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How to Play Indoor Soccer : Referees for Indoor Soccer

How to Play Indoor Soccer : Referees for Indoor Soccer

In this clip, we’re going to be talking about
the importance of the referee. The referee is probably one of the most important people
on the field. They decide whether you’re playing by the rules, whether you’re properly equipped
and they basically decide the flow and temple of the game. It’s very important to respect
the officials. Sometimes, they are not going to make the calls, that you want but they
are there to make sure that it is safe for you to play out there and that you’re playing
within the rules. It’s very important, also, that you do not argue with the officials,
an official is never going to change his mind, on his call, so just accept the fact that,
if there’s a foul against your team and get back into the play because all you’re doing
is hurting yourself. The only people that should really talk to the officials are the
captains of the team or the coach, from the sideline. Your job, really, is to go out there
and play soccer and put your team in the best position, to win the game. If you’re sitting
there, spending time, arguing with a referee, you’re probably not focused on playing and
winning and scoring and it’s going to affect the final outcome of the soccer game.

Reader Comments

  1. The coach should never be talking to the referee unless he has a polite question, and neither should the captain. Either can be cautioned for yelling at the referee, as it is still dissent.

  2. the coach cant be cautioned because he isn't a player on the field. He can be asked to leave but cant be cautioned.

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