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It’s raining, it’s raining hard here in Varano and I love it i’m fast today Finally, I am competitive and I have the chance to take my first podium of the year And there we go. Race one. I start in p2 in front of me Atzori, in pole position looks impossible to catch. In qualifying he was literally flying one second faster than anyone So we expect him to start good and fly away behind me apart from Solfaroli, third, all the others who were much slower than me So the podium today may seem an easy job. I just need to do what I know to do Stay focused for 12 laps and do not make mistakes. No mistakes This might be the hardest thing because today the track conditions are pretty pretty bad Oh my god, what an incredible start by Solfaroli Now he’s first and he’s in front of Atzori and this is good because in this way we can block Atzori and try to take the victory Ok, never mind Atzori is too fast today and after just a corner he’s back to first by the way Have you seen how easily he passed from the outside? this happened because in the inside on the ideal line There is a lot of rubber on the asphalt and this rubber becomes slippery with the rain Therefore when it rains you can find much more grip on the outside So in turn three and in turn nine and ten it’s better to go wide Because you can find more grip and make the corner much faster By the way, you can see it from the video it’s incredible how behind the car in the Trail you see nothing The visibility is close to zero. I have to keep cleaning the visor with my hand every time, really — it’s so hard to drive Okay, by the way The situation behind me is calm as you can see we are faster than the other ones So we are gaining advantage and Atzori as well is much faster than us. So he’s gaining advantage This means that the race is gonna be between me and Solfaroli in front. The conditions are really bad There’s a lot of water on the ground. So we must be careful. It’s better to keep calm and Find the pace gradually because it takes just a fraction of a second to make a mistake crash and finish the race The race is long 11 laps to go. I have all the time Meanwhile, I’m going to ask two questions than many of you asked me So the first one is why am I using the lever to downshift instead of the paddle? The reason is simple I don’t know why it’s much faster and smoother the lever so this is formula predator, and the second question is Where is Machado? Well Machado this morning had a problem So he missed the qualifying in he started last and he’s struggling a lot to drive today So it’s not gonna be competitive and we should not worry about him Okay, after a few laps, I found my pace and I saw that I am faster than Solfaroli So now it is time to attack My god, I almost crashed into him really I missed him by like Okay, by the way now I must not stop so please float float float float float float float float float Don’t stop My god I Was so scared to get stuck in the gravel. I really don’t know how I made it as soon as I went off track I kept accelerating and I tried to do some rally Trying to avoid the walls try to avoid to get stuck and in the end I made it. my god By the way, what happened? You know, that’s crazy because I braked exactly in the same spot that I used to brake in every lap The problem is that I touched the white line with the right tire and it locked because the white lines are so slippery After that, Solfaroli changed line Because probably that’s the line he usually does and I had to brake more not to hit him But considering that I had one wheel locked I also locked the other one and when you lock the wheels the car stops braking and in that situation You just pray not to hit him and I didn’t crash into him By the way, I’m back on track back to race and now I am fifth, at any cost I must get back to the podium because this is the last race of the season and I must take my first podium Oh my god Pallumieri is spinning in front of me I was afraid to crash into him, but you saw from that that today the grip is zero It’s so hard to drive like that. Everybody spinning. Everybody is making mistakes and this is the proof By the way now I’m 4th and I have Davide Critelli in front of me He’s the last year’s champion and you can see from the video his struggling a lot and he’s going slower than me on wet So I can catch him and pass him, by the way now head down hammer time, and let’s catch him I got him I got him Okay, he drifted he actually did slower so he’s mine I know Davide, and for sure he’s gonna brake hard on the end of this straight so Probably he’s gonna go wide this means that I can try to cross the line and pass him in the exit I’m not lifting I’m not lifting. I’m not lifting. I’m not lifting Not lifting and I made it. Hah now, I’m back to the podium By the way, I don’t know if you remember but this overtake reminds me of something By the way, so cool! Awesome overtake Now I have five laps to go and I don’t see Solfaroli so he’s very far from me But as far as I know in qualifying, he was lower than me So if I push I can try to catch him five laps are not that much, but I can try 8th lap now four laps to go now come the first lap cars 9th lap, 3 laps to go I keep catching left cars and I see Solfaroli. He’s quite far for me He’s the white car in front of me, but he’s not that far Maybe I can hope that he loses time while lapping other cars and I can gain advantage. That’s my only hope 2 laps to go come on come on, come on anything can happen Final lap now, come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on Three seconds ahead of me That’s too much for one lap The only hope that I have to pass him is that he makes a mistake or that he finds a very slow lap car Come on come on, come on I hoped until the last corner but in the end he made it tomorrow? tomorrow? Yeah, sure tomorrow in race 2 well race 2 unfortunately, it never happened because it’s raining so hard that the race was cancelled and Yes, I guarantee you that the track was totally undrivable so my 2019 race season with formula predators ends here So a pretty bad mistake that could have costed the race today but luckily as you saw I managed to get back on track and recover until third position and get finally my first Seasonal podium and I would love to show you the podium images But I didn’t get on the podium because right after the race I had third free practice on the griip g1 So I had to jump off the predator jump on the griip g1 and drive That’s crazy, by the way I can say this finally was a good racing weekend where I had the chance to drive a competitive car that as you saw allowed me to get an important result and I want to say Thanks to all the team for the professionality and the awesome job They did today and I want to say thank you to all of you for having watched this racing season, but don’t fly away Because there is still the griip g1 race video that will come out soon So stay tuned

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  1. I would prefer seeing the race as is, than be interrupted by you (popping up in between). kills the fun !!! No offense !!!

  2. If you could do a video guide on buying a race car?? It would be great to get some advice from someone who actually race.

  3. What is the running cost for a season in a Predator ? 🙂
    Racing on the Nürburgring Northloop in 24h and VLN but would love to try Formula cars……;-)

  4. It costs you two things
    First:In the start you pushed throttle untill REV limiter and losing time because your wheels are spinning!!
    Second: You must to learn to change better your gears and don't panic!!👍👍

  5. Does anybody know how this man is able to afford this lifestyle? Has he ever talked about his job or smth? Hope to one day be able to do smth similar!

  6. I really like these videos and I’ve been wanting to watch more but was scared you would play bad music like you used to but that doesn’t seem to happen anymore so you just gained a sub.

  7. Thanks for youtube algorithm, i found this great channel, instant click and subscribe.

    I think for next videos you should make a video just hear an engine sound and see onboard camera, it will bring viewers an experience like they racing itself. Just my opinion, keep a good work.

  8. So I got out of my bed and on to my computer so I could type this comment out faster. This video is excellent! Love that you talk and explain things as the race goes on. Had this just be another video of a guy going around from an onboard camera view, well…it'd be boring as hell. Very good video, really interesting watch.

  9. Alberto, here’s a little advice. I suggest you to take the slipstream when you are behind someone. As you might know, the slipstream is a gap in the air made by the car in front. If you get inside the gap, you’ll go faster and it males easier to overtake.

  10. How he just pops up “I got him I got him” and them disappears and then I imagine him saying that in front of his screen

  11. focus only on improving your lap times dont look around at others that second you look is a second off your lap time dont race anyone race yourself always try to beat your lap time the other cars are obstacles to go around and stay relaxed

  12. Why do you push the revs into the limiter when starting on a wet track? Doesn't make any sense because you can never use that force when releasing the clutch. Gentle and low rpm, just enough to launch it with the slightest of wheelspin

  13. So when do you have time to deliver drugs to France and still manage to work on these videos and capture these races without feeling exhausted from all that hard work of serving the mafia to save your girlfriend by paying her dept? you are one tough mf!

  14. Ever thought of using a product like never wet on your helmet screen? It should keep you from ever having to wipe it while racing again…

  15. Hey man, I'm just wondering how the handling compares to KZ Gocarts? I wish I could drive on this conditions, my favourite one!

  16. I have never raced a car, however, I would beat all of you. If you've seen me hit the apex on my riding lawnmower you'd understand…

  17. Very nice video. You were able to capture what it actually feels like and what you are thinking during the race. This is a "must watch" for anyone who wants to know what it really feels like to race in the rain.

  18. Hey Alberto, nice driving and gz with your podium. Just wanted to say I really like how you composed this one, a lot more fun to watch compared to some of previous vids! Looking forward to more of this and thanks for sharing.

  19. Love these videos man, much more entertaining than just someone with a go pro doing laps. Love hearing the commentary and thought process

  20. You can use some anti fog and anti water products on your visor so the water will not stick to It and your visor stays clean. I am using those in karting

  21. It looks so nice driving in that in the wet. Karting, your never safe from water. There’s nothing around your legs,

  22. This guys good, he can correct midway in a turn. I just tense up and go in a straight line to find grip and turn back in.

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