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  1. Awesome job! Only thing that was missing was one of your kids wearing a Liverpool shirt. Bad daddy!

  2. No way I read the description and it says you live in Kansas as well do I what part of Kansas do u live in I live in Wichita

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  4. And this is why the U.S. didn't make it to the world cup… You play football on the street not witha fancy field.. I mean dont get me wrong is super nice pitch and good job, but thw U.S. will always be a nobody i football because you cant learn the great skills in a fancy field.. You learn that playign on the street. Other than that well done!

  5. Ficou bem seguro com esses tijolos aí no canto 😂😂😂
    A criançada deve rachar a cabeça direto 🙄
    Parabéns aos envolvidos 👏👏

  6. In 5 years they will too big for that. Nice but a waste of 25k that could be saved for college by a drive down to the local soccer field.

  7. HEY….if you have the money why not!! make your kids dream come true…that way they'll lear that working hard you can do anything possible

  8. It's ight. But kind of disappointed because you killed real grass for ever on that spot to put artificial ..

  9. I've recently done artificial grass on my house and my son loves it it is so convenient the grass looks like it's been cut professionally every week and to be honest it's so easy now even if it's raining and it's dry after 20 minutes you able to use and play which is really good

  10. Great job! Thanks for all the specs. Hoe far down did you dig? Also, what is the depth of the crushed rock?

  11. Yeah, very nice, but how is that that is not moving over the ground? Because the turf, ussually is mounted over concrete base.

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