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joker love story freefire قصة حب الجوكر فري فاير

joker love story freefire قصة حب الجوكر فري فاير

Well done joker your mental state has been improving really well lately. Thank you doctor You’re welcome. doctor , you can pass the night in my house if you want because it’s really late and it’s raining as well. You are a nice person , thank you Do you wanna know why did I kill all of clan’s members? Hey, how are you? Good and you? I’m alright. So how was your day Amani? Today I was finally able to kill all my enemies yet I’m feeling so sad Why’s that? I’ve always thought they were my friends, yet they were actually my enemies I think that it’d be better if you forget about them Ameni you must only think of yourself from now on you should leave these heartbreaking memories behind your back and move on Thank you I really appreciate your consolation and mainly talking to you. Amani I wish if I could see your face can you take off your mask even for once ? Please do it for me I’m sorry but I can’t I really have to go now . Goodbye Okay take care see you next week in our usual spot as always JOKER , I have successfully completed my task Well done. But did anyone notice or see anything? No. No one at all Awesome. Our island will be in the best condition , soon … why you kill this serial killer? Actually every murderer pledges his loyalty to whoever pays him the most so technically we should kill him before he betrays us than kills us for money So brilliant. you’re really smart joker WE LOVE YOU JOKER why are you late? I’ve been waiting for a 1 hour I’m so sorry how are you today? Are you feeling any better? I’m still sad Amani you’re always depressed please tell me what’s going on with you No I’m sorry I can’t Believe you shouldn’t grieve this much over anything you should move on with your life and forget it cause it is consuming you and stressing you everyday I love you so much so please trust me and tell me what’s wrong I love you too but I hope if you can forget me cause I only bring you sadness I’m always happy I never get sad tell me what’s going on with you Sorry joker but I gotta go now. Goodbye! the leader of clan 7H is here and he wants to talk with you Mmh Clan 7H!! Let him in. Hello everybody , how are you joker ? Huh I thought that everyone from Clan 7H was dead hahahaha All of us are alive! Nobody can kill 7h members So strange! Do you know someone called
Amani? No I don’t and I’ve never heard of anyone with this name before Amani… Where are you? Amani…. Amani…. Amani…. Welcome back joker how can I help you ? Please give me some poison I wanna kill my self I really hope that my death might make more sense than my life Why what’s wrong with you joker? thinking about suicide is bad but now all I have are negative thoughts Indeed everyday I thought that my life was some sort of a joke but now I’ve realized it has been a tragedy instead Please tell me what’s going on with you Did you know that I have delusions everyday and that most of my life is fake? Joker you’re so smart and thanks to you the government was able to solve all the problems of the island that’s why I had orders to keep listening to you everyday without telling you that you were having a delusional love story so I won’t distract you or get your mind off of fighting crimes What do you think you get when you use a psychopath to benefit from? You get what you deserve!! Clowns … something very serious has happened.. The Joker killed his doctor yesterday and most likely he found out
We have used it all these years to bring justice to the island Don’t be afraid, clowns. I promise you that I will kill the Joker tomorrow to be continued …

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  1. 5:05ههههههههههههههههههههههه حشيش نووورت الفيديو😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  2. الدقيقة 8:30 نفس الكلام في فيلم الجوكر الجديد عندما قتل الجوكر المخرج

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  4. وٌآوٌوٌوٌوٌوٌوٌ بًتٌوٌفُيَقُ فُـيِّلَمً رأّئعٌ وٌجّـمًيِّلَ جّـدٍأّ ❤🌹

  5. ياخي والله مليت وانا ابحث عن اسم برنامج الانميشن..عندي لابتوب..لكن لا اعرف اسم البرنامج المستخدم😞😞😞💔💔ارجوك اخبرني

  6. Tem como fazer uma intro igual a que você fez so que com o nome Golden artic

    Eu vou dar os créditos

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