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How To Write A Killer UCAS Personal Statement

How To Write A Killer UCAS Personal Statement

hello I'm Lindsay from uni Admissions and today I'm going to give you some top tips on writing the ultimate personal statement in 2016 Luke has received almost 600 thousand applications for that amount of people trying to secure a place on their dream course you have to find a way of making your application stand out from the ground this is your opportunity to communicate your reasons for choosing your subject the question is how do you get started well that's where I can help the first thing you need to do is thoroughly research the courses europe1 course is very huge leap from university to university and it is highly recommended that you research the content for each one and compare module between them once you've completed your research and you've got your list of all of my courses that you'll be applying for it's a good idea to start brainstorming a good way to do this is to start listing all of your ideas the pros and cons and why you're interested in each University from your list you should be able to create a first draft it is highly unlikely that this version will be anything like your final statement the purpose of your first draft is to highlight areas that need attention or that need removing completely or that should have been included in the first place once you have a first draft you can make a start on redrafting your redraft is a great opportunity to receive back remember that your personal statement needs to tell a story beginning with how you developed an interest in your subject strong enough you can choose to study it to degree level so here are our top five tips for writing a fantastic personal statement number one when writing your personal statement you should ask yourself the question how will the universities that I'm applying for years my personal statement for those universities that don't interview your personal statement is directly bidding from place on your course and should be written as such however if you need to attend an interview for your course your personal statement will require a little more thought and tactic number two is worth reminding yourself that the deadline is January 15 for October 15 if you're applying of medicine dentistry Oxford or Cambridge remember that if you don't get your application in on time it will not be considered you should also familiarize yourself with the time scale for your school before the end of your asea number 3 whilst admissions tutors are interested in your academic ability they also want to know that you're an interesting person the best way to show this is by mentioning extracurricular activities however often students dedicate too much as their personal statement to extracurricular activities the don't waste space on things are alternated use this part as an opportunity to reflect on the skills that you gained from your activities that are transferable to your studies number four the balance of your personal statement can have a significant impact on the overall message that you convey and whilst there are no strict rules it is important to consider the balance between sections as a general rule of thumb you should be looking to spend about six lines on your introduction twenty-two to twenty-seven lines for academic discussion four to ten lines for talk of extracurricular activities and no more than four lines for your conclusion nullify the last thing and the most important thing your personal statement is showing a true passion for your subject this is what can make your statement stand out for the right reasons so don't be shy suppressing your enthusiasm for chosen subjects it is important to remember that in order to show passion you don't have to say that you dreamt about doing this for your entire life it is quite possible to chosen a course based on its appeal to University day just so long as you can justify your decision in allowing your passion to shine through however recently it was discovered you will convince your reader that you are committed to your chosen subject so now you have a bit more of an idea about what should go into your statement and the balance between sections so the question is when should you start well the answer to this one is today the best thing you can do is just write those first words start a list develop a first draft write lots as it's always easier to take things away to tag them and before you know it you'll have a second draft and you'll be well on your way to developing a killer personal statement obviously this is just a quick summary and you should definitely do more research on how to write a brilliant personal statement for more advice articles and expert health check out WWE commissioned co uk

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