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Jimny Touring through Isimangaliso Wetlands in The Overland Spec Suzuki Jimny! (2020)

Jimny Touring through Isimangaliso Wetlands in The Overland Spec Suzuki Jimny! (2020)

Our journey continued, leaving Kosi Bay
in our rearview we took the long way around to get to St Lucia, this would
take us through the northern sections of the Isimangaliso Wetlands National Park
and our trusty Suzuki Jimny had taken us this far but not only being an immense
amount of fun out on the track but also being our home this journey, kitted out
with a rooftop tent, awning, extra fuel and water it’s taken really good care of
us so far. This is the strangest place we’re driving through like, mangrove
forests, through the dunes and everything there’s like now a whole massive
freshwater lake Lake Sibiya. It’s quite crazy it’s very very epic, very very cool
but it’s a beautiful day, it’s hot too and the sand it’s baking but it’s beautiful,
beautiful sky, beautiful weather but I can tell it’s time to put on the suntan
lotion on, it’s cooking. Considering this Considering this was our sixth day on the road our spirits were high and the roadtrip feeling was still strong with us. We
couldn’t have come to St. Lucia at better time, The light had turned golden as we crossed lake St Lucia and after checking our campsite out we decided to
take an evening walk before it got too dark, we had to be careful because it was
almost that time of day with a hippos love to come out and play, and many
people don’t know that hippos are in fact the most dangerous animal in Africa,
but with scenery like this the temptation was too much. It is beautiful. We’re gonna go set up our camp, settle in
for the evening have a couple drinks, get a good night’s rest. It’s been a long
day of traveling and we’ve got long day ahead of us tomorrow exploring this
beautiful beautiful place this has definitely been a bit of a surprise trip
neither of us have really been here and we didn’t know what to expect, every day
was a surprise and so far it has been pleasant surprise after pleasant
surprise. We’re lucky to have such a varied and beautiful country and not
enough people explore it So something that’s been great on this
trip and something that I haven’t spoken about too much is the TAKLA seat
covers and the TAKmats they are worth gold especially the TAKmats, their
something that I really recommend you do is get something that really covers and
lines the footwell. So It’s just nice to have that confidence even the seat covers you
know, it’s just good. You know we were in the rain a couple times, and you know just to jump in the car and go confidently not worried about messing
the seats or anything like that it is really nice having that kind of sense of
comfort and that sense of security that you’re not ruining your beautiful car.
But, it is time for me to clean these mats out a bit, it’s getting a bit of
rough We took it slow this morning, this was
part of the trip where we got to take it all super easy
By now it was our 6th morning of having to pack up our setup so it was beginning
to become second nature by now but we certainly weren’t in any rush because we
decided to head for a breakfast in town before we head off for a day full of
adventure. Okay so today we are looking at heading through to Cape Vidal to go
check out the lighthouse there and in doing that we’re gonna probably you know
traverse through the Isimangaliso wetlands park and you know St. Lucia and
we probably gonna go and have a look and see if we can find and book our boat
cruise that we wanted to do and a couple of other little activities so let’s get
to it! Excited and ready for a day of intense game viewing and bird-watching
with bird books in hand we set off not knowing what Isimangaliso had in
store for us with a variety of little creatures abound Isimangaliso is not
your typical Big Five Park it’s certainly a place for people who get
more excited about seeing bee-eaters and buck than those with the sole desire of
seeing big cats, it’s a place where just the view of the lush green tropical
vegetation is reward enough because if you can appreciate those you will be
blown away by the variety of life hosted in these wetlands whoa it is damn hot out here but it’s lovely having an ice-cold coke the busy exploring Cape Vidal and we have
no idea where we are but it is beautiful thick and lush and amazing and well
worth a visit. Oh the birds and some of the little bucks that we’ve seen very
special unique it’s different to other game parks but we’re gonna now start
making our way through to the lighthouse and get a little bit of that coastal sea
breeze going again we had set our sights for a spot on the map called Mission
Rocks it was one of the first sections of track that would lead us to the sea
yes the sea inside a big five park although an awesome backdrop mission
rocks is more a spot for fishing than for swimming however it was still a
great little break from being in the car all morning but regardless having the
combination of sea and bush is actually too awesome for words with the heat and humidity having gotten
to us is nothing quite like being able to take a dip in the crystal-clear
refreshing water of Cape Vidal our second and favorite stop the serene and
pristine Beach had Natalie and I playing around in the water watching the
beautiful tropical fish swimming around the rocks this area is famous snorkeling
and diving maybe something for us to do next time it was still so much of a sea
among release or for us to see so we got back in the vehicle after a
well-deserved break and began our sunset drive through the wetlands and we had
heard rumors that leopards loved the area so needless to say we had our eyes
peeled seeing all the incredible animals coming
to the water at the end of the day was just incredible but as usual the lipids
evaded us but we weren’t disappointed in the slightest because the scenery was
truly spectacular! Wow 10 out of 10 we went to the beach we had
a beautiful time there seeing the fish that ocean is clear the water is so
clear and it’s so beautiful beaches are clean everything’s in good condition and
it is really the drive now from there we’ve taken a big loop around a couple
of dams and things like that and sensational like driving through forests
and you look out and there’s the wetlands and and it’s just everything
hippos water buck birds birds birds birds galore amazing views this is
really really nice I would I would come here before going to Kruger National
Park I would really hit something so special
and it’s something that not many people do it does get busy during December I’ll
pitch you that but not too many people come out here it’s very special we’re now on the west bank of the St.
Lucia lake and I’m having a bit of a break from being behind the wheel and
Natalie’s gonna be doing a bit of driving today which is gonna be great
so I think this is our last day now so we just want to soak it in as much as
possible enjoy to the max and relax as much as we can and see as many birds and
animals as we can squeeze in and then tomorrow we head home back to the normal
world the normal life getting some videos out for you guys getting photos
done planning new trips new adventures new things for the build all sorts of
awesome stuff but let’s take a one moment at a time
first things first we’ve got to enjoy this we had high hopes for our next day out
exploring however the side of the park certainly wasn’t as dynamic and exciting
as the Cape Vidal section so we just decided to take it slow and see what we
see and that turned out to be quite a lot it felt like a proper game drive
with animals around most corners and our destination for today would be Charters
Creek which gave us our first proper view of Lake st. Lucia however our trail
would end here as the rest of the park had been closed down due to
mismanagement but as we left we happen upon a super sighting of a cow and baby
elephant crossing the road all things happen for a reason I say but this side
certainly has its own charm and the view over the whole park from the treetop
canopy was well well worth it I’m keen to get on the water because
there’s one thing we haven’t seen a lot of besides a one stop we haven’t seen a
lot of Lake st. Lucia so I think it’s going to be really nice
to get on the boat head onto the lake we’re gonna be doing sunset it’s gonna
be beautiful so between hippos and Crocs and all the
different birds and it’s the beautiful sunset I think we in for something quite
special and I’m definitely looking forward to it
we’ve been looking forward to this boat cruise since we started planning the
trip so to get out of the vehicle for a couple of hours and on to Lake st. Lucia
was the perfect cherry on top of our trip plus planning out so much about
these incredible waterborne Giants the hippo seeing the baby standing on their
mother’s back as all the hippo start waking from their daytime naps with a
couple of big horns to put on a show for us they can be quite territorial and
actually charged us at one point which you can imagine had everybody on the
boat very excited but the bass part for me was all the incredibly beautiful
scenery I couldn’t leave my camera alone for even a second the sunset of the
water couldn’t have been more perfect what a way to end our trip. Wow!
That was spectacular worth it for just the views alone but getting to see all
the lovely cute little hippos and everything although violence and we did
get charged at least once it was very nice it’s very very cool and
a lovely way to kind of round up our trip our at St Lucia now it’s just
head to camp set up for the last time eight nights in a row
Oh pretty hardcore camping we’ve done rough stuff and more rough stuff and
rougher stuff that’s been fantastic yeah and then some more uh stuff but it’s all
been well worthwhile and it’s been an amazing experience
we are definitely keen to get home and have a few more days of racing before
Natalie has to get back to work but it’s been amazing thank you for tuning in and watching and
we’ll see you in the next episode laugh it out thank you for joining us on this
last episode of the series and I really hope you enjoyed it and if you did I
hope you can consider subscribing and letting us know down below what you
thought of the series and if you’d like to see more stuff like this with Natalie
and I anyways thank you so much for watching and we’ll see you on the next
adventure bye for now

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