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January 1983 (Rod singing) Hey! You! Yes? You tell me, sweet little boy? Yes, you! I know you have Lis. And I want you to release her! Lis? I think you’re confused boy. (laugh) No! I know it’s you. I saw her in the trunk of your dirty van. if you don’t release it I am going to fry your brain with this shotgun that I made myself. (laugh loudly ) Do you really think I know who you’re talking about? I don’t remember the names of all the children I capture, you idiot. Stupid boy. You have guts to face me … But you’re not fat enough to be useful to me … Wait a second! There is an easy solution to that! Open up and say Aaaah! Perfect landing! (laugh) What have you done? Wow, it’s a very tasty ice cream … I don’t know why you did this, but I’m going to exterminate you anyway. What’s happening to me! What’s this? (scream) Oh! Hello chubby boy. Now you are chump and fluby just as I like it! (scream loud) Ice Scream 3 comming soon Join the pre-register now, and be the first to play! click on the description link

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  1. Pre-register here, and be the first to play Ice Scream 3! Thanks for your support <3

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  2. Please chaplin's give me the copy version of ice cream three please please please i will give you a five stars please give me the copy version before the game actually released please i will give you 5 stars thank you

  3. Must know more are you gonna give us more updates on the multiplayer game and ice scream 3 when it gets closer to the realese date please im hungry for news kepler🤖🤖🤖

  4. 2019: Ice Scream
    2019: Ice Scream 2
    2020: Ice Scream 3
    2021: Ice Scream Saving Child
    2022: Ice Scream 5
    2023: Ice Scream: Rod New Story line
    2024: Ice Scream 6
    2025: Ice Scream: Neibourhood Story
    2026: Ice Scream: The Last Hope

    Hope, this will happen


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