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Joe Root Criticises Lord’s Wicket After Win Over Ireland | Sports Tak

Joe Root Criticises Lord’s Wicket After Win Over Ireland | Sports Tak

sports the jury KCB chhotya body a bit chilly subscribe current sports tuck srt PCB notification go panicky leave a like Skoda banana pooling so this morning we were outstanding I really do so we exploit those conditions beautifully and knew it's gonna be challenging defending 180 but for I was a lot of runs on that wicket and they got in the groove very quickly and and you know when they do that on a surface it offers as much as that one does then it's very difficult for about to get started I thought there wasn't a fair not even close to a fair contest between bat and ball throughout the whole game I thought we see periods where it did get a little bit easier and better to bat and we weren't we weren't at our best by any stretch we manage certain periods very well I thought we were put under pressure for some very good ball bowling from Ireland I thought they exploit the conditions in that first morning in particular extremely well but we found a way to win a game and you know first in his last innings when you're getting scores like that I don't think that's it very well I think that tells a story in itself when the scores are as low as that and on a surface that you play no there's always a different challenges when playing in England to anywhere else in the world it does do a little bit more than most places through the air for longer off the surface a little bit more especially in the first innings and you have to find ways of coping with that and I think it was a extreme in this game I think they they in the right and this week in terms of playing Test cricket their performance is very good especially with the ball given a was bowler friendly conditions they were outstanding they know they managed to put was under pressure throughout different parts of of the game of the tune of it days and you know throughout from that you know first after about seven or eight overs felt like we were on the back foot and we had to really scrap and fight to get back into the Test match so now there I can see them upset in a few big sigh big test plane sides in in the near future it's given an opportunity a beer on say not those ten weeks of hard cricket with high emotion ups and downs and just take a lot out of you but you as I said I've felt like I'd planned for what we had a new that was a very quick turnaround and you that wouldn't have had long to get my round test cricket the preparation in terms of not having a first-class fixture before this game was not ideal but it is what it is and you have to know I have to suck it up and get on with it when you've you know come off the back of that you don't you've never been in that position before so it's hard to to really know how are you gonna cope with that whether that had an impact it's you know I can't speak on behalf of the players I turned up for this week extremely excited about the test summer you know and very pleased that we've managed to find a way to win this game and there's been different pressures and challenges that this games thrown at us and although we've not been perfect we've managed it pretty well and we've done very well to come out and win it as convincingly as we have in the end I'll be thinking it's doing a bit in England especially after their game was well I look like that was a spicy wicket from afar I think it's hard for anyone to read too much into this as it's a very extreme conditions but I'm sure that bowlers will like the look of the surface here and I think it's it's bubbling up nicely for a very entertaining first game and I'm looking forward to the build-up and everything that comes with that first Test match you

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  1. Lord matlab Hindi me( BHAGWAN) hota hai aur tum to Kya koi aur bhi BHAGWAN ko samajh nhi Sakta isliye tujhe BHAGWAN ko criticize krne ka koi haq nhi tum log BHAGWAN ki wajah se wc jeete ho

  2. & when flat tracks with those shitty white kokkaburas are given in 8 out of 10 odis ( on an average ) then its fine . Wow

  3. Jamesh Clouderson aur Stuart Fraud ne aisi hi pitches par khelkar nakli records banaye hai. Ye Australia ya subcontinent ki pitches par khelte na toh inki 100 wickets bhi nahi hoti career mein

  4. Abe wicket ko kya criticize kar raha hai. Harr match mein toh tumhare yaha aisi hi ghatiya pitches banti hai Test Cricket mein. Upar se vo Dukes ball jiss se ordinary medium pacers bhi Malcolm Marshall lagte hai.

  5. Inhone world cup m bhi,flat track kiye or inhe test m bhi yehi chaiye😂😂😂😂😂😂😂thats world champions for you!

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