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How To: Sand Riding

How To: Sand Riding

Hello, I’m Jordi Tixier and we are gonna speak today about positions on the sand track. First, I think the position of the feet is really important for the traction. The main thing is not having the footpegs like that. It’s more to go on the back. and then twist a little bit your ankles to have more traction out of the corner. That’s gonna help you to have traction out of bumps. With the knees, we control the bike pretty much. In the sand it’s most of the time really bumpy. So you need to get the bike as straight as possible. Just push the bike on the side the most as you can. to keep the bike straight. In the sand the position is always more on the back. If you are on the front it’s more difficult going into the turn. All the power is in the arms and it’s really difficult to choose the line. When you are more on the back then the line is more easy to find and going into the turn is more easy. Then we can speak a little bit about the fork in the front. It needs to be a little bit harder than on the hardpack. It can also helps you in the waves out of the corner to just wheelie over every bump and it’s gonna be more easy for you.

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