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In The Lab: Smart outdoor lighting that really shines.

In The Lab: Smart outdoor lighting that really shines.

– Hi, my name’s Gracian, I work at store number 564
in Clearwater, Florida, and welcome to “The Lab.” Here are three ways
to enhance your outdoor lighting. First, we’re gonna talk about
the Ring Smart Lighting motion-activated Pathlights. These guys right here. Ring Pathlights are voice-controlled… Hey, Alexa, turn Pathlights on. – Okay. – And motion-activated
for better security. Well, do you know what else
I love about these lights, is that they’re battery-powered. You can put them anywhere
and they’re gonna last a very long time. Next, let’s talk about the Philips Hue
Outdoor Lighting Strip. What’s really cool about these
is they’re voice-controlled so you can turn then on and off. Set scenes, set schedules, and you can do all the colors
you can think of. Alexa, let’s make the lights chartreuse. – You bet. – Wow!
[laughs] I did not think she’d get that.
[laughs] Next, we’re gonna talk about the Netgear Orbi outdoor Wi-Fi range extender. Makes sure that all of your tech
works seamlessly with solid Wi-Fi extended from your home
all the way out. You can just add it
to your existing Wi-Fi system like that. It’s also weather-resistant. That’s it from “The Lab.” If you got any more questions
about outdoor lighting or how to use your voice to command it, come in and see me. This is not real grass. [laughs]

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