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Introducing grammargames. Online interactive grammar quiz games.

Hi! Introducing online interactive grammar games! It’s very simple to use, you just click your way through to the menu, and you can select one item from the menu, or you can just go through the whole quiz. This quiz is based on typical mistakes made by native speakers. You get the wrong answer, it’ll tell you what’s wrong, it’ll make you go back and get it right, and then you can check the details of that, or else you can just go straight on to the next one. There’s quite a variety, the game covers ten basic grammar points, and each one is followed up by an explanation. It’s very easy to find. You can navigate to it by searching for “ano sensei” on Google. You’ll find it on the educational hub domain. Or you can click on the link that comes with this video. I hope you enjoy it! Please subscribe to the channel, and keep up with updates on the “Ano sensei!” videos.

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