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Yes, my first ever Formula race is over I do not know if I’ve said it before but I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun in my life on the track as I said in the video of race1 today I run with the predator pc15 while the others around me run with pc10 the pc015 has a lot more aerodynamic load so it is more performing when braking, entering the turn, and mileage while PC 10 has less aerodynamic load and therefore it’s more performing when straight, having more speed and this totally confused me in race 1 since I was unable to surpass my opponents Now it’s time for race 2, I’ve carefully studied the video of the first race analyzing the differences in driving and performance and I think I understand how to surpass the others since the starting order will be based on the arrival order of race 1 and I arrived fifth I will start fifth, in the midst of the crowd No more playing around now I will aim at making the comeback of lifetime because that second place from which I started with race 1 must be mine again Will I make it? Get your popcorn and coke ready because you are about to witness the most beautiful race of my life Ok it’s all ready for race 2 at the start of race 1, I held eighty percent of the gas and I let go of the clutch, but the engine lost revs to avoid this again in race 2 I will keep the gas at 100%, and I’ll let go of the clutch the idea is to slide the rear tires like I did with the PC08 for Fastweb’s video Because with 100 HP even if the wheels slip, you don’t waste much time and by doing so at least you keep the engine at high revs so it’s better than having it turn off Can we go? What are we waiting for? there’s someone back there who has problems. He’s getting out of the car ok the start is postponed, another formation lap then we’re off they didn’t slip like this either! ok I limited the damage certainly for the next race I have to adjust the clutch pedal because I can’t start I carefully studied race 1 and let’s recall my strong points outdistance, inserting, and turns, so I have to do my best there As usual when straight I can’t go forward please go ahead, just another position to gain what the…? I think the yellow car in front has a problem because it’s pissing oil everywhere, I can’t see anything this problem of his is making me go slower I’m losing the others, I need to surpass him asap I did it! Now I have to do the same with the others I have to catch them Yes, come on! They’re open, it’s my chance I can surpass them at the first turn Go, go come on! Now I’m going to hide behind him I’ll take the longest trail I can and I’ll come out at the last minute to try surpass him from inside Yes, another one is out that second place up there is mine, and I’m gonna go get it Hold on, hold on guys safety car that’s why! Someone ended up on the gravel OK we lost two laps but at least the group is back together now we’re off again I almost got you! Look at him, he’s trying so hard. But I’m not giving up I’m not giving up, I’m not giving up Yes, come on! Now I’m getting #2 Yes, yes! I’m second now Oh God, now it’s straight Oh no, please, Be nice, stay behind stay there, be nice, come on Oh God, oh God they’re coming from every side Oh come on! I have to do it all over again Not a chance, now I’m gonna hold on Yes, two down the GoPro fusion stopped working again… What a battle! ok two laps and half to go I have to study this surpass better it’s obvious I can’t surpass them at that curve again otherwise the same disaster will happen so I have to get ready and then surpass them at least 2 or 3 turns before, to gain some advantage and be safe when straight Two laps to go. I have to give it my best shot I have to remember that I am faster in turns I’m gonna try something crazy: surpass him from outside yes! I now that guy in front I must surpass at the next turn So I can gain some advantage and be safe Yesss Now I have to put as much distance as possible in these three turns where are you? where are you? where are you? stay behind, stay behind, Now I need to outdistance them big time from the outside! yes! from the outside stop, stop! safety car wait, was this the last lap? that’s why, another guy went out in the same spot… This was the last lap! so the race is over! What a race! You did the best comeback ever! Congrats, great race! What did you do? I burnt the gasket at the starting grid you were the one who got out the car, I saw you Holy shit, what did you do? what did you do? there, at the big turn! what a race! what a race! it was without doubt the best race of my whole life when, at lap 7, they all surpassed me I thought: “this is the end” instead, it turned out be a great battle fun and fair the best moment was when at the second-last lap I outdistanced them at the end of the track, which made me win second place I’m surprised at how much these cars can create races that are exciting, fun, and adrenalinic the exact opposite of formula 1 which has now become boring with a surpass every 30 minutes and if you liked this video, aside from subscribing to the channel, please share it with all your friends who are fans of this sport because such a battle deserves to be watched and I also have some great news my adventure on the Predators does not end here because on July 14-15th I will race again, with the PC015 on the Tazio Nuvolari racetrack. I can’t wait! and you’re all invited to come see me and cheer me on I look forward to seeing you there thank you Corrado and the whole Predators staff for giving me the chance to do these races and thank you Simracing Motorsport for working hard to make all this possible

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