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it’s on sale Hi guys, as you can see today we start this vlog a bit differently but in this night trip and I love travelling by night, ’cause it makes you think it relaxes me, and you can think more calmly because during these days it’s all a running around, doing stuff two days ago I was in Portimao and now I’m here at Mugello. Anyway, back to us what I want to do right now is open up a bit because many people think that all of this is just sunshine and roses that’s all fun, riding bikes, travel, visit beautiful places all the time, and it’s true, but when you’re not mentally prone to put your ass on the bike at 300km/hr and go all in and when you go all in, you also have to enjoy it, that’s important, it gets really hard. And in the last few races, I did get some podiums, to get amongst the top 15 at the world cup is a good result, because there are guys who go really fast, but inside of you you feel like you can give more, you could give more, but you can’t. and this thing doesn’t allow you to enjoy anything anymore. You’re basically doing what you love, but you’re not enjoying it. And the races, which should be a celebration, that should be fun, and most of all excite you, they become something you just have to do, and you can’t wait for them to be over I know, you probably think I’m mad, and you’ll be like “you don’t appreciate what you have” I know, but unfortunately I can’t hide this, but just as this feeling of dissatisfaction and no-enjoyment gets to you a sparkle, a result is enough to make you say I do have it in me, I can give more I can go faster and I got to this crossroad at Portimao where I was convinced it’d be a hard race we didn’t practice, where I would have struggled a lot due to my arm as you can see, some of you might not know, but I have 42 stitches both left and right, long story short: after a few laps I struggle to ride because the muscle is overburden. This is a problem that many riders have despite I had surgery, I still have problems. So I went there with few expectations. I felt down, and this was the secret to approach the race in the right way, that is: without the usual tension but with the “who cares” spirit and thanks to this I was able to get on board the bike without anymore tension which took away quality in my riding because you feel your legs weak you feel that every lap is fundamental and with this mindset it’s impossible to go fast, and it’s easier to make mistakes. So, long story short: I did the best race of the year I kept a great pace, I was amongst the best of the category and people with whom I battled in the last races got 12/13 seconds behind me. A lifetime. So you see, in everything, from sports to life in general, all you need is a spark to make the difference now I’m here at the mugello, I can’t wait tomorrow to get onboard my bike and start with the free pratice and to finally enjoy this confidence I regained with my vehicle. I don’t know at what time you’re watching this video, but I have to rest now ’cause tomorrow I have to give it my best and start off the weekend right, so let’s go: Mugello, 4th session, Italian championship FREE PRACTICE red flag Ok guys, as you saw there’s been a setback red flag during free practice, so we didn’t do much and they also stopped us during our good lap ’cause we were at 52.7.8 which would have allowed us to stay at 2nd or 3rd position today is over, let’s hope it doesn’t happen tomorrow during qualifications the pace is really good. We’re just missing a terse lap to be able to start first row, but I’m having fun riding the BMW in this crazy track It’s very magical I dare say. Now I’m off to eat chicken that’s waiting for me, let’s get some good night’s sleep and tomorrow we aim at a high 51with the qualification tires qualifications OK you saw how the qualifications went unfortunately we lost by this much at the last available lap but it was my best lap ever done here at the Mugello 1.51.6. I have it all I had but I have an important news for you which might interest someone, so here you go: because my baby, which I used this year during the stock world championship is on sale! €35.000 to take the beast home. It has done 1.51.6 at the Mugello, so you don’t have anymore excuses. €35.000. If you’re interested wr— if you — if you’re interested, write you. (??) if you’re interested send me an email and let’s do some… I’m gonna show her to you but if you want to know also some technical details of what you’ll be buying, here you go: you’ll take home a Bwm s 1000 rr, 2018, with factor elecrtronics so with power cut and not with the throttle opening that famous sound you love 1000 stock engine so about 210 HP 175kg of weight with the electronics I mentioned before you’ll have the dashboard and all that comes with it, ohlins full engage at the front (cartridge) ohlins tt x at the rear of course blipper for downshift and upshift so you’ll only use the clutch to start and that’s it. Now you just need to ride in 51 and half at the Mugello subscribe to not miss the race subscribe to the channel subscribe to the channel

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