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Judd Trump cue action analysis. Рart 1.

Judd Trump cue action analysis. Рart 1.

Judd Trump is one of the most exiting and
dominant snooker player in professional snooker world. His natural ability and attacking playing
style attracts more people to watch snooker and increased popularity all around the world
in recent years. There is no other player who can beat Judd
Trump in long potting game. If there were long potting word snooker championship
he probably won it multiple times. 1 reason why he is so good in long potting
is that he stays still during the shot. This is very important because if your body
and head moves during the shot it is impossible to be consistent potter especially at the
long distance potting. 2 reason why he so good at long potting is
that his is cue is parallel with the table. This helps him to deliver cue on the straight
more consistently and play without unnecessary side which makes potting more complicated. 3 reason is that Judd Trump has decent contact
point after the cue delivery. After the cue delivery his chin is touching
the cue, grip touches the chest. This makes his cue delivery repeatable and
very consistent. It helps him to have good cue ball control,
because he aims and delivers cue at the same cue ball height. On the 2 part of Judd Trump’s cue action
analysis you will see why he has such an amazing cue power and break building. You will also see some strange parts in his
cue action and how he overcomes his deficiencies. Stay tun!

Reader Comments

  1. 1. he doe's not stay still through the shot..his body comes to the right as he begins his follow through which is how he ends up striking the center of the cue ball when he clearly lines up to the right on every shot..just saying ..even your own slow motion at 42 secs proves this

  2. His shin is always touching the cue, even after delivery because he has no elbow drop in his cue action .Iam i right coach ?

  3. He uses wrist action, which adds a lot of acceleration hence power and spin, however it requires much more coordination.
    Also I wonder how he manages to play such a high power shots with such a small elbow drop.

    Btw. Do you guys need somebody to film for you in Kyiv?

  4. A lot of people forget how wide his stance is,right foot at least a foot in front of his left also robertson and selby play in the same manner also the cue is at least 10" away from the hip so there all round balance is more stable

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