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How To Make Sure Your Kick Serve Kicks!

How To Make Sure Your Kick Serve Kicks!

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  2. Thanks for this great video on explaining kick serve. I wonder if next time you provide a helicopter view using Drone. My kick serve is kick but not moving forward. May be your second point in the video is correct as my hitting arm to not parallel to the baseline…….A short guy from Hong Kong.

  3. Thanks for the kettle bell exercise. For me, the kick serve is not difficult if you have a good flat serve. That is, if you pronate well on the flat serve, the kick serve is simply tossing the ball slightly behind you and changing your swing path to hit the ball behind you. As long as you pronate correctly, your ball should kick out. The key is to have a good drop and swing just as hard as your flat serve.

  4. A-la Sampras finish of your guest proved to be a flop. Look at the elbow. The elbow was the key of that Sampras's serve element.
    Secondly, could you dwell bit more on the kick serve ball/racket contact point. Not the usual 7-13, or 8-14 o'clock, but in a 3D logic?

  5. Thanks, but could you guys speak with a thick southern accent and use German subtitles? Also please provide a pov camera angle by surgically implanting a camera in your eye, and maybe another camera inside the ball? Thanks!

  6. Spot on guys! Making the statement that this a very challenging serve to master and talking about stuff off the court is so much more honest than most videos out there that sugar coat it and try to make this serve more accessible to mortals. I’ve played tennis my whole life (well 10 years old & on) played HS Varsity and at 48, this serve still eludes me simply because: (A) it’s evolution as a serve really occurred after I got into it-I credit Edberg as first real big kicker guy. -and-(B) It’s really f-ing tough to master!
    Great video guys!

    P.S. Edberg’s fitness (Along with Becker) was amazing!

  7. Good video , but 7.25 ISR is not completely correct ( your arm can also go backward so the shoulder doesn’t follow through and can stay his position) your explanation of Sampras the elbow up is correct but he isn’t doing that , his elbow is below his shoulder line before the tip is pointing to the ground. I also see that his hip is already in a 45 degree angle at contact

  8. I forgot about the firing of the back hip , you need that for sure in a first serve, but the hip rotation starts after contact for a kickserve, that’s how I learned it and that’s what I see with Federer also ( don’t want to be rude , just my opinion )

  9. Amazing stuff guys thanks so much I started doing that kettlebell thing a long time ago and it really helps with getting the muscle memory of the motion down. What if didn’t know was the whole tuck thing and pushing out to the right. I think this will really help so thanks!

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