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JConcepts Fling King Mud Tires & Wheels RC Unboxing and Install

JConcepts Fling King Mud Tires & Wheels RC Unboxing and Install

Guys, today we got a set of wheels that
we want to unbox for you guys – let’s get down into the box, so I can show you what’s going on there we go guys – these are the mud tires guys nice beefy grips, they’re from JConcepts Fling King Gold Compound Soft – fits a 2.6″ wheel JC#3155-05 we got a pair of those and introducing the rims and this is also from JConcepts and
these wheels are Dragon 2.6 Mega Truck 12MM Hex Wheels with Offset
Adapters and this black two piece’s number is JC#3379B. Now those
are plastic rims, they’re very light but the come with offset adapters. So this is
what we’re going to be putting together today guys, so let me get removing it
from the plastic and show you how it goes. Let’s get this off. Now this is what your tires look like. I got the soft compound, so I think it’s going to do a really good job. The grip, I really like the lugs, beefy –
you know – so we’re gonna put this to the test. Alright, let’s get these out of the bags Alright these are the big boys guys – yeah
we’re going to be riding with these in the mud … that’s the wheels – these are your offsets – let me show you what it is and just tell you the millimeters – this is 25
mm – 22 mm – 18 mm is 11 mm offset – so any one you
want to use – I’m thinking I’m going with the wider one to really push it out
but I’m gonna test it on the truck first to see do I really want a wider one, to
really stick him out or not or do I go with the 25 mm the widest one or longest one 32 mm so I’m going to test it out to see which one really
works and if this is one I’m really going to go with – do I want to stick it out wide or
close under the truck – let’s see and here we got some wheel caps kind of thing you
know like it fits in there like so, so I guess we can paint this in any color
that we want to fit the color of the truck body that we running – okay so this
is that, this is all the little screws here it’s really cool to have a metal
magnetic tray or pan to hold those things so they don’t go running about – so
this is what we’re working with guys these are the pieces – we’re going to get
busy putting these stuff together Alright so this is the whole layout
here guys – this is what it looks like you can choose any offset that you want to
use – okay guys I want to show you guys what I did here – I put one of these
adapters on each end of the vehicle so right here where you see this tire is
jutting out – this is the 32 mm sticks the tire way out and
over here we have the 25 mm so I put the two longest ones at the back so
I’m trying to figure out how I really want this vehicle to look and on this
side here we have the 18 mm which is this one on the left side of
the vehicle on the right side of the vehicle we have the 11 mm which
takes the wheel way underneath just a little piece is coming out but what I
noticed it here, when you turn the lock which is the side rail but when I pull it all
the way on this side it takes all the lock this is with the 11 mm – so the 18
mm is too wide for the front I would have to remove the side rail to
get the 18 mm to work up front but I think I might stick with 25 at the back
and remove the 32 at the back – the 32 is very wide, so let me just remove this
to show you, this is what it looks like so this is the 32 back here 25 here 11 here 18
over here so I’m going put the two 11s up front and I’m gonna use it two 25 at the
back so I just wanted to show you guys I tried one of each to figure which one
I really wanted to keep there and the small one will go up front which is here
already there I’m gonna put one over here so this is 25 here and over here is
the 32 so I removed the 32 which is a longer one and put the 25 – okay so I
wanted to test every one to see which one worked best and for me I think just having
the 25s at the back and the 11s up front is good enough for me.
What I did to test it I just put two screws in each of them just to put it in
there to make sure which one I wanted so I’m just gonna remove those screws and
put in the exact one that I want, so the first one that I’m removing is the
32 mm it’s pretty wide at the back I’m going to remove that one
this is what I’m doing here, so the 32 is gone which is the long one
and I’m going to use the 25 at the back this is the 25 so I’m going put a 25
here and that would take you the adjustment at the back that I want in
all – you take six screws don’t put one of the screws all the way in first you want
to get two at least inside ok he’s lined up pretty straight – alright
so now I’m going to go ahead and put the rest of the screws in there and the
screws they’re different sizes so you would definitely recognize the size that
you need to put in there and I’m not tightening the screws all the way – I’m
just taking my time and snug it in and then I’m going to pull it all the way
around remember everything is plastic so we want to be very careful so we don’t
over pull trying to get it as nice and snug as possible so I’m just going
around and see if I get in a little pull on any one and as it stops, I stop – okay
that’s about it – so nice and snug very tight – okay so one down – alright so now
I’m going to go ahead and remove the 18 mm and I’m gonna put in 11
mm to match up with this one for the two front will be 11 and the two
back would be 25 so I’m just going to remove those two screws –
alright so remove the 18 mm and we’re going to put in the 11 mm –
there we go simple like that – alright so now I got four more screws to put in
there and I’m just going to put the four screws in and now I’m going to start to
tightening the screws but remember guys I’m not putting it all the way tight – I’m
just snugging them and then I’m going to go around and give each one snug tight
because we’ve got to remember it’s plastic rims we are dealing with here so we don’t want to strip anything Alright every one is nice and snug right
here – so we get two front, two back so now I’ve got to put six more screws in this one Okay that’s it – let’s get some time-lapse
going on the last one. What is so cool about getting some stuff in the packages – they give you four wheel nuts so you got four new wheel nuts and this little
screws right here what they’re for, is to go on this part of
the tire when you already put the tires on and you put the nut and you bolt it
down on the vehicle, no these caps here come like so when you already put the
wheel on to the vehicle and you’ve tighten up the nut and all that, you put this
over and these little screws which is these little screws right here, come over in these little holes, it’s very tight in here but these screws will come here
and you will screw it on like so right there, you got six screws to put in
each one so it covers up the wheel nuts so you can not get to it. It’s a little bit of a
job to do every time you want to remove this stuff but this is what it is –
so this is what all this star looking plastic little caps are okay so now I’m
going to move on to glue the tire. The tires need to be glued onto the rim so we’re
going to go ahead and glue it on the both sides. Alright so, let’s get that on
we got this ultra liquid control glue which we’re gonna put onto the tires and
stick them down. Right guys, so all the gluing is
completed and I’m ready to put the tires up on the truck. Let’s put them up. This is what does mud tires look like Alright so let’s put the body on and see
how it looks There you go, yeah nice Thanks for watching me unboxing and installing JConcepts RC mud tires and RC wheels for some heavy RC offroading! They’re the JConcepts Fling King Gold Compound Mud Soft Tire (3155-05) and 2.6″ Mega Truck 12mm Hex Wheel with Offset Adaptors and Disks in Black(#3379B). The RC chassis and RC body is a Traxxas TRX4 Sport in blue! So if you’re looking for TRX4 bigger tires or TRX4 mud tires for your favorite RC truck – try JConcepts Fling Kings. You’ll see them in action in upcoming videos!

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