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  1. Ça représente très bien Yamaha, bravo à vous, la musique et la moto, c'est pour ça qu'elle font toutes un beau bruit vos motos😍

  2. Wow Jeremy Seewer is very talented.. I never learned how to play an Instrument as I spent all my time playing on dirt bikes.. I worked and saved money from age 9 until age 12 to purchase a brand new Yamaha 80 GT .. well really not much of a dirt bike . So I upgraded to a 1974 Yamaha YZ-80-A with 5.5 Horse power and not much suspension it was rather a Dog until I put a GYT Kit in it made for the 1975 YZ-80-B then I did a lot of port work to that.. It really was fast at only 72 CC I never rode a modern water called YZ-85 but I sure would like to .. I am short enough it would fit me well .. then to a 1976 MX-125-C then to a 1978 YZ-100-E with Monoshock . Then busy with work then finally bought a 1998 YZ-400-F with bigger gas tank .. and softer springs for trail riding.. and added a spark arrester.

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