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Hello! Konnichiwa Everybody! Pewdiepie fore.. *gets chronic lung cancer* I’m back baby!
Back to play some PUBG!! Finally! You guys know I love this game. I’ve always been curious. How does this game translate into mobile? How could they possibly make this game mobile? Well, we’re about to find out. 🤣 *Laughs* What?! Why does the graphics look good? oH My gOD tHe gRaPHicS. For real though, why does it look better than PC? 🤣🤣🤣 *Laughs again* Okay. All right. I don’t know if I could diss too much. This is a branded video after all. The return of iloveass2, the legendary account. Name is already taken. 🤣 *Laughs again* (iloveass)29 how about that? iloveass29 Name is already taken. Fantastic. How about iloveass2$ ? Name is… okay. iloveass99999.
(you should try autisticSwedishBoi) Okay, we’re good.
(oooh) We’re good. We’re solid. Oh, look at that! Graphics set to high, because of my wonderful phone. Sailor uniforms. That’s kawaii. Can I get those? Holy hell. I’m impressed. I want to do solo, right? I always play solo. But then again, what if you can talk to other people? Oh you can. That could be fun. Oh my god. Wait, what. How do I turn? This is not bad. Probably like the recording is not as good, because, um recording and playing at the same time. This is totally doable. Oh, wait, how do I sprint? I just pulled it up fast higher.
Hey, buddy. How you doing? Can you hear me?
* gets totally ignored #ForverAlone* Brother do you hear me? *pewds attempt to revive ugandan knuckels* Do you know da way? Don’t make me get angry. All right, wait, we should practice guns actually, shit Too late. Let’s begin. There’s hundred people. How do I drop out? I’m so nervous This is like the first time I played PUBG Aaaah… turn on voice *voice*
… on voice chat! *noisy poods*
tUrn On VOiCe cHAt *voice*
Get in the car! *extremely noisy poods*
Get In The CaR GuyS! ComE oN! lol imma win I’m the only one talking, this is great. All right. Well, this is the first game. We got a drop island, right? Military island. Here we go! Okay. So how does this work then? How do I get forward? Well, I figured that out, but thank you game I need to go forward. Oh, I look up. Okay. I got it. F*ck Yeah, that’s not great. I don’t even know how to shoot. I don’t know how to pick up items, but here we go Perfect landing everybody. ‘You can find items in buildings’. Thank you game. So how do I open door? Auto. Nice Someone’s already been here, fantast… oh… all right Oh my god, it’s so intuitive!
*laughs* Okay, we got a vest. Oh my god. If I see an enemy now I’m gonna poop myself
(me too, Poods, me too) Okay, that’s good. Come on I can’t… I can’t not not kill anyone my first game Here we go. SCAR. Excellent. So now, how do I use it? Uuuumm *uses a handgranade* NOOOOOOOO!!! NO! That is not what I wanted to do! *boom* Great. Now, they all know where I am… Okay, SCAR. Select the SCAR Oh god, someone’s gonna come n… *sigh* … YES, okay, okay Close this No, CLOSE THIS This is how the pros play
(yeah, definitely) All right I hear him, he’s right there. I don’t know… Can you jump out windows and such? Why do I keep hearing him? *shooties* YEEEEEEEEAH!!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha *sigh* Oh, yeah! YEAH! Easy! Okay, how do I pick it up? Okay. What… oh. Oh, he’s just taking all of it. Great. I need the compressor Pro! *noisy poods again* I’m A PrO GuyS Okay, we’re in the circle two AND GAMING! I wonder if the SKS is usable at all I feel like I should just go with spam weapons. Like how would I possibly use a sniper? I gotta say though, super impressed with a…how playable it is I was pretty skeptical, okay. Let me just say that. I wasn’t sure if it would work I feel like I should just go UMP. And this is no way I’m gonna be able to snipe anyone So how do I use meds and stuff? Okay. Well, that was easy Oh, I heard someone Oh… someone’s coming What is he doing?! YEAH BOY!!! Get s… sh… poopty-poo! *laughs* 🤣🤣🤣 Everyone is so bad! *laughs* 🤣 Okay, we should probably start thinking about how we want to get out of here AND GAMING! Ha-ha I feel like since I’m wearing headphones, it’s so easy for me to hear other people Kar 98 that would be so fun to snipe in this game. I can definitely see myself getting addicted to this Do they have vaulting though? Do they have vaulting can jump? Okay. Oh god We’re about to drive for the first time. See how this goes *laughs* I’m sure this will be F I N E Okay, so… tribe fantastic Oh! Okay, map. We need to cross the bridge *laughs* cute! Whoa! Look, I still drive better than Brad. How ’bout that? BOOST! How am I playing this on mobile? I don’t understand it All right, let’s make sure no one kills us at the bridge Bad things can happen at bridges, unless you’re careful guys. Got to make sure you cross them as… …as fast as possible. All right, new map We’re pretty good in the middle. I don’t know where to go here. Maybe Pochinky Say hi to some Pochinky people Or maybe here. Yeah, these buildings are really good. Man, I miss playing PUBG I used to play every day for hours and hours and hours. It was almost getting pathetic No one’s looted here. I mean I’ll take it. So how do I close doors? Uh-oh Yeah, this is the most exciting bit of the game. Like, the second circle. Just nothing happens I wonder if an M16 is good. I wonder like what gu.. guns are good *laughs* I don’t know. It looks good, though It runs smooth. Like I’m recording at the same time. Yeah, someone’s been in here though There’s still 60 people alive. I don’t think I should be that proud of myself *laughs* I killed the guy that was walking away from me while being shot. All right, I think we’re good on stuff actually Oh, you can vault. Okay Oh, someone’s shooting me. ‘Cause I… I thought I heard someone. Where is you? That was me shooting. I didn’t mean to. I panicked *laughs* 🤣🤣🤣 Whoops! He won’t know where I am now! There he is, I see him *some nice shots* OH I GOT HIM *laughs*
🤣🤣🤣 Perfect aim. I love ass nine nine nine nine nine! FOREVER! I think I’m ready to go pro pretty much at any given moment. This is my first game guys The problem here is that I really have to poo, but I also realize that’s technically not a problem anymore… I can just go BRB guys Oh, I don’t even need to take this off *sigh of pain from Brad or Brad2* (sorry Brad) GOT ‘EM!!! God damn it Jack! I’m still alive. I’m still alive I wonder how good it is to lay just prone I feel like that has to be pretty OPN a game like this. So how many people are left? I can’t see cuz I’m recording over it. So this is… this is pro strats right here guys What’s happening over there? We’re still in the circle Oh, and I can just zoom in on it. Okay, so that area is really good actually We’re trying get there Why am I talking to myself? Like I’m listening to myself. Alright, just go. Or maybe that house there. No, it’s not in enough Wow, that’s a stone. Still a better driver than Brad! Alright, we’re just gonna come crashing burning Close *shooties* AAAAAAHHH That’s not what I want you to do! Oh my god, I’m such a pleb I’m so nervous! Oh, someone’s coming. If you get in here, I’m gonna spray your butt to butt cheeks This is not camping. This is tactical… …sitting Oh, I see him Got him a little bit. It’s a little… oh…oh… shoot him. What’s happening? GOT ‘EM!!! Woohoo! iloveass99999 For life! For LIFE. For LAAAFE Man, it’s getting hard to see. Like, I need to hold it close to my face. I’m not playing on an iPad Honestly, I might just invest in it at some form of tablet just to play this game. Oh, there’s the drop right there I feel like I have such an advantage just playing with headphones. Like, these kids don’t know what’s happening Okay, we’re still in the circle. I don’t know how many people are left. I can’t see. I say we just… chill Oh, health bag! Oh… that’s really nearby shots I’m so in it, dude! This is so fun! Oh, they’re up there in the hill Oh, there he is Oh my god, they’re fine… Oh, he’s gonna loot, he’s gonna loot I can’t… Oh, tag him He doesn’t know I’m shooting him… or where I am Oh, there’s another guy right there Dude, I’m tagging people left and right. Maybe sniping isn’t so bad ’cause no one’s moving Oh God, speaking of moving, I’ve gotta move Oh, someone’s nearby Can you stop? YES! Yes, I am the BEST!!! Blacks123, you can lick me! All right. I need to loot something My goal now is basically not… just get the ammo I’m a little tempted to get the 4x, but you just can’t get everything you want in life Wait, you can sprint while you crawl. Oh my god. Do you feel the TENSION? Do you feel THIS? We’re living the snake life everybody.
Sssshssh… We’re gonna snake this to victory Why do I have less lag on my phone… than on my computer? I am so… no, no, no, no! Oh God, that’s so far. We have so far to crawl. There’s nothing there! Where is everyone? I don’t see ANYONE! *noisy poods*
Guys, please, if this video gets… oh, I see someone Should we shoot this guy? That’s the real question I think we should wait. He must see as, though I don’t think it does actually. Am I in or not? It’s kind of hard to tell. What’s he doing? It’s like strafing Oh my god. I’m so nervous! Wait, he’s shooting someone else? OH, THAT WAS IT? THAT WAS IT. HE WAS THE LAST ONE! YEEEEEAH! arggggrrr… I am the best gamer on the planet! Like this video right now! I mean, I’m proud *laughs* Wow. Ss+ everybody iloveass has reTURNED! First game everybody! That was super fun. Dude, I’m shaking! It’s like, when I first played PUBG the first time, you know It really takes me back to like three months ago Guys, check out PUBG mobile, link in the description. Add me as a friend iloveass99999 maybe we can play together. This is super fun The game is free on mobile. So definitely check it out and download it. So much fun playing this And… Yeah, that’s it for me for now. Goodbye

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  4. Pewdiepie , please i know you stopped competing T-Series but you're again copying Indians , You are copying our famous Youtuber Rawknee (-_-)!!!!!

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