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  1. I don’t understand people, when company made big cc adventure like gs1200, they ask for 700-800. When company made 250-350, they ask for 400-500. Smh..

  2. Don't waste your time ! They won't launch it in India any time sooner !
    TVS Akula hosts the same engine ! You get your answer here !

    The more u wait, the more frustrated and old u get !

  3. Beautifull concept, except it is a GS bike with an 11 liter tank? Even if it is fuel efficient technology not enough to get out of town

  4. 310 cc is it abit underpower engine pulling that kind of weight? Owner and body motor… Wish that gs is 400cc. So the engine will long lasting performane. He concept till cool for me…

  5. I'm debating getting one of these for a cross-country trip with my brother in 2018. I'm a big guy, 6'3", 250lbs, but I'm a beginner rider. I didn't want to get anything with too much power and too heavy. I'm debating between this and the G 650 GS and the Kawasaki KLR 650. What do you think? I live in Germany and I see them for sale here but I'll be coming to the states next year for the trip. I haven't seen any for sale on any US sites yet. Any idea when they will be available?

  6. So good to see BMW addressing the needs of shorter, more svelte ADV riders, both men & women – my sister, as example, wants to do ADV riding especially after hearing about my adventures on my R1200GS this past summer, riding through the Tetons, Palouse Empire, Colorado Rockies and so many other amazing places, totaling more than 12,000 kilometers over 44 days – I actually even managed to fit a little work in there here and there to allow much greater extension of my ride! (where on Earth did I manage to pack a 17" laptop, tablet and accessories onto my already packed GS
    with camping gear?!)

  7. @BMW Motorrad now that its 2018. Can we have the bike in India first half of this year please? Please? Pretty please??

  8. I think BMW Motorrad has hit the mark with Both the G310GS and the G310R. In particular the GS is built on a solid offroad foundation but with a powerplant sized to be less intimidating to newer riders. And unlike the overpriced RnineT, the price points for both of these bikes is spot on for the intended market in the US. I've already recommended this bike to a couple people who have shown interest in motorcycling. Well done.

  9. @BMW Motorrad Hi, would like to know the guys height in the video. Will someone with a height of 5.5ft be able to get both his feet on the ground. Pls reply. Thank you. 🙂

  10. Todo bien con bmw nunca tube una moto de su marca ojala algún día la pueda tener. Pero mi pregunta es para cuando una moto cross o enduro de BMW en Argentina. Hay gente que vive en el campo y otra que le gusta el barro y no hay moto para eso

  11. WHEN! WILL! IT! LAUNCH! IN! INDIA!!? Team BMW Motorrad – You guys are building it here for christ sake!

  12. I'm waiting for more than a year and still not released in India. Come on BMW before our mind goes away to other bikes please launch in India

  13. it is expected in assam too g310gs n if expected price ne gueses???? please sum1 comment me ne idea of the price

  14. no word to explain G310GS beauty and its technology and premium class …big thanks team BMW MOTORRADE for making these beautiful machine

  15. I’m really glad to be part of BMW Philippines 💖 it’s been 5 months since i joined and hoping for many years working with BMW 💖

  16. Okay, Finally we have the BMW G310GS here in India. The bike was made here in India and sold all across the world first then launched here in India. Now the cost factor, let me tell BMW that we Indian are not cheap but can pay what ever price you need for your motorcycles but it need to make sence. Now BMW makes the bikes here in India and prices more than USA and that does not make the cut. I am a die hard fan of BMW and Germany products because I appreciate the German approach for quality and high level of workmanship. At this price both the G310R and G310GS is not going to sell, atleast I am not going to buy it. Bikes made in Indian facility, built by Indian Engineers and workers, parts made in Indian Engineering facility and after all this making Indian pay a higher price..not going to work out BMW. I really stood with the German products but this time around I really hope the Austrian and the Japanese beat the hell out of the German with their product line like Versys X, Honda XRE 300, V Storm 250. Long live Sacred Germany but this time you guys need thrashing.

  17. Buenas a los Sr. De bmw luego de dos años a ver subido dicho video, la 310 gs es una maravillosa moto y pues es una de mi meta a comprar, pero me gustaría saber si la piensa actualizar como el faro delantero se igual que al de su hermana mayores para mejor iluminación y que incluya la misma iluminación led, si el tanque de gasolina lo han pensado de llevar de 11 litros a 16 litros para mayor almacenamiento y autonomía. Y el motor para finalizar han pensado en llevar dicho motor tener 34hp a 38hp y de 27nm a 40 o 36nm. Y que su velocidad final fuera 160 km al igual que para ir a 150km, 140km pueda ir sin problema. Espero que puedan responder este mensaje y ver que opinan ustedes de dicha sugerencia ya que así aún más haría la moto perfecta e ante todo captaria más mercado. Saludos a la bmw y gracias por ser los mejores

  18. Tutte queste cilindrate nascono per via della crisi, e pur di vendere si inventano queste cilindrate! Per il vero GS e 1200 e cardanico e cilindri sporgenti. Non questo triciclo.

  19. Another ridiculous new age BMW NOT intended for those who travel. 2.9 Gallons of fuel, absurd, stoopid. . No Sale.
    Properly configured.. spoke wheels, at least 5 gallons of fuel and bag the beak.. comical and useless.
    Designed by people who do not ride bikes for their intended use. GS Galende Strasse ??? ( sp)

    My 1986 PD has nearly 9 gallon capacity. A real adult traveler's bike.

    PS Former mid level manager BMW of No America back when it was run by bike and auto enthusiasts not new age corporate clones.

  20. Can I use this for city tourer and for the long rides. For me I drive very less off-road. I'm planning for it. I need a valuable suggestions .. thank You From India..

  21. No doubt bike is good but enquire every details before buy from your dealer
    Offers benefits , manufacturing year.
    Dont buy bike from bmw bavaria motorrad pune . They are the bloody cheaters and fraud. They are not transparent.

    BMW 310 Gs is excellent bike but….
    Beware before buy bike from bmw bavaria pune and bmw dealers  , ask for manufacturing year and if they are providing old stock dont go for this.
    My bike had too many problems that got serviced and repaired but ur purchasing new bike so dont go for old stock might u also suffer same problem what I faced.
    If still u want to go with old stock ask for discount dont go with same price .
    Late 1960's BMW had used the tagline “Freude am Fahren”  but that sadly needs to be replaced with "Fahren Sie mit Betrug und Betrügern " now due to bavaria Motor Pune.

    BMW Bavaria Pune delivered me old manufactured bike so against my complaint BMW arrang my meeting with Bavaria management
    While meeting Ms Rana mentioned me Bavaria motors never share manufacturing year to any customer.
    I am the first customer who have complaint for manufacturing year no other customer come with same complaint.
    So she cleared that they are not transparent about the manufacturing dates.So beware before buy bike from Bavaria Motors.

    I already raised complaint for this towards National consumer (complaint number -1601957 )against bmw motorrad and also have will to take all legal actions against bmw motorrad india and bavaria motors .

    Due to old manufactured bike my bikes some parts needs to be replaced , they were badly rusted.
    This is the fraud and cheat so as indian consumer I will never keep my mouth shut.


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