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– You look good here Yes yes yes yes There we are, this is it Race 1 If I want to keep the championship open, race 1 can have only one possible outcome I must win As always D’ambrosio started perfectly so now he’s 1st, I am 2nd and Palladino is 3rd No matter what, I must pass Michael OK ok but, let’s keep calm I mean After today’s qualifying, I know that if I push, I am at least half a second faster than Michael so I can handle it it’s true that I have nothing to lose but there’s no need to do anything stupid in the first laps the race is long, I have 8 laps to do it OK I mean, it’s true that there’s no hurry, but I’m losing time now Michael is going faster than me, and I started way too calm I mean, you know, behind me Palladino knows that he has no chances to win the championship if both me and Michael are still in race So for max it doesn’t make sense to pass me now because we might lose time and we might lose Mike I know that he will wait until I attack Michael hoping that…maybe we both crash So he will not attack me but first, I must reach Michael because, otherwise, Palladino would pass me so now it’s time to push OK, I catched him You know, I can tell you that today I’m calm I mean, I’m 2nd Michael started faster than me I’m seeing the championship fading awai but…don’t panic I know that I am faster today so I will keep calm and I will study him that’s especially because…keep in mind that when you’re racing, if you stay behind, it’s much easier because you save your energy, you risk less, and you can study the opponent to see exactly where their weakness is I’m close, I’m in range and I’m studying him as you already know Michael rides an old bike which is not very good, but has one really good thing: the engine on the straight he always gains but having I an overall better bike I can brake harder so, considering all the things, I must study Michael in order to find out where to pass him OK, I saw that D’ambrosio exits slower from the fast chicane so I’m gonna try to attack him in the next corner I have to release the brakes, I have to release the brakes I could not brake any harder, otherwise I would have fallen, but Michael was very good to brake earlier, let me pass, cross the line and put himself back in front I tried it, it didn’t work But I’ll try it again OK, in turn 1 it’s not a good idea to pass because if you miss the braking point and go wide, you then have to turn right so you’re gonna lose a lot of time it’s much better to prepare the first corner, exit faster from the second and pass him in turn 3 he braked so hard I mean, I tried to measure the braking point to understand how to pass him but he brakes so hard in there if I wanna pass him, I must brake much harder than this which is… risky, but now it’s time to take that risk Look at how he closes every door he is giving everything to defend the first position because he knows I will try it again 3 laps to go, now or never Palladino will not wait any longer, so I must pass Michael OK, let’s do it again I prepare the first corner I enter late in turn 1 I keep all the way left change of direction a little bit of gas before the apex I put the bike straight on full gas and now I pull the brakes and I hope Let’s go!!!!! Mamma mia! I pulled the brakes so hard I braked so late and I got in the middle of the corner where I had to keep braking because I have to keep the inside to close the door for Michael and avoid him from crossing the line and passing me but…you didn’t feel it but I did I kept losing the front during the whole braking I mean I have no idea how I did it but I didn’t crash, and I made it OK, now that I am leading, I do the pace I know that D’ambrosio is fast on the straights, but he struggles in the brakings so I’m gonna change my riding I’m gonna brake a little bit slower and earlier in order not to take any risks during braking, and to corner perfectly in order to exit perfectly and fast enough to gain advantage and be safe in the next braking this is gonna be my strategy Final lap, final lap, final lap Let’s Go!!!!! Race 1 had one only possible outcome for me Winning And we won but what a fight, what a battle it was so hard, it was tough I had to risk everything to pass him but in the end somehow we made it unfortunately Palladino finished 3rd so everything will be decided in Race 2 by now he is mathematically out of the championship So considering that he is my teammate I will have to hope in his help because, as you know, I may win race 2 but it would not be enough indeed if D’ambrosio finishes 2nd he wins if D’ambrosio finishes 3rd, I win it will all be in my hands and in the hands of Palladino

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  1. I’m 12 years old I love racing iv been racing from the age of 4 in a few months I will be racing at Ron Haslam race school and I love your videos 👍

  2. Some of the best videos out there. Love the views along with the commentary. Not to much talking, but just enough!!

  3. This video is not only for racing, this video is all about online tutorials on racing. . . How many agreed w/ me??? Im from Philippines🤙🤙🤙 how about you???

  4. I really love all your videos
    Keep up the good work and I hope you become a moto gp racer 👍🤙💪
    Thank you for making this amazing videos and sharing this to the whole world

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