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Indoor Activities in Colorado Springs

Indoor Activities in Colorado Springs

hey what’s up everybody we are asked on
a regular basis hey Mark what’s some what are some good indoor activities to
do in Colorado Springs well I’m excited to tell you we have a top 10 list for
you and we’re going to share it right now hey what’s going on everybody it is mark
with my Front Range living powered by Remax integrity I’m a full time real
estate agent here in Colorado Springs and even though I am outside enjoying
the weather you’re bound to hear the bird one of these days but people are
wondering what can we do indoors what are some indoor activities we can do in
Colorado Springs and I get it we are well known for our outdoor
activities hiking biking all of that good stuff skiing but when it gets too
cold where do we go well I’m excited to tell you we have ten spots we want to
share with you and they go a little something like this the first place I
want to tell you about is dart Wars hey if you like having a good time with nerf
guns and you want to shoot people can I say that on the air am I alone does
anybody know anyway if you want to shoot people it’s on the east side of town
dart Wars is this huge gosh it’s just a giant room and has a lot of obstacles
and you are on teams and you go around and you are you can choose your gun you
can bring your own gun they have guns there you can bring your ammunition you
just want to keep track of it because it gets chaotic quick in that room but it’s
a lot of fun so dart Wars is a great indoor activity for the entire family
another place I absolutely adore this place is whirly ball it’s just off of
Academy so it’s closer to the east side as well but more centrally located than
dart Wars but whirly ball is basically running around in go-karts and playing I
don’t even know what that game is called but you flip a wiffle ball at a
backboard and you can score points and it’s a lot of fun it’s yeah your bumper
cars and throwing wiffle balls at back boards and I’m a giant child I don’t
know what to tell you the best part about whirly ball is when you’re done
with your round you walk out the door you order a beer and you go right back
in for the next round I’m telling you it only gets better the more you drink it’s
a lot of fun another great part about whirly ball is if not everybody wants to
do that they have a bowling alley as well you can get snacks and like I said
there’s drinks it’s a great spot another place that you can go to place
as sky Zone or trampoline world those indoor trampoline parks we have a few of
them here in Colorado Springs we have some on the south and we have some on
the north end but trampoline parks are a great way to spend some indoor time and
burn some energy if that’s what you need to do so sky Zone trampoline world those
trampoline parks that we have here in Colorado Springs go do that fairly
inexpensive for all the fun you get to have and it’s great for everybody gets a
lot of exercise and so those trampoline parks are great if you want to take it
kind of the next level for adults escape rooms there are multiple escape rooms
here in Colorado Springs but escape rooms are a lot of fun
especially if you’re with a group of people you know if you have eight to ten
folks that you want to go out and have just a lot of fun with escape rooms are
a great option I have been told that I have some energy when I go in to escape
rooms because I don’t want the creepy guy that’s you know coming down the hall
to eat me or whatever it was he was doing but I have a lot of fun at escape
rooms so go do those another thing you can go do bowling there are several
bowling alleys here in the Colorado Springs area harmony Bowl is centrally
located but summit interquest they have bowling alley they’ve got laser tag
they have an arcade so you have a lot of different options there they have the
restaurant of course you have the beer and the food and all that good stuff so
some enter quest is a great spot for indoor or you know Harmony Bowl those
other bowling alleys that you want to go to the reason we singles some it out is
they have other stuff to do other than just bullying they’ve got the arcade
they have laser tag and it’s a lot of fun another place you can go to oh man
this place is super cool it’s a little pricier and totally worth it it’s
overdrive Raceway you go inside they assign you to your go-cart and you go it
is so cool they have tracks both upstairs and downstairs upstairs is for
the adults that’s where beverages can be consumed and downstairs is where the kiddos and
just everybody in the family can race it’s really really cool they record your
times you get your picture taken it’s a lot of fun like I said it’s a little
pricier but totally worth it another indoor activity that you can do
is the Rocky Mountain dinosaur Resource Center now it’s a little bit of a drive
it is in Woodland Park but it’s just straight up 24 as you head outside of
Colorado Springs and it’s a really cool museum type of atmosphere my kiddos
really really like it the fossils that you can see in just the history that you
can learn about dinosaurs that’s a really cool spot in Woodland Park to go
another indoor activity here in Colorado Springs is the Pioneer Museum the
Pioneer Museum is very centrally located it’s really close to the interstate so
whether you’re coming from the north or coming up from the south it doesn’t
matter the Pioneer Museum is a great spot and you can plan on a couple hours
in there the same can be said for the Space Foundation slash Discovery Center
that’s very conveniently located off of the interstate as well and they have a
lot of interactive things that you can do and so if the kiddos need to burn a
little bit of energy maybe the Space Foundation or Discovery
Center is for you and the number 10 thing that you can do here in Colorado
Springs for indoor activities axe-throwing what’s really cool about
axe-throwing is you can go to where they are or they are mobile a lot of times
you can find them different places breweries things like that those
axe-throwing events will go to the breweries or other places they’re mobile
or you can go straight to their shop and you can throw axes there so axe-throwing
has gained a lot of momentum specifically over the course of the last
year year and a half here in Colorado Springs it’s a lot of fun that’s a great
indoor activity here in the springs so hey that was our top ten list of indoor
activities here in Colorado Springs as always we hope you found value in that
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platforms so I am mark Hubert with my Front Range living powered by Remax
integrity thanks for stopping by we hope you found value in the content have a
great day and we’ll see you soon

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  1. Lotta sunshine in Colorado (330+ days per year). Still, it's nice to have options on those cloudy, cold days

  2. Nice list of fun things to do. I think I want to try some axe throwing one day. That seems like a lot of fun.

  3. Sometimes it's just too cold to enjoy the beautiful outdoors of Colorado Springs? Thought you could wear flip flops year round?

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