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  1. Btob minhyuk's part make me crying idk why..cuz he's run really fast until he fall cuz it was just to far from others..oh minhyukie☹💙

  2. This show need to stop because idols keep getting hurt. When Moonbyul of Mamamoo ran and fell on her chin the hosts replay that video five time but she got injuries. You can clearly see one of her group members wanting to cry.

  3. 2:43 WTF the kpop idol is injured the cameraman is filming that although he is needed to help the boy

  4. 4:55 tao, and he is injured that time . He suffered severe pain but the agency didbnothing till he decided tobgive up and left exo

  5. Me gusta como a pesar de no ser sus compañeros se detienen a ayudar si el que se tropezó se encuentra bien~

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