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How to Play Indoor Soccer : Stretching for Indoor Soccer

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Stretching for Indoor Soccer

In this clip we are going to talk about stretching.
Stretching is a very important part of soccer. Definitely a lot of running around and jumping
and there is lots of chances for you to pull you know one of the hundreds of muscles in
your body. So definitely getting a good stretch on before your game will help you. Another
thing that people may not realize either is that stretching after the game can be just
as important, by doing that you’ll probably get a lot less muscle cramps possibly in the
next day when you wake up you won’t wake up all tight. And you feel like you can carry
on throughout your day without as much discomfort. It’s important when you stretch out that you
don?t just spend about five seconds on each stretch. Make sure you spend a good fifteen
to twenty seconds on each stretch to make sure that your muscles loosen up. Some of
the stretches that we normally do before we play is one simple just touch your toes. Reach
down if you can reach your hands to your toes do that. Another one spread your legs out
and again just reach your toes stretching the back of your leg. Trust me you’ll need
it. Also when you stretch do pull your arch so you don’t pull your quads or your hammiest,
this is also another good stretch for you. To avoid pulling a groin this is also a popular
stretch, the butterfly where you put your two feet together, push your elbows down on
your knees. And it really stretches the groin area cause if you pull a groin trust me it
does not feel good. Also to get your hamstrings, what a lot of people like to do is just bring
your knee and your foot over your leg and bring your knee to your chest and it will
pull your hamstring real good right here. Another important muscle when you are playing
soccer. Another stretch is your calves, what most people do get on their hands and to emphasize
one leg or another you can lift a leg up or put it over the other leg and you switch.
This will help stretch your calves and you can also stretch your calves by standing up
against a wall and pushing your toe up against the wall and leaning forward.

Reader Comments

  1. hey thanks guys for sharing the knowledge and giving all of us a leg-up on prepping for indoor soccer!

  2. id like to know where they are getting this information. I was tought a warm up before and warm down after playing is important. note. running around the court is not a warm up. doing the activity your a bout to perform at a lower intensity is required. stretching is a good thing but it should be done regularly, like yoga.

  3. lactic acid isnt what causes the pain, having lactic acid in your muscles is actually good contrary to popular belief. lactic acid gives your muscles the energy if there isnt enough oxygen

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