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How to Transition Indoor Seedlings to Outdoors (Hardening Off) / Spring Garden Series #3

How to Transition Indoor Seedlings to Outdoors (Hardening Off) / Spring Garden Series #3

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  2. If i put my seedlings outside right when i start to see them poking out of the soil do i have to harden them off at all?

  3. Having a hard time finding the time to harden off my seedlings since I work 5 sometimes 6 days a week. Any recommendations?

  4. Hi Kim. I'm new to your channel and am enjoying it. Thanks to you and your hubby for such beautiful videos! I've noticed that you say "…so much fun!" quite often – I was thinking you could start your own hastag : ) #somuchfun! I think it'd catch on quick! Looking forward to more videos.

  5. QUESTION Does this method apply to other veggies as well? I have started tomatoes, squash, okra, and kale, so far. Same method for hardening off?

  6. Hi I have a question I live in Texas and the last frost date already past but my little tomato seedlings haven’t grown yet and I don’t have a grow light. How do I prepare them for the outside and when should I put them out I for now only have them near my window with a lot of sun every day. Thank you

  7. I'm starting my first garden this year, and your channel is so helpful. Thank you! Also, your dog is so precious 🙂

  8. Hi Kim, I purchased your spring garden seed kit and am preparing to start my seeds indoors in a grow light box. Question: I live in north Georgia in zone 7. I’m fairly certain all the seeds I ordered will be ok to grow here in my area. Am I right?
    Our last frost date is March 30th so I’m ready to go as soon as the seeds come in!

  9. Just started moving my seedlings outside and we get a brutal cold front. Love the videos. And of course the "celebrity appearances" of Mac! Such an awesome dog!!

  10. Hi Kim, love your videos. I have a question, I am using a heat mat to start my seeds when should I stop using the heat mat ? I also have them under grow lights right now I just started with tomato seeds, so far. The temp. in my house is always about 70 degrees. they do not have their true set of leaves yet. please help. thank you

  11. I have seeds started indoors, but only because I have a sunroom that never goes below 8C. Sooooo hitching to get going, but it's another month before I can start things that will be transplanted out.

  12. Fantastic video! Wow that lettuce looked fantastic. Are you still doing live shows? I do hope I haven't been missing them!

  13. Hi Kim! Great looking seedlings! One question though, When I start my beans and peas can I soak the seeds in water for a few hours before? or is it good to just plant them directly? Thank you! 🙂

  14. Love it, that tray of lettuce!!! Hola again you guys 🙂 I’m lucky enough to have some palm trees here on the yard and they work great to harden off my seedlings. Great video you guys!

  15. So glad your seed kits are selling well Kim! A few of the seeds I’ll be growing in my collection this year are marketmore cucumbers, jimmy nardello peppers, and yellow pear tomatoes based on your recommendations! 🙂

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