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That’s why they gave the red flag, because the helicopter has to land Hello everyone, welcome to the first video on this new international channel If you don’t know me, I’ve been making YouTube videos for two years in my other channel, which I linked below All those videos are in Italian, but with the English captions So after 2 years, considering that I have many international people watching my video with subtitles I decided to make them in double language So each video will be recorded both in Italian and in English and this is going to be the English channel if you don’t know me have been racing for two years and… …so I don’t have much experience and I am building my experience during these two years. I race with both cars and motorcycles and…in 15 days I’m gonna have the last race So today I’m here to test in order to get ready for the last race. Currently I’m second in the championship. And in order to win the championship. I must finish. I must win both last races And…my opponents must be at least 2nd and 3rd. So today’s the day where I need to improve my driving and try to find my personal record That’s why they gave the red flag because the helicopter has to land. I hope our friend did not get hurt I mean he got hurt, but I hope not that much This is not a good start, not at all That was a homemade system to clean the brake oil because during the first session I felt the brake lever coming too close to the handlebar so maybe there was some air or some humidity inside the oil, so we tried to fix it Ok, now I can go in for the second session This session was so hard because the racing suit is new And every time you get a new suit You should consider three four five sessions in order for the suit to break, in to get comfortable and I didn’t do them. So I should have done them Maybe on the mini GP, but I had no time I’m finding it really hard to drive because you know, I need to stretch the suit. by the way. I made a few experiments because I’ve been studying the onboard lap of the record which was made by Fabrizio Perotti And he uses the first gear in two corners while I don’t use it. So I tried to use it in turn three But I didn’t like it because, when I exit the corner and accelerate, the first gear is so violent that it makes it hard to control the bike And I also used it in the second chicane And I liked it in that corner. The difference is I use a different reduction ratio so since Fabrizio has longer gears he must use first gear Instead consider that I have shorter gears so it’s not good to use the first gear so we made a modification in the Electronics and we increased the engine brake in second gear so I can make the turn 3 in second and still be able to turn the bike quickly and we reduced the engine brake in 1st gear because Every time I brake and I downshift to 1st gear the rear wheels start to So this is what we did It’s been one year that I say that I should bring food from home in order to… You know, save money, save time, no need to go to the bar, eat healthy but… …I always forget This is the first time that I remember to bring food and And it’s really horrible, but you know, it’s light By the way, this morning was horrible I think the track is slower because there really is no grip every time I accelerate I lose the rear, it spins a lot and I want to go see the other lap times to see if everybody’s going slower or if it’s just me but I’m not happy, I did 11.2 Last time I did 10.3, the pole position might be 9.8. So not good. It’s not going good During the lunch break I checked the telemetry and I saw that I lose half a second in the first corner, so I’m going very slow comparing to the other tests But I gained 0.4 seconds in turn 3, so I’m going faster and after that I lose 1/10 of a second in every corner and that makes one second so I’ll try to enter faster in the first corner and I’ll try to make every corner a little bit faster At least I want to see 1.10 at least once so I can go back home happy…happy I’m afraid that this was the last session because I think that, in half a hour, the rain will come I hope it won’t so I will have another session but it doesn’t look good By the way, I’m doing something wrong once again, and I don’t know what There is no grip, okay? so you have to ride in a different way, but I don’t know how I already almost had 3 high sides I took too many risks and… I mean, I was pushing but I was not going fast, not fast enough I was the fastest in my a group, group of those who race with these tires, but I need to be faster if I wanna win But I don’t know what I’m doing wrong Somehow I saved it, a little bit I did 1.10.8 So below 1.80, so faster than 1.11 with some mistakes so it could have been a 1.10.3 maybe Let’s say it’s fine, but today I was focusing on braking later and harder And this made the fork work a lot more So now the setup that we found the last time is not good anymore for this kind of driving So we are rolling back to the fork we had the last time, so a spring a little bit harder, yeah Now if it doesn’t rain I will have one last session and I’ll try to see if it’s good and if it works fine now We made this modification because now that I was pushing a little bit more in the turn 3 Also in the change of directions for example from left then you change direction to right and you go down fast, I felt again that I was losing the front. So this is why we made the change in the setup Now I have one last session and we’ll see how it goes Okay, the rain didn’t come so I will be able to make the last session but there is an incredibly strong wind I hope I won’t fly away Wow, we saved the day In the last session I finally found confidence and I made 1.10.3 which is my best So I didn’t see 1.9 but it’s okay If you consider that I did it with 88 laps in the rear tires, Now I understand why I didn’t have brief so it’s good Now I hope I’m gonna make another test or next weekend before the last race which should be on September 15 I’ll do my best, be reassured

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  1. Hello from the USA , Ive been watching you for a while in Italian (thank God for subtitles), So glad you decided to film in English. You do a great job and ive learn a few very good things, you inspire me! Dont listen to all the haters , the courage and drive you show speaks for itself! Hope you win it this year! #R1 #full gas #Naska54#number1

  2. Please bring back English subtitles…it felt more personal whereas this is staged artificial……Please bring back English Subs

  3. Grande Naska, Grande D'Ambrosio. Great video thank you for the english version I appreciate it very much because imagine being greek listening to italian youtubers and reading the english subtitles trying to translate them to greek. Thank you for your efforts doing double videos. I really can not thank you enough. Although I still watch the italian version because I am trying to learn italian in a language school. Keep up the good work. sorry for the long comment. You truly are an idol and someone to look up to.

  4. If this is easier then I like it. But an italian version with subtitles was perfectly ok with me. As someone said, hopefully this won't be a summary because you have to record twice. I'd rather have everything and read subtitles, than miss content.

  5. Ma questa è follia: hai girato, montato e detto le stesse cose in italiano ed in inglese. Quanto diventi scemo quando li registri, a cambiare continuamente lingua? 😀

  6. Ciao Naska, prima di tutto complimenti per l’impegno che metti in tutto quello che fai, sei una persona da imitare. Ti devo anche ringraziare perché con questi video posso migliorare il mio livello di inglese. GRAZIE MILLE NASKA, SEI IL MIGLIORE 😜

  7. I hope this channel will be famous in all the world because I can only imagine the difficult to record 2 times every video in 2 different languages and editing 2 times the same video. Detto questo io sono italiano e ti seguo dall'altro canale, ma guarderò questo per migliorare il mio inglese. Ho scritto in inglese la prima parte del commento (spero decentemente) cosicchè in molti lo possano leggere e capire il lavoro e la passione che tutti i giorni dimostri. Good job Naska and good luck for the future

  8. Non so come tu faccia a registrare sia in italiano che in inglese, posso solo immaginare lo sforzo e la mole di lavoro… Detto questo mi piacciono molto i video in inglese, ti sfrutto anche per mantenermi allenato 😁

  9. Hey Naska! Really do love the effort to do both languages, but I think it adds to the feeling to hear you speaking italian with the english subtitles! I am not sure if I am the only one who thinks like this, but wanted to let you know!

  10. Nooo! I sottotitoli sono solo in inglese 😭
    Per favore puoi metterli anche in italiano? Mi piacerebbe vedere entrambi i tuoi video, ma senza sottotitoli fatico un po' tanto
    Grazie ☺️

  11. I may be like the others on the subject, but please Alberto don't lose your times recording twice the video clips in both languages, I'm a french subscriber, and am learning italian a bit with you everytime.

    You're speaking english well tho, but I personnaly think it's useless because your international fans prefer when you talk in your native language, feels more like the "Naska" we know, hearing you in english sounds a bit too much staged :/

  12. Incredible the effort that takes not only shoot a version in English, but edit it as well; much props to you. Like many of the commenters, I also enjoyed the Italian version with English subtitles. Your spoken Italian is really enjoyable and I've been learning a few words. I'll continue to watch regardless of what you do, so carry on Naska!

  13. I Watched both videos (eng & ita) and i can say that the words are exactly the same, so guys don't worry about that! But i agree that when he speaks italian, he is more natural.

  14. My free italian language fun courses are gone 😀 english videos feels different but I'll give it a go. I'm just wondering if you convince your moto friends to speak in EN in order to do your YT content. Thanks for the effort. Let's see what people say in more EN videos. Maybe they will get used to it 🙂

  15. Naska love from India 😍… thanks for English videos…. although i still like the Italian channel…. I know you will improve the English Channel by being more natural as time goes… all the best

  16. Internazionalizzare il tuo canale è un’ottima cosa ma la tua italianità, del D’ambrosio o dei tuoi meccanici non potrai mai tradurla !!! Ed è proprio questo il bello dei tuoi video e di noi italiani (parlo per esperienza visto che vivo all’estero) Grande continua così !!! 💪💪💪

  17. Let me make a suggestion if I may. Do not listen to the negative comments. I understand that doubling your workload to make both English and Italian will put extra strain on you. Obviously being your first video in a language that is not your native tongue will take time define your comfort and stride. I know just how much work goes into the editing and the creative process. Ignore people who sit behind a keyboard and make glib criticisms with very little thought to just how much work this takes especially now that you have doubled your workload. Keep it up Albi and I support you 100%!

  18. Certo che sicuramente questa mossa ti apre nuovi orizzonti……però sei bravo a complicarti la vita……doppio lavoro doppio tempo……io farei solo inglese con sottotitoli italiani….

  19. Leggendo i commenti si comprende la natura dell'italiano medio.
    Mi spiego: Naska ha cominciato a fare video in inglese e si è scatenato un putiferio perchè la maggior parte dei fans, oltre a non voler imparare l'inglese, non ha nemmeno voglia di leggere in italiano.
    Allora Naska fa lo stesso video 2 volte (uno inglese e uno italiano) e gli inglesi lo ringraziano ma gli dicono che preferivano quelli in italiano coi sottotitoli in inglese per imparare l'italiano.

  20. Ma fra ti lamenti di avere poco tempo e poi apri un canale solo inglese. Comunque tanta roba ce io non avrei mai avuto sbatti

  21. I speak italian and I follow your channel from the beginning. I think that your english is so good and so clear that you could made all videos like this one. My opinion 🤟

  22. I love you so much Alberto but dont overwork yourself by filming two vlogs! You're basically taking on double the recording and double the editing! That's crazy!
    However, thank you for this. I've been watching you for nearly two years and you've been nothing but inspirational.

  23. Naska non sarebbe meglio "doppiare" i video in inglese?
    Magari sarebbe meno professionale ma risparmieresti tempo quando sei in pista per concentrarti maggiormente. Comunque complimenti per lo sforzo di registrare 2 volte tutte le clip.

  24. Naska, LA TESTA! You need to focus on the racing stuff more than the recording and speaking stuff, italian with subtitles was very good, I even started to learn some italian, please as all your friends said to you LATELY FOCUS! wish you the best for the race, and please keep the quality of one good channel, great effort but spend it doing what we love to see in your channel, RACE!

  25. Bravo nel concentrarti nelle prove, girare un video in italino e uno in inglese, complimenti!
    PS: imparo più inglese qui rispetto a quando andavo a scuola.

  26. Bravo Naska io sono un ragazzino italiano…..e te mi hai davvero stupido….la tua storia, la tua simpatia che trasmetti e tutte le cose che fai per i tuoi iscritti….. BRAVO NASKA!!!👌♥️

  27. Thanks Naska… !👍🏼 with many wanting old format with subtitles, its so true people are adverse to change. Keep up the excellent work. I appreciate the effort

  28. Wow che lavoro hai fatto? Fare due video in due lingue diverse è da fuori di testa… si vede che stai dando il massimo per crescere e ti ammiro tantissimo, spero che questo lavoro non ti stressi troppo e non ti renda la vita difficile

  29. Sei un pazzo furioso! Lo dico in senso positivo….e ho visto che anche altri hanno sottolineato quello che sto per scriverti…pensavo che girassi un video in italiano e poi lo doppiassi in inglese, e invece hai registrato due volte distinte i commenti, in italiano ed in inglese….pazzo furioso!!! Ma così è un effort troppo esagerato….io sono favorevole ad uno switch full english!!! Comunque complimenti, sei un gran professionista (io credo che nessuno si sognerebbe di fare come hai fatto tu, chiunque avrebbe solo doppiato le registrazioni….).

  30. please continue adding subtitles to the italian clips and people can choose between them….i personally enjoy more the italian ones.
    all the best!

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