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I build a ‘snowman’ for half of this video and talk for the rest (not clickbait)

I build a ‘snowman’ for half of this video and talk for the rest (not clickbait)

The computer screen has a horrible glare, so that’s why I-I turned it the other way Fair warning guys, this video doesn’t really have a point, I’m already thinking of possible titles for this video without it being too clickbaity. Maybe I can do one of those ALL CAPS TITLES , see how that feels. I’ll think of something. Before I say anything else, I just want to say Merry Christmas And let’s try and get this video to 666 likes And 420 dislikes. Let’s make it happen I just wanted to say that my parents Were not a fan of that joke. (As mother) Oh, you’re promoting satanism! *giggles* Well, why don’t you do 316 likes? If you’re offended by that joke, Tell me so, My parents can prove that they were right. Speaking of unprofessional, Do you guys like my setup I’ve got goin’ on here? I have my razor chair, And this tempur-pedic pillow. I’m at my grandma’s house, The internet kinda sucks. Did you guys have a good Christmas? Also you guys, this is the first video I’m making with, 2,000,000 subscribers! Thank you for that. I-I don’t have any sprinkles, on me right now. One thing I wanna point out Is this comic, *stutters* (air quotes) comic I made four years ago. About this guy saying, “Thanks for 2,000,000 followers!” And then at the bottom it says, “That’s what I’ll say when I get 2,000,000 followers!” I’ll talk more about it in the Subscriber special, but I just wanted to say, thanks. I’m glad you came along, PARTNER! (Oh god, the horror) So okay, let’s, let’s talk about the actual video now. So, I’m from Arizona, I don’t get any snow where I live. My childhood wasn’t filled with snowball fights, and building snow forts, and falling into a freezing pond when You’re ice-skating. I think one time, when I was a little kid, I really wanted a white Christmas. Like all the other kids in the movies get. And so I was really hoping for one, And then on Christmas day, It was foggy. And I also wasn’t in Arizona that year. But I mean i-it still counts. And I’m not in Arizona right now, I’m in a place that snows. Me and my siblings have only ever Built a snowman once in our entire lives, And that was with the help of our brother-in-law. And he made it look so easy, But, now we’re gonna try and do it all on our own. So, have fun watching us do that. You ready to go, Poppy? (sings) I’m dreaming… of a white Christmas! Just like THIS ONE! Would that be considered animal abuse? No… (Sister in background) maybe it will. *giggles* Don’t like, drop her but like Set her down. M’kay, well that didn’t, That didn’t work as well as I wanted it too. She’s laying down! *laughs* We can build a *stutters* a snow Blanket around her. Okay, grab a bucket. nnnnn-NNNNAAAAHHH! *laughs* We’re good. How’s my hair look? (sister) good. Good. Okay, so. We’re gonna start By building a snowman, We’re gonna make him, uh, bucket shaped. So, Let’s see how this goes. he’ll be right here. [Thud] Okay, (sister) wooahh Look at that! Okay You want me to just gonna do it on top? Or you wanna do like a, A-a pyramid sorta thing? *unsure, shrugging sound* I feel like a pyramid… *trails off* [Thud] (sister) *snickers* So now there’s one, oh- (sister) Hello? …And one right next to it. Oh look. Look how smooth that one is! it’s like butter! oof (sister) This isn’t how you make a snowman. This isn’t? (n00b) Wo-no! *woman laughing* (grandma) he was so young… [Crack] (sister) *gasp* Did you break it? Yes, Don’t worry, we have a second one. (sister) We-we have to buy grandma a new… *screams* *sister laughing* *heavy breathing* Coby! Do you wanna, do you wanna come out here? come out here in this winter wonderland? Nope! Alright, we did some off-camera work. This is what we have of our snowman So far. Yeah… Look at that. Snowman’s gonna be good in no time. It’s gonna be so fun when it’s done. ♫ we are number one. but its on piano ♫ ♫ change in we are number one ♫ Alright! So, here we have Our finished snow man. We didn’t name him yet. Or maybe a name will come to us, once we Decorate ’em. What should we have these as? You gotta really, cram the, the egg-os in there. Get the other eye in there. Oh! I know what we can use for a mouth! We have these potstickers. Maybe it’s gonna be his moustache. He’s angry! He kinda looks like Adolf Hitler… *giggles* Not gonna lie. Like… *gasps* And then we’ll have sticks of butter, As the buttons. okay? yeah. And then, let’s um… I’m gonna put on my very own scarf. (sister) He’s cold. He’s cold. (sister) She’s beautiful! *giggles* Hwaa! (women) JAMES! what!? *laughing* (sister) James, what the heck!? And it is completed. My leg’s stuck. (woman) James, you guys spent so long on that. (girl in background) Aw, you got a piss stain! My leg is stuck! *groaning* Huh. Snow’s cold! (sister) You’re stu-uck! I’m glad I didn’t break it or anything. That would be awkward. (sister) I’m afraid I’m gonna have to call the police now. *heavy breathing* That was fun. We didn’t even know his or her name! *puts on 666th shirt* Ooo, we’re back here now. I wanted to bring up this thing my buddy TimTom said. He said that he can run a mile in under 7 minutes So I was gonna do this bit where I would go to a high school and then Run on a track and prove to him that it was Physically impossible to run a mile in that time. But all the tracks here were covered in snow, and so I couldn’t really see ’em that well so I didn’t Do that. And I was gonna talk about this *holds up VHS tape* In that bit, but I guess we’ll do it here instead. So, I actually asked my family for exercising stuff for Christmas, Because… I kinda wanna get in shape. And one of the things they got me, was this VHS Of this guy named “Tony Little” (doesn’t look so little to me) (Tony) In my videos, we don’t count repetitions. It says “CopyRight, 1993” So this is older than me. I put this into my grandma’s VHS, I watched it, and I actually liked it. And I’m being totally serious. One thing I will say is, The cover is a bit misleading on the length on Tony’s hair. (Tony) Introduce you to Kelly! And then I thought, I wonder what this Tony guy’s doing today. So, I looked him up, and… He’s actually still making things and selling ’em. And he was pretty active on twitter, so I tweeted to him saying, At “TonyLittleReal”, Look what my family got me for Christmas, On VHS! Just started watching it, I’m not a wimp, Best present ever! A couple o’ days later, he responds with, “The odd, Obviously not a wimp, My mom was an art teacher, Art is life, 7,000,000 sold you can do it” And then a smiley face With a nose, so we know This is the real Tony Little. So he knows that, I’m an artist. So I gave up running a mile, but I still wanted to get in shape so… That’s the most I’ve ever been. I need the tapes. *clanking of VHS boxes* *multiple tapes crashing on ground dramatically because why not* *blowing onto tape* (Tony) That is intermediate! (Tony) 60-90 seconds per exercise! (Tony) At your own pace! (Tony) Then I say, see ya wimps! *screams wimpily* See ya, wimps! *90’s music plays* Is this shirt supposed to… Is this? What? This shirt is… It like… Yeah… It’s supposed to go down to here. Right? Don’t you guys hate it when you’re making A video that you spent weeks on, And then you’re watching through the whole thing to make sure everything’s all good? But then for some reason, you press “Control+V” which pastes what you had copied, And then for some other reason, you had copied some other text that was supposed to go at the end of the video, *deep inhale I think it means he’s dying* So it pastes the text in the video and you keep watching it, and you think the video’s all good, So then you export it and you post it to: youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Ifunny, Tumblr and your own website *dramatic inhale* And then you re-watch the video on youtube, And then you notice the mistake. And at that point, your options are either: take the video down, Edit out that one frame and then re-upload it to all those websites, Or, just deal with it. It’s only in there for one frame, people aren’t going to notice. Pfft, I’m on a Christmas break! But then, everyone on twitter sends you pictures of that One frame, going “OWO! What’s this?!” *Attemps screaming* DON’T YOU JUST HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!?! can one of you make a video that’s the “Theodd1sout chaperoning video” but that one frame is taken out? You know. That frame. This is the only time I’m allowing you to re-upload one of my videos. But you have to take out that frame, that’s part of the deal. This video didn’t really have a point. If you didn’t know, I make comics too. So, if you want more “Theodd1sout”, content then, Check those out. Happy new years! If you don’t celebrate new years… What calendar are you using? Let’s end the video with Tony’s catchphrase, which is… “YOU CAN DO IT!” And then the smiley face with the nose 🙂 pffts *giggles* Merry Christmas.

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  1. Look at her shirt when he stops talking about the karmic that’s my game that I’ve liked a lot lol XL #Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza #James

  2. When it shows them building the snowman but super fast and you pause you can see his sister. Is that faith or the other one??? I think it’s faith but idk

  3. hey guys you know that dog name in the video "you ready to go poppy" thats my dog name i got a few days ago

  4. Does anyone else say one last video before bed but when the video comes to the end your sad. I think it’s just me Lol

  5. I paused the video cause I needed to go to the washroom then I come back and notice I paused it on the one frame he was talking about it is on 8:40 so ya it says


  6. Don’t worry somewhere around Christmas (2018,I think) in the Uk in Hailsham we got “sooo much snow” (not really) but I build a snowbird and a small snowman (haven’t made one since what I think 4 and I 10 in September 2019)

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