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And there’s an epic discount for You that are viewing this video Am I right Matteo? Hello Riders and welcome from Your MadHorse Today We’re at CMT Racing at Albano Laziale (Nearby Rome) Ferro14 is a rider of this Team and today We’re here for Him as “Personal Videomaker” He’ll show a comparative video about Exhausts for Yamaha R6, a bike that I’ll ride this year on track Ferro14: Today is a special day not only for MadHorse but for myself too, infact You’ll see in link in description to my channel a comparative Video between Akrapovic Exhausts for Yamaha R6 Directly on Ferro14 YouTube Channel I’ll show You some backstage clips from that video, see You soon guys Here We are with Team Manager/Mechanic/Everyguyindacrew Alessandro which is removing short exhaust Sorry sir, We’re shooting a video here Ferro14: Oh god Alessandro: Cut everything Yeah sure ahah What do You think about this Ferro14’s Training Bike? Alessandro: IT’S A BEAST So We’re accepting bets to guess in which sector of Vallelunga I will crash What do You Think about it Ferro? Ferro14: Nowhere or you’re f****d He will get me at my house to kill me Alessandro: He will faint with some salts to make comeback him to breath Ferro14: And the music? MADHORSE COPYRIGHT SONG Ferro14: Better remove it My video will be epic, only b***s***s, I’ll make gloves product placement at the start I don’t think so Here We are, this is the gloves moment for everyone that’s watching this video, will be an extra discount on 20% Sales Discount mentioning MadHorse Now let’s go to Emiliano while destroying bikes to see some gloves Hi Emiliano! Emiliano: Hello guys! Emiliano: Here are some Alpinestars gloves GP Pro any difference from previous model? Emiliano: Yes, definitely Emiliano: Glove entrance it’s way smoother specially on wrist Emiliano: Previously it was way more harder to insert hand and wrist and now protections are under a special Alpinestars Patent I wear L size 1st enter is always hard Emiliano: Yep, it’s normal Ok L size is perfect This is my 1st buy of 2020 Thank You Emiliano Emiliano: I Hope You’ll enjoy these gloves Of course! And with all these technical products I’ll comeback for sure And We’re back, after this “money fall” necessary for this year with this bike Thank You Ferro14 for let me use it and teaching me how to ride it properly Ferro14: I think You’ll go really good Yeah, let’s hope Ferro14: Try to don’t make bad crashes Ferro14: Maybe I’ll set a specific engine map for MadHorse Let me know what do You think in comments down below Subscribe to keep updated about my latest uploads subscribe to Ferro14 channel too share this video with your friends and if You enjoyed it, leave a big like Lamps from Your MadHorse, Ferro14 and our special cameraman Matteo Picci22 See You next!

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