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Oh God, I’m about to do the Cadwell jump You must know that in all these years when I dreamed of getting a motorcycle or going on the track and race I spent my days on YouTube watching videos and a fixed stop of my videos on youtube was a certain track in England where certain riders a bit crazy, did something very incredible, that is: jumping with the superbikes so today I got a flight from Italy and I came here at Cadwell Park Now, I don’t know if the video makes the idea but do you see what’s over there? this is not a track, it’s jump ramp and when you get here for the first time with the bike, you see this ramp you go like “Oh God” this can’t actually be true, it can’t be like this and then you get here, you do it and you’re like “wow. I gotta do it again” Now you’re probably wondering “How did Naska get to the UK to race” he must know lots of people that’s not true. Why am I here=Because my dear friend Luca Pedersoli, from Riding School, started a partnership with an UK company called Riding in Europe He’s Alberto Marino, representative of the Riding in Europe Hi guys! I linked his videos below where he explains a little what they do And what does this company do? It organizes courses in the coolest tracks in the UK. You get on a plane, you come here, and it’s all-inclusive: bike, tires, gas, track entrance, course with instructor, and you drive the latest generation bikes, 600 1000 For example, today we are here with bikes 1000 from 2017 and you know which is the real strong point? the price. for one day of free practice like the one you’ll see in the video with the rental of motorcycles, tires, gas, entry to the track, we are talking about 5-600 euros all-inclusive can you imagine? and this is the basic plan for just the free practice and as I said then there are also the full optional plans which include the driving course with an instructor from the Riding School of Pedersoli tour of the city, and lots of other things the prices vary according to the track for more information just click on the link in the description and you’ll find all the contact details you wanna know what’s the most incredible thing? if you destroy the bike like if going full speed and it just flies off to the stands they have a max coverage that doesn’t go over €1000 having said this it’s almost time to go in and I can’t wait to put my helmet on and try this Cadwell Park jump for the first time Ok briefing time there’s a ton of people, considering it’s a Wednesday it’s 8.50 am and there’s already a queue to get in what a thing. These are not a problem, the asphalt is cold no thermo this queue is endless Perdersoli just finished the first turn at Cadwell park, what do you think? the first 2/3 laps you’re like “I need to change sport” really? there are some spots where you don’t see beyond great ok the suit is on, Suzuki ready I’m ready for the Cadwell Park Christening Oh God, I’m about to do the Cadwell jump So? What I have just witnessed? they’re crazy but… like.. the hill up there? there are some spots where you wonder why you’re doing this “why am I doing this?” the famous jump I was like “let’s go in it slowly” instead I found myself facing you know when like the charlift goes up…? it’s one of those things to do at least once in your life do laps at Cadwell park. I wish I came here sooner Second session is over, I’m starting to get the hang of it It’s better than the amusement park Now I’ll show you a lap at Cadwell Park to let you see why we’re so shocked by this track first of all, what strikes most is the incredible cleanliness and order of this structure which is also something we saw at donington park, everything is incredibly clean and precise the track was built in 1934 and initially it was unpaved one thing that strikes as soon as you arrive is that you look at it and think “something’s missing” there are no box there are none, just paddock this you see here is the track entrance while this is the track exit, and on the opposite side of the track is the starting grid and the pitlane which are used only during races the other shocking thing about this track is the width it’s so narrow! like a Kart circuit I wasn’t able to find online the exact measures, but more or less, if Franciacorta is 12 meters wide this is about 8meters and despite this there are spots where you are leaning down going full speed at 280km/hr, up the hill and despite its narrowness the behaviour on the track during this track day is exceptional The first laps at cadwell park, as soon as you get off the bike you feel disoriented because it is a track that alternates ups and downs like a roller coaster, with corners to take full speed with a 6th , and curves where the 1st is even too high then blind curves, where you up with a 4th, and you can’t see thankfully the tracks make available trailblazers to help you during the first laps, and help you get the hang of it but once you get the hang of it, it’s crazy! you don’t wanna stop and now, let’s watch the lap. I almost forgot, the bike I’m riding is a 2017 road Suzuki, with dunlop tires D213 gp pro no anti-wheeling this is the turn to be done with a 2nd, after that you go straight, and you accelerate full gas 3rd, 4th, 5th, what you’re seeing on the right is the pit lane used during races while this one is the starting grid, and you get at 5th, you downshift one gear, the big turn leaning down on the left at 170km/hr, change direction, downshift to 3rd, you do this big curve on the right, it’s very long you’re blind, you never see when it ends you close and give full gas you upshift all the way to 6th, with this compression that pushes you towards the tank curve on the left, uphill, at 280 you hit the brakes, downshift to 2nd, right curve, you accelerate again, go 3rd, you lean, close the gas and then again full gas here in 3rd, a very long curve, it never ends, you hit the brakes, downshift to do this variant with a strong compression, a huge downhill, you’re like flying down very fast here, the rider is too slow, I have to avoid him curve to be done with the 1st, you hold it, and go all the way down and there here you hit the brakes you almost feel like putting your foot down. 1st, full gas, upshift to 2nd to avoid wheeling, outdistance, and then finally you reach the most beautiful spot of the track the jump! You jump! full gas to then reach this right, left, right, again left, then downshift go 1st, for this narrow turn, accelerate again, go 2nd, and you enter the last curve, which puts you straight towards the finish line So, this was one lap at Cadwell Park, now the morning is over now it’s lunch time then we’re off to a special mission lunch break is over, a friend came to visit. Hello! and now the aim of this phase of the day since the photographer is here at the jump is to make at least one jump we’ve hired him as cameraman to let you understand the spirit we had during this session we did one hr and 20 minutes of wait time, just for the jump we filled the tank twice, to do the whole track with the gas closed and then open just for the jump. I still don’t get how it’s supposed to be done they said you were doing great jumps really? You know what I did? I turned off everything I turned off the damper, the anti-wheeling, the traction, because it’s gotta be all nice and clean something I did show great AND NOW LET’S HAVE FUN A BIT THANK YOU RIDING SCHOOL AND RIDING IN EUROPE FOR THE INVITE! IF YOU WANT TO RIDE AT CADWELL, THE LINK IS IN THE DESCRIPTION SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL

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  1. Per info sui pacchetti RIDING IN EUROPE:
    Gruppo Facebook:
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    Contatto email: [email protected]

  2. Si vede che lavori con passione, quando ci si diverte nel proprio lavoro si fa "godere" anche gli altri.
    È come quando vai ad un concerto, se chi suona lo fa solo perché lo deve fare tanto vale sentire il CD…
    Bravo Naska! Like e iscrizione meritati alla grande, continuerò a seguirti con piacere.

  3. Hey naska…pista fantastica ….ho avuto la pelle d'oca quando hai descritto il tuo giro pista … mi piacerebbe molto se facessi più spesso questi giri tutorial su piste italiana ….. sempre fresco 54!!

  4. oddio, ascoltare te mentre commenti e' un fottuto godere, chissà' com'e' quando commenti una gara, voglio te come successore di meda

  5. Forget the Mountain, what about Coppice? Also, Cadwell and bike hire should be about 350 rather than 600 euros:

  6. Ora si che puoi correre però spiega ai ragazzi youtuber che nelle strade di ogni giorno non e come nella pista

  7. Pista stupenda, non posso che non pensare quando vedo quel salto, a che palle devono avere i road racer irlandesi ed inglesi che corrono nell'IRRC. Li è tutta una montagna russa.

    P.S. Video stupendo comunque, Pedersoli mi fa morire ahaha

  8. Ma in uscita dall'ultima curva prima del traguardo sei finito sull'erba? Minuto 9.02
    Se sì hai controllato da dio!
    Comunque grazie per i tuoi video, molto istruttivi, comunicativi e davvero davvero divertenti.

  9. Comunque sono andato in questa pista e diciamo che al salto mi sono ucciso per terra mi sono spaccato il braccio

  10. Da crossista la cosa più bella sono i salti, per impratichirti potresti andare in una pista da cross così impari un pò di tecnica 😀

  11. mamma mia che sballo… Naska sei davvero un mito video sempre più belli e passione sempre più grande! Un esempio!
    Bravo 😁

  12. Wow e a dir poco spettacolare cavolo che pista sarà una di quelle dove vorrò andare hai ragione quando dici che sembra di essere al luna Park lo sembra persino dall'ingresso 😂😂😂😂

  13. Mi fa piacere che sia riuscito a provare Caldwell ,ti seguo e conosco la pista perche ci ho girato 3 volte visto che abito a poca distanza. Pista molto tecnica che non fa per me (poca esperienza) ma molto divertente. Sei in mito bravo

  14. Sono un motociclista…. ma SOLO 600 euro, piu il volo, x 1 giorno…. ma signori…io ci faccio mangiare la mia famiglia

  15. Per la gente che corre la TT questa è la passeggiata della domenica. Io sto a due orette da Caldwell park, ma col mio 250 mi pare un po sprecato andare li con Silverstone a 20 minuti.

  16. Quindi se una persona poco pratica, dovesse rompere la moto, cadendo, cosa succederebbe? Hanno la assicurazione casco? Comunque sia siete stati un sacco temerari. Ho appena visto i crash, in questa pista, e in particolar modo, uno mi ha davvero fatto venire i brividi. Pericolosissima quella pista, e mi chiedo come cavoli fanno a farci le gare. È proprio una cosa da pazzi furiosi, (cit. Monty, visto che hai appena fatto l'intervista, e visto che ti ho conosciuto grazie a lui)

  17. Ho una domanda: Tutti quei pezzi di ombra non cambiano in modo assurdo le temperature dell'afaltalto?

  18. Il lettore non deve esser monumentale nel legger questo:

    Un circuito così, tanto inserito in altro ambiente, naturale, con tanta levigatezza di asfalto… Fa pensare che in Gran Bretagna il motociclismo estremo non c'era più tutto intero o non c'era ancora tutto! Però, le vere leggi ovunque garantiscono per gli stranieri impiego rispettoso di capacità straniere. Come il rapace in cielo non sa provar astio per vite davvero inermi, così… il motociclista estremo percepisce maggiormente, tanto più quanto più è estremo, la natura attorno, proprio perché il motociclismo è senza abitacolo ed è fatto per tanta aggressività nei confronti del tempo. Chi ne teme, non sa che si fa e si continua a fare motociclismo solo se per motivazioni vitali, altrimenti termina concentrazione e lena per farlo.
    Per un periodo le gentilezze climatiche extraeuropee in Europa erano solo in Italia tanto esagerate quanto intruse, impertinenti, controproducenti (provvidenzialmente…!), dunque per le strade della Italia restavano e di più per bisogni autoctoni interamente e totalmente estreme, la rabbia, od ira, o furia, che parevano assurde, sembrando controsenso senza esserlo … e dall'Estero ignari protestavano ma non dovevano. Se da noi c'era motivo in più doveva esserci spunto in più. Portando all'estero queste esperienze non si chiamava sciocco nessuno, neppure a dirne in Italia per evitare disonestà di chi ignora i bisogni cui serve il motociclismo.

    Ho detto in questo senso semplice: bisogno di spostarsi in tal certo modo, di arrivare, anche per vivere e far vivere, per non morire e non far morire, anche per esigenze non palesi o non palesabili.

  19. Boh vabbè io adoro sto video!!!! ♥️😜♥️ Video bellissimo!!! Seguo seguo!!!! ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  20. So cool to see you at a Cadwell park!.. next time you visit you must ride Oulton is park!… Ausome video!.. peace ✌️

  21. Bello, non costa troppo, ma si può fare un corso di guida partendo dalla base a queste condizioni (moto inclusa)? non voglio rischiare di demolire la mia F4

  22. Naska ma se salti e il motore gira a vuoto non si rompe come ha fatto a Doci alugello qualche anno fa

  23. Alberto ma mi spieghi perche sali in moto in quel modo particolare?
    comunque sei un grande che fa cose con una semplicità spettacolare.

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