, at the time they were just very
focused on one goal: just winning the whole thing. I respect the mentality of Perkz to
shoulder any sort of, I guess, shortcomings of G2’s playstyle on
himself. I think it’s, again, it’s one of the
qualities that you really only see from like the true leaders. Perkz is the type of player that redefines
the game every single time he touches it. There are certain players that at the
most elite level are the difference-makers, that give you
that extra inch to stand a little bit taller, to reach a little bit
farther. And Perkz is one of those players. To be a legend, you have to perform on the
international level, and I think that’s where
most iconic moments will start and it certainly started that way for Perkz. And it wasn’t just against, uh, you know,
North American, European opponents. It has to measure up against
the LCK and the LPL. In both instances, Perkz has done that, against SKT, against RNG. It’s Perkz that stood up. Welcome back to Worlds 2018 for our second
Quarterfinal of the day. Royal Never Give Up versus G2 Esports. Our whole grind… climb as a team
was that we went from the losing quarterfinals 0-3 to
actually going through play-ins, groups, to quarterfinals playing against the best
team in the world. Like everyone was saying that RNG was the
favorite to win the tournament. Everything in my brain is screaming, “RNG
heavy favourites against G2”. Throw it all out. But! There’s this, this thing with this
tournament now, and this meta and these different playstyles,
where anything can happen. But it may not be enough.
Perkz may give the first death up! Whoa! He turns it back around onto Karsa in a 1v3! Teleport’s coming down. – Here comes Perkz!
– Perkz blows up RNG! And G2 win the fight! I think if you put all the things in
perspective, and the Game 5, then it’s like a very, very clutch,
clutch game, clutch moment, right? Being a favourite in this tournament. One more! He gets him!
Perkz gets the solo kill! Will start to revive and resurrect. – He gets Mlxg!
– Perkz just blows up Mlxg! 6/0/0 for Perkz. You give me Perkz versus the world,
I’m liking his odds. This is chaos! And, for the vast majority of this— Oh, Perkz! So, so close! The Ignite is ticking! – He gets him!
– Perkz is godlike! I mean you play with no regrets, and I was just not scared of anything. There’s the engage. Death Sentence onto
the cannon creep delivers a perfect Flay. – GA.
– Uzi’s down! But with Uzi down, it’s all on Xiaohu! – Xiaohu’s running…
– Look at Perkz! Perkz has found him! Perkz goes golden
with the hourglass. They may have just done it! G2 have just dismantled RNG! In the case of Luka,
at the very beginning? This Croatian dude that nobody knew… He was a solo queue hero, you know? You could see this guy has no fear. You can only do that if you have this inner confidence, you know, that you are
just so good, and that is a rare trait. He had innate leadership skills. You can’t really learn those skills. He doesn’t hesitate, and everybody buys
into that call, in and outside the game. Uh, over the past months we have been
seeing some very, very big changes in the offseason. Definitely, the most shocking one
must have been Caps joining G2 and Perkz moving to the
bottom lane position. First up, did any of you see that coming? This role swap, if it works, is a completely new game. My thoughts were that, there was just no
way it was gonna fail. Granted, like, I had a lot of doubts while
I was actually playing. I just stuck to the grind and just
kept going and it worked out really well. Selfmade there, 3-man stun! Pirean jumps
onto the back line but now, it’s all about Caps and Perkz just getting
the damage down they can. Pirean jumped all the way across. It’s a
second kill for Perkz, he’s on the chase. Werlyb has to Flash away.
Caps can’t quite land the stun, but it’s a triple for Perkz! I learn by everyone I play with. I had the luxury of playing
with Zven and Mithy. I learned some things from
Hjarnan and Wadid as well and I try to put that into how I wanna
play bot lane. Vizicsacsi gonna do what he can to
clear the waves. Jankos leaps forward. It looks like he might just get taken
down, but Perkz into the midst of the team! And Yasuo damage is just too much! I was just improving
throughout the whole year. I was really pushing myself, and I felt like I got really, really good
in Summer Splits. Our strong point was our bot side. Patrik jumping forward once again. Alphari
down towards the bottom side! Alphari in prime position,
he slices through them. Origen! Origen will not be stopped but Alphari is down and Perkz is still
alive! Jankos front lining now as Kold is forced
away! I can’t even believe that I got that good
at AD carry in, like, one year. I think he said, obviously as a mid-laner
moving down into ADC, the game didn’t start at six items, the game started at level one, minute one. And he wasn’t gonna play it passive, and he
wasn’t going to just kind of cruise through and do what everyone else was doing. And now, that’s how the bot lane has to
be played. All right, here’s an early Flash from Perkz
already, but look at the turnaround damage! Miky’s going low, defensive Flash! Miky survives! First Blood picked up by Perkz! The move was completely unprecedented, and ultimately I think it comes down to
the fact that he just wanted to win. And Perkz sort of said, “I have all these
other skills that I’m bringing into this bot lane. I cannot just be better than you
on the traditional AD carries, but also mages, also fighters from the
bottom lane. He can sort of do it all. He role swapped to ADC,
he brought on fan favourite Caps, and Europe’s villains of G2 finally came into MSI as heroes. Miky had wrist injuries so we
haven’t scrimmed with him for two and a half months. So we went into MSI
and scrimmed with him one day beforehand. We were winning all laning phases we played
together. It was a pretty surreal feeling because of that. All of a sudden Rather gets another in the
back end. That’s the Unborrow underneath. Betty chases, turns
around, back onto Perkz! LEC champions G2 are coming off a
dominant split on home soil, but will need to pull out some
clever tactics to take down SKT. Going into the playoffs
I was quite comfortable we can win against SKT because we’ve
already beat them two times in groups. Wunder steps all the way forward,
Hemoplague gets so many members! He manages to get the pop from the E! Caps is trying to find the killl,
Mata’s in trouble, Faker’s low, but they’ve already got one onto Mata.
Where is Teddy? It’s a 1 for 1 so far
but Wunder’s still alive. That’s a 3-man stun from Perkz!
The Bone Skewer! The gap be damned! Champions can fall, gods can bleed!
Where were you when the west rose up to conquer champions!
G2 Esports eliminates SK Telecom. All four regions were contesting so
that’s why this MSI was very hype, probably the most hype
MSI of all times. I think Perkz’s career has
been defined by extremes. So you have this massive disparity
of the guy crying on stage and everyone laughing at him,
versus lifting an international trophy for the first time for
Europe since season one. The angle in which Luka, I mean G2 think
about winning MSI – it’s our trophy. Finally we won what was ours anyway. Looking in hindsight compared to other
years – like last year we beat every Korean team that we faced. It was the first
international tournament that Europe has ever won, right? Put the whole region
in the eyes, in front of the world. MSI was about proving that he was a
great bot laner, and Worlds was about him trying to prove that he
was the best bot laner. I think at Worlds especially, Perkz
was the best Xayah player in the world, and I think you could see that through
a lot of the drafts and how much people didn’t want to give the champion to him. So I thought the Worlds was
very very winnable, but the series against SKT actually turned out to be
harder than I thought it would be. The west have been put down for so long
but there was something different about Perkz and G2, just this different
energy. How they attack the game, how they change the game, and you
can very visually see how explosive that difference was.
– Teddy into the back side! Faker now coming in,
he’s gonna slow a lot of members. Miky’s still alive, Caps still alive.
Pop Blossom will only connect on one! Wunder is still living. G2 are coming out
on top of the fight for now. But a beautiful Body Slam will not be enough.
They’re in the pit! That is not where you want to be against a Xayah. And SKT,
they’ve got nothing left in this game 1. Would have surely been death. But now they’re still trying to follow up.
The taunt is there to stop Faker from going any further. Caps now on the
retreat. Phase Rush has come out, Perkz going into the midst of everything,
but the knockup is there, the Last Breath and it will be Caps’s as the shut down
comes through but Perkz is not done yet, he wants to make the difference.
Jankos leaping in. Will they re-engage? He gets the shut down! It f****** matters to beat Korea.
Korea has always been the best. It matters to go through Faker. For now they’re winning,
but Perkz is coming in. This is his hero moment if he wants to
turn this fight in favour of his team. This could be the game defining moment. Faker’s gone! Teddy’s next on the list,
there’s no way he can duel Yasuo! Mata’s coming in, but he’s just
walking into the meat grinder of Perkz. Khan, can he do it? They’ve done enough!
They’ve done it! G2! Khan, can he get it done? He can’t, the
Vladimir. They can do it! This is it! The greatest team in the history of
League of Legends taken down by the greatest team Europe has ever produced. FPX get ready! G2 is heading to Paris! When we actually faced a really
good team in FPX, we lost. What the Worlds 2019 has
done for him, he’s realized that his worth as a human, his worth as a
player, goes beyond what happens in-game. He has the heart of a champion. He always
did. But now, he has the mind of a winner. It’s hard for honestly anyone
to understand how much stress I went through the last few
years of my career. Now I’m starting to take a different approach. I’m
prioritising myself and being who I am. I think this will make me also a better
player and that’s already pretty hard ’cause I’m really f****** good. So it’s gonna— It’s gonna be exciting to
see how good I can actually become. Now we see the chase coming
in from Origen. – Woah!
– Where did that burst come from? The reason why middle fits me more
is because of my personality – vocal, assertive, aggressive. And that’s
something that fits middle more. Perkz on the frontline, Finn there as well.
Hans sama, Larssen, Finn all trying to defend, but look at Perkz! How do you
beat that? How do you kill that? Wanna find the flank. Ryze Realm Warp,
where’s it gonna go? Rekkles, caught in the middle of everyone but the baby cage is
not enough to buy time and now Perkz is moving in. He spot an empty back line
and now he’s trying to finish it off. He goes golden, he buys time. Caps now moving in as well,
gonna be pulling a soul out. Selfmade taken down, knocked down. I did like go further every year.
2016 I went 1-5 at Worlds. 2017, I went 3 and 3. 2018 I made
it to Semifinals, and then 2019 I made it to Finals. Same like 2016 MSI,
2-8, 2017 Finals, then in 19 I won MSI. There is a very high chance
that I win Worlds this year. Every new year is just a much better
year for me than the year beforehand. But I don’t think they can do
it, Nemesis now stepping forward. The Gangplank, the Veigar –
something’s gotta be enough. Perkz going in! He won in Europe, he proved himself, then
failed internationally, time and time again, only to then end up proving
everyone wrong, changing his role. Legends of this sport is like someone
who has played for many years through victories and failures. Long years of
unstoppable grind and determination to be the best. The thing about Perkz is that
when he fails, he only gets better. So 2020 is gonna be a better year. He will continue to go
until he can’t play anymore, and that is truly
what makes a legend.

Reader Comments

  1. Well now you cant make a lot more of ''lec legends'' videos @LoL Esports, since perkz is probably in a tier of his own.. successwise old legends xpeke, alex ich, diamond are very special… and in todays game rekkless (and kind of the whole g2 roster +promisq xD). But Perkz has to be #1 of all when you think about it. So if many players can be an ''LEC Legend'', Perkz has to jump up to ''Gods of LEC''-Tier instead

  2. Even as a years long Rekkles fan I have to aknowledge that between him, Soaz and this guy, Perkz is probably the european GOAT.
    And as long as he playes together with Caps, he cant be overtaken 5head

  3. Will never forget Game 5 G2 vs RNG. Probably the single biggest midlane carry I have ever seen. At the very least, the biggest Leblanc I've ever seen

  4. When Perkz cry everyone laugh but when Rekkles cry ooh poor rekkles he deserve to win. When Perkz fail he get stronger but when Rekkles fail he get to do more dramas and flaming 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. I feel like sooner or later there will be a conflict cause I think Caps ultimately isn't happy with playing bot and Perkz isn't either…

  6. With caps being better mid than him and him better ADC than Caps as its right now g2 won't even make it to msi… They need one more swap.

  7. I would like maybe call me a G2 Ultra. And two years ago i was so extremly mad when they lost to Misfits 3-0 in playoffs. After all these changes in 2019 I was giga hyped after spring split. I am always the happiest person on the world if G2 just wins a normal LEC no matter who is the enemy. But in the opposit i am very mad if they lose. I am just saying that to let you know how i feel about this team. And I am heavily scared of the loses we got the last two weeks because G2 wanted to win it was not like they gave up. And i want G2 to win worlds but actually i am hoping that Perkz goes back to ADC because in my eyes he is a better and more solid ADC than caps is. Moreover i think Caps is the better midlaner. Do you think if G2 loses the spring split, Perkz will or should swap back?

  8. Not going to lie, I hated Perkz when I first saw him Internationally, laughing while losing on stage on the first MSI. But he matured in a way that nobody saw coming. The Best European player of LoL.

  9. I'm glad because I remember the time when everybody was hating and laughing on him in youtube comments, making memes about 2-8 perkz.
    And now he is one of the most successful european league players of all time…

  10. I wish summoners rift actually looked how it did in all the clips in this video. I really like the fog effect on the map especially around the river

  11. I think G2s end game this year at internationals is to swap perkz and uma jan mid and bot so they get the opponent bamboozled and not know who they are playing against and what champs to ban

  12. Legit, the hype, the plays and the growth of the players is what makes LEC and LCS the best things for me to watch. And the announcers. CAN WE BUILD SOME MORE HYPE? I THINK WE CAN! LET'S GO ALL!

  13. It always confuses me when people say Caps or Rekkles is the best European player of all time, when it's actually Perkz and it isn't even close. Sure the other two might be better at certain things than Perkz but he is the complete package. Mechanical god, meta changing ingenuity, tilt proof and a phenomenal team captain.

  14. No matter what elo you play in, no matter what region you live in, no matter what team you support.
    You cannot deny the legacy of Perkz. Nothing but respect for this guy.

  15. I still cry when I see khan miss the E W on the last match. He probably pressed it too fast, so it didnt get registered.

  16. i hope they make it this time, there are way too many good team in LEC this year, and they mostly learn from G2 how to be fluid. how to do new thing, how to surprise

  17. From G2-8 vacation meme team to MSI champion and only one step to Grand Slam he alaways come back stronger,I believe he will get it in this year.

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