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Intermediate Gymnastics Lessons : Stretch Tips for Intermediate Gymnastics

Intermediate Gymnastics Lessons : Stretch Tips for Intermediate Gymnastics

Hi, my name’s Jordan Dahl. We’re talking about
intermediate floor gymnastics, and the next thing I wanted to talk about was our stretch
routine for intermediate tumbling. Just kind of as a recap, you start off with your arms
just kind of swinging them every which way, making sure you get your chest and your shoulders
all nice and stretched out. Making sure you get in your legs, which is more important
now that we’re moving onto these harder skills. You can do pikes, stretching out each way
in the straddle position, sitting down on the ground and just doing those same stretches
sitting down. Reaching forward and then those same pike positions, making sure that you’re
getting your ankles and your wrists especially. Making sure that your wrists are ready to
go. So take your time on your wrists as you’re stretching those out, just kind of rocking
each way, making sure they’re nice stretched and warm. Really, the only thing that we add
on top of all of this for intermediate is called the back bend, or some people call
it a bridge. And what it is you’ll just lay down on your back with your knees bent and
together, reach back like you’re squishing two peaches by your ears, and you’ll push
yourself up. And the proper technique for this is getting your legs together, trying
to make your body straight. A lot of people will just try and cheat and have their arms
and their legs squinched together and this isn’t really helping you stretch out at all.
All right, so we’ll view the bridge closer up. Your legs are together, your knees are
together. And when you press up, try and make everything straight.

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