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Good morning guys finally the big day when you finally see the motorbike because you were stressing me, it’s a bmw s1000 xr in reality only a few of you guessed it but I would talk about it later because now it’s a boring road up to Florence unless we give gas but at that point we get arrested and plus I don’t know what rhythm they want to keep, I’ll see you later where there are some nice curves we have just exited the highway now towards Passo della Raticosa it had to be sunny instead the weather seems very cloudy we could also find some damp now that we are off the highway I would say that the time has come to put the suspension in dynamic configurations so they become more rigid more sporty mapping we move from road to dynamic pro which would be the sportiest one that this bike has something really cool is that with this map every release the exhaust starts to burst, and think there is the original exhaust but guys there is a sound – you will soon hear it Oh my, guys is the first serious outing between the curves I do with this bike So I don’t know neither her nor the tires today will be a day practically to test it without of course exaggerating, we are in the company of a tracer 900 even that has a beautiful engine, I don’t know if you remember the test I did, and a ktm 129o adventure that you know very well Guys the engine is really absurd because now I kept it a bit higher because they are still keeping a fairly fast pace and os I need the reactive bike, but it has a super elasticity guys, I’m in sixth 70km / hr but manages to go down in sixth up to 37 38 it goes very well, so if ones wants to keep a more easy pace he can really keep this bike in sixt, it is truly something spectacular he crashed! what a crash! in the guard rail. here the road is damp there is also a bit of fog look at that here is really wet. anyway guys i know you are amazed by this change because i have always had since you know me a ktm 690 single cylinder 790 twin cylinder always testing ktm etc this is probably what led me to change, because always with the same bikes, there was a desire for change, a desire to try something different in this case engine completely different because we talk – I can’t see shit – three meters away it’s all white – however I was saying that the engine it’s completely different from the ones I’ve always driven because it’s an in-line four-cylinder what is also mounted on the s1000rr therefore a very sporty engine 165 hp frame and chassis much more worn on the sportiness therefore very rigid and stable I used it these days obviously even without making videos but the bike is really really nice something spectacular soon I will also do a complete test on it today I just wanted to present it to you – nothing I hope this fog will go away soon also because it is so wet – I know it sounds bad – but sometimes there is that mist that doesn’t bother this instead you feel just as if it rained on you, you feel the water that condenses on you. I have not get it new, it is not new, I have found a great opportunity a bmw dealership, and it has just the color I was looking for, the hp, I have found it with only 4,000 km full optional heated grips, cruise control, electronic suspension electronic gearbox dynamic mappings, it really has it all, and so I took it, and then I don’t know if you noticed it but I still have the gloves of the ktm because the only ones I had to travel in this cold were by ktm, I would also like to invite you to follow the girl you saw at the beginning of the video, I leave you her instagram nickname in the description not the best day for this trip very cold, windy, so we left after having a nice coffee now we are going towards the Passo della Sambuca and afterwards we will go towards the Passo del muraglione hoping to find a little less wind and a little more sun the blipper The bike is fine guys I’m finding a good feeling the engine is fine when it revs it glides, practically the front glides, because there are controls of course if I turn them off it flies, obviously a very sporty traction control because putting it on the map dynamic pro it feels like a track ride the controls are not invasive at all Guys I’m super happy with this bike satisfied because these days I had only tried it in terms of engine, daily use, and I was already delighted ,today that I took her to these places, moreover in this period they are very dirty and a little damp so not even at best, asphalt, ice and etc, but the bike really goes so well, it is not tiring to drive… beautiful beautiful, there is nothing really to say — then there is a sound is scary, to be original… perhaps it’s the bike with the most beautiful sound I ever rode, it screams when you open it is really really beautiful, I dare not imagine when we put the exhaust on which hp corse is already working, and we will mount soon. Sandwich break Car stopped in the middle of the road Certainly a nice spot to stop .. there are places every few kilometers where to stop, I don’t understand why stopping in the middle of a road behind a curve you must know guys that the only “flaw”, of this bike is the consumption: for 218 km precisely I have consumed almost 23 euros 15 liters, the average gives me 6.7 liters per 100 km You cannot get distracted for a moment and they leave immediately, here the road is really beautiful I got them wow god Jacopo goes .. with that 1290, I struggle to keep up with him no more mountains so I would say goodbye now because I don’t even know how much is left for the gopro to run out of battery and I will not stop again to change it, so guys i hope you like the new bike i really am excited about it really happy you can’t imagine how much I hope it will be like this for you too with this bike we can have fun everywhere, do tourism, sports, and even some tracks, and I say it already so let me know in the comments what you think leave me a nice video like subscribe if you have not already done so and see you next video with this beast, bye!

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  1. Allora prima cosa tantissimi auguri x il tuo nuovo acquisto, (la bestiola) come la chiami tu, video bellissimo come sempre, che dire capisco cosa provi perché anch'io quando ho cambiato moto ero così come te!!! Moto bellissima complimenti, buona strada sempre!!!!! ✌Ciao

  2. Miglior motore in assoluto provare per credere. Io la provai quasi per sbaglio perché stavo per prendere il superduke 1290 ma da quando sono salito non sono più sceso.. davvero impressionante su strada la più efficace metti in sesta a 50km/h riprende come un missile. La mia bimba❤️

  3. Davvero tanti auguri è una moto che fa rimanere a bocca aperta anche se a primo impatto non sembrerebbe…e dopo aver guardato questo video ci si innamora ancora di più di questo BMW 💟

  4. Tanta roba… complimenti!!
    Però tutti quelli che conosco io (motociclisti di zona) dopo un anno o due al massimo hanno preferito venderla e tutti sostenevano di essersi "stufati". Ora io non so il perché forse solo coincidenze, in ogni caso goditela 🤜🤛

  5. Moto di Forno: il mio vecchio proprietario mi ha cambiato per una moto tranquilla…
    Altre moto: quale?
    Moto di Forno: una BMW 1000
    comunque bella moto, i 4 cilindri sono più gestibili di un mono cilindrico…
    ci si becca in giro, Forno…tra un po'…

  6. Spettacolo! Spettacolo! Avevo pensato anche io a lei, per non rinunciare alla velocità e alla piega! Dopo sto video ne sono ancor più convinto !

  7. volevo chiederti come è la posizione di guida rispetto alla 1290 e se come motore che somiglianza hai trovato sempre con la 1290 S, sono molto indeciso su quale delle due prendere….premetto che ho fatto un test drive della 1290 appena 3 giorni fa e il motore mi ha lasciato stupito,,,non ho provato la BMW MA MI piace moltissimo.

  8. Bellissima 😍 gran moto , adatta un po' a tutto ,soprattutto per i lunghi viaggi non risulta scomoda. Complimenti (come sempre) per la scelta 💪

  9. Domanda un po' azzardata

    Proverai in futuro una moto supersportiva (600cc/1000cc) o magari affiancherai a questa belva una moto sportiva per uso pista?

  10. l'unica moto con cui forse cambierei la mia tracer 900 2017! ai bassi com'è? la tracer lo sai è mooolto elastica ad ogni regime e marcia! questa è più un 4 standard o una via di mezzo?

  11. Di estetica sembra una moto che quando la vedi dici "ah si diverte con quella moto bella comoda e tranquilla" ma no, non è tranquilla 😂❤️

  12. Ottima moto! L’ho tenuta 2 anni percorrendo circa 58000 km. Venduta per i consumi esagerati però moto validissima. Sono rimasto comunque in casa BMW con un GS1250 adv. Vedremo come se la caverà. Bun gasssss….

  13. non ti preoccupare andando avanti crea dipendenza ci girerai anche la notte come faccio io senza traffico benvenuto alle giostre…….montaggi un filtro aria sportivo e si aprira' il mondo

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